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Gym fitness: basic exercises for the beginner

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Gym fitness: basic exercises for the beginner
The contents

  • The choice of the program fitness workouts
  • Factors to athletic success
  • A fitness room or a house: what to choose?
  • A set of exercises for the major groups muskulaturnoy
  • Training programs for beginners
  • Additional exercises

To achieve an effect not just exercises as such — especially those who have only recently started to visit the gym. For quality results you need to find a competent basic program fitness training system personally developed actions aimed at the elaboration of a particular part of the body. It is called basic for the reason that it forms the basis for the development of muscle and forms the basis for subsequent exercises with complex technology.

The choice of the program fitness workouts

A clear guide to action sports — an important part of the sport. If you engage without a specific system, just doing different exercises, there is a risk that some muscles do not get the right loads, and others Vice versa can take it easy. This often leads to injury or prolonged health problems.

A specific set of exercises for beginners will help solve sport problems without unpleasant consequences for the organism.

Beginners it can be hard to choose the correct program, but even more clearly to follow it. Therefore, selection of the fitness workout should be based on a variety of items: sex and physical preparedness of the athlete, intensity of load, number and training goals.

Factors to athletic success

In addition to training in the gym should make the detailed plan daily meals that will help to accelerate the achievement of sporting goals. Menu athlete the novice must be accurately accounted for the balance of the right nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dietary fiber.

It is worth remembering that to lose weight need to lower the daily calorie, and for muscle building — to increase it. Muscles are able to grow only with increasing protein intake. In this case, the main task is to provide the body sufficient dose of protein for building muscle.

A fitness room or a house: what to choose?

For many beginners there is often a standard matter of going to the gym or to select home fitness workout? If well-prepared training programs and thoughtful set of exercises is permissible to engage in sports and at home. But the gym will create the most optimal conditions for inexperienced athletes: it is faster achieved sports results. The reasons are simple:

  • there is easy access to a variety of exercise machines and cardio. They allow you to develop a specific group of muscles;
  • the athlete is surrounded by those with whom he shared the same ideas, goals and objectives;
  • you can get a visual representation of how you perform certain exercises more experienced athletes.

A set of exercises for the major groups muskulaturnoy

Spend the first 5-10 minutes warm-up complex, which recommended an easy run or moderate cardio exercise (bike, ellipse, stair-stepper). After warming up you go to the main complex of exercises.

  • Deadlifts: 3 call for 12-16 times. Considering the lower muscles of the dorsal division. Equipment — rod.
  • Press the fretboard on an extended bench: 3 call 12-15 times. Involved chest muscles. Equipment — barbell, T-neck.
  • Intense squats with the shell: 3 call for 12-16 times. Worked the quadriceps muscles of the thighs. Inventory — T-neck or rod.
  • Dips: 3 call for 12-16 times. The work involved a three-headed shoulder muscle. The element runs with its own weight.
  • The rise or reduction-breeding pair of shells over his head: 3 call for 12-16 times. Developed muscles of the shoulder girdle, the major pectoral muscle. Equipment — dumbbells, weights.
  • The rise of the projectile on the biceps with the EZ bar: 3 call for 12-16 times. The burden is on two-headed muscles of a shoulder. In an inventory — rod with EZ-neck.
  • Reverse crunches on a bench (no weights): 3 runs for 12-16 times. Worked out press.
  • Kicking in a sitting position on the support: 3 call 25-30 times. Suitable for creating a relief of the abdominal muscles.
  • Training programs for beginners

    They allow to prepare the body for more intense training and create a solid base for future training.

    Set №1.

  • The rise of the projectile on the bench with a slope of: 3 length 10-14 times, working out the chest muscles with barbell or T-neck.
  • Press the pair of shells lying on a long bench: 4 calls for 10 to 14 times for the additional load of lateral pectoral muscles. Use dumbbells, kettlebells.
  • Set №2.

  • Pull rod in an inclined position: 3 call for 10-14 times, to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Performed using a barbell or T-neck.
  • Pull-UPS reverse grip: 3 runs for 10-14 times, for the study of the widest back muscles.
  • Additional exercises

    The work in the gym is very important to complement other dynamic actions beyond that. Beginners are especially recommended for the following types of activity:

    • Isometric exercises.

    This is a separate set of exercises that helps strengthen core muscles without the many hours of intensive programs in the gym.

    • Aerobic fitness elements.

    Develop muscular endurance, which entails the optimization of all processes of the body and saves energy consumption.

    • Restorative stretching after the basic fitness training.

    Allows muscles to grow and grow. This is the basis for the creation of flexible ligaments and joints, beautiful posture and excellent health. Stretching after the main complex uprazhneniyakh required in the prevention of injury. Flexible, elastic body will be able to repeat strength training program with a minimum of tension and with a visible end effect.

    • Exercises on development of muscles-stabilizers.

    Stabilizing muscles is an auxiliary, but due to it strengthening of muscles-the engines run better.

    To form a perfect body, it is not enough just to go to the gym. Need a clever fitness training, which forms the basis for future lessons, and sports achievements. It is necessary not only to develop a competent technique, but to consider that a good result will bring only regular sport.

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