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Gym fitness: exercise for pumping the muscles of the chest

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Gym fitness: exercise for pumping the muscles of the chest
The contents

  • Basic exercise for chest muscles
  • Bench press: a variation of the exercise
  • Complex isolation exercises for the chest

Exercises for chest muscles to perform better in the gym. The house is unlikely to provide themselves with everything necessary for full training. For training you will need free weights (dumbbells, barbell), weight machines and auxiliary equipment: bench with adjustable incline, barbell racks, etc. In the room selection of sports equipment unlimited, so there is no problem to increase the working weight and use any exercises.

Basic exercise for chest muscles

Complexes for muscle gain consists mainly of basic exercises. Athletes-beginners embarking on training the chest muscles, you first need to master the bench press. This is a basic exercise in training your chest it is considered to be the key. Technique:

  • Lie back on a horizontal bench. Hold the top grip for the neck of the rod lying on the racks above her head. Pre-adjust the height of the uprights so that the bar is located slightly below the level of the wrists. When the rod is taken in hand, the elbows should be bent (bend angle 15 to 25 degrees). Protect yourself: never use an open grip, even if with him to make the bench more comfortable. More reliable fixation of heavy projectile provides a closed grip, when the thumb is opposable to the others, four fingers grasping the neck with one hand, and the thumb on the other. Distance between your hands should be several inches larger than the width of the shoulders. The classic neck has notches that can serve as a reference point. In this case, on the inner side of the outer notches should be either the index or middle finger. The width of the grip needs to match the length of the hands to be comfortable. Try to put the brush on the fretboard slightly narrower or slightly wider, and choose the most convenient option.
  • Remove the bar from the racks and right hand. Feed the rod forward so that she was between the chest and the neck. When the rod lying on the racks, the neck should be in front of the eyes. Under control lower the weight and lightly touch the neck chest. At the bottom make a second pause below the chest muscles got stronger load. Lift the shell straight elbows. While working the upper back and buttocks should not come off the bench. The feet should firmly rest on the floor. Make 8-10 repetitions. Complete the last repeat, slide the bar to the racks and put it on the hooks. Repeat the approach 3-4 times.

It is a heavy basic exercise, so perform it in the beginning of your workout after a warm-up. Before taking working weight and do the required 3-4 approach for 8-10 reps, it is recommended to perform warm-up 15-20 reps with low weight.

Bench press: a variation of the exercise

To better study the top of your chest, you need to perform a bench press on a flat bench. The bench should be tilted 30 degrees. Some athletes adjusted the angle to 45 degrees, which is also acceptable. Execution:

  • Lie on a bench under the bar so that the fretboard was on the neck. Put comfortable feet. The feet rest on the floor. Grip the neck in the same grip as in the classic press.
  • Remove the shell from the racks. Stretch your arms up, placing the neck over the breast.
  • Bring the bar down to your upper chest. Repeat 8-10 times.
  • Do 3-4 approach.

In the bench press, regardless of the method of execution, not superfluous will help partner: it will help remove the bar from the racks and insure you are running the latest “resignation” of repetitions. Some prefer to run the presses in the simulator Smith.

Bench press — exercise for chest muscles with many embodiments. Practice different types of grip, use different types of weights and changing the angle of the hull.

  • Bench press narrow grip.

This exercise offers the opportunity to study the inner area of the chest muscles, but is more often used for training the triceps. It is done with light weight 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps. Hands are placed slightly narrower shoulders.

  • Bench press reverse grip.

It is technically challenging bench, so during a workout your chest it must be performed very first. Beginners it is better not to use. Exercise designed to strengthen the triceps and upper chest muscles.

  • Bench press with dumbbells.

The benefits of working with dumbbells is that the trajectory becomes more free in the exercise actively involves the muscles-stabilizers. If dumbbell bench press include complexes for chest muscles, it is put after the bench press with a barbell. Dumbbell bench press can be done not only in a horizontal position, but tilted. The angle is 30-45 degrees. Sometimes the angle increases to 60 degrees in order to pump the top of the chest muscles. The inclination of the bench can be negative — his legs above his head. This variant of the bench press allows you to strengthen the lower part of the chest.

Chest and triceps are better to train in different days of the week. If they worked in a single day, sufficient to perform bench press and dumbbell breeding. Other variations of presses it is better to avoid in order not to tire the triceps.

Complex isolation exercises for the chest

It is recommended to focus on the basic exercises, especially at first. Isolation exercises are relegated to secondary roles, and the training program they should not be much. In the complex of the breast can include:

  • Breeding dumbbells.

Like the bench press, dumbbell wiring can be performed on the horizontal bar and on the bench with a slope. Accepted starting position: back on the bench, arms extended up and palms turned inwards. The hands are pushed apart until it stops. With elbows to look down.

  • The reduction of arms in the crossover.

To perform crossovers used block machine. Starting position: standing between block devices, each hand clutching the handle of the simulator, one foot to put forward. Hands come down in front of the stomach down to the ground.

  • The reduction of arms in the simulator.

This type of equipment has a different design. In some devices of the hand are reduced, being bent at the elbows, others remain straight. Work is done sitting. Hands come down in front of chest.

Isolation exercises for the muscles of the chest should be performed in 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps with a weight with the most accurate compliance with technical requirements.

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