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Gym: a program of men’s training

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Attendance at gyms is growing every year. More and more people start to monitor their health and appearance. However, still, the most frequent visitors are men. A training program usually include not only a set of exercises, but also a strict regime with the power circuit.

Basic training gym

If a person comes to the gym for the first time, he will recommend hiring a personal trainer in order to understand the basics of nutrition and training. The first question the instructor to a client is to determine the desired result, since programs depending on the goals of the person. There are many exercises for training aimed at weight loss, weight, shape and the construction of the relief of the body.

During the first workout, it is not recommended to give “101 %” because for your body it will be too big a shock and the probability of the next trip to the gym with enthusiasm will plummet. The body has to get used to the loads gradually, you should not immediately grab a higher weight and strive to achieve the goal in a few months, work on the body is a very long process.

Duration of training should not be more than 1-1.5 hours. One day should not work more than three muscle groups and the period of rest between training the same muscle should be from seven to ten days. Rest between sets – no more than three minutes. The main thing to work on desirable body is regularity.

It is also important to remember about proper diet filled with the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The power supply circuit should be designed depending on the purpose. Diet is 80% of your success.

Training schedule

The training program for the beginners consists of basic exercises and is usually divided into three days. It is important to learn how to perform basic exercises properly, since it’s compiled into all programs, regardless of goals. Between classes should do one day break for muscle recovery. We give an approximate plan of training for three days:

1st day:

  • warm-up (5-7 minutes);
  • horizontal bench press (3*15);
  • crunches (3*12);
  • exercise on triceps, reverse pushups or extension in the simulator (3*12);
  • breeding dumbbells on the bench (3*15);
  • push-UPS on the bar or bars (4*10).

2nd day:

  • warm-up (5-7 minutes);
  • squat with barbell (4*10);
  • the leg press (2*12);
  • flexion-leg extension in the simulator (3*10);
  • press (3* 12);
  • ascents in the simulator Smith (3*12).

3rd day:

  • warm-up (5-7 minutes);
  • hyperextension (3*15);
  • deadlift (4*10);
  • raising the bar/dumbbells (3*12);
  • press (3*12);
  • pull the head trainer (3*15).

Training should start with a small number of approaches and small weights. Should monitor the correct execution of the exercises, in order to avoid injury. After training you should stretch to avoid severe delayed onset muscle soreness the next day and allow the muscle to grow evenly.

More prepared athletes use circuit training. At the same time in one workout worked out one or two muscle groups. Run 5-7 exercises without breaks, then they are repeated in five minutes, and so on.

Training for masonboro

The main principles of muscle growth – max load with weights and a high calorie diet. The most effective exercises during masonboro are basic exercises (squat, presses, deadlifts, lunges and crunches).

The important point in training with a similar purpose is mode.

It is important to understand that the immediate result will be, and like any other goal, masonboro takes a long time.

Exercises should be done with full dedication and with short breaks between sets. Should take a weight that is a little more of your work, it won’t harm your joints and will not cause injury. Workout to weight for beginners and experienced athletes are different length and weights. A couple of hours before workout is recommended to consume food consisting of complex carbohydrates and half an hour’s better to eat a banana or drink a protein shake.

Method five by five

This method in the fitness industry is recognized as one of the most effective for muscle mass. He is to exercise five approaches and five times in each set. This program does not work to burning fat, it is directed only at the muscle growth. Working weights for beginners should not exceed half of your body weight. Mode of training-usually 2 classes a week for an hour and a half. The training program should be changed periodically and noted in the diary, in order to give the results to track the effectiveness of a particular set of exercises.

Training plan when weight

Before writing the program it is necessary to determine the type of physique to correctly choose the physical exercises and make a meal plan. There are three physique types: ectomorphic, mesomorphic and endomorphic.

For ectomorphs are characterized by the presence of narrow shoulders, slim build and fast metabolism. With this body type to gain muscle mass is difficult, however, with the right selection of exercises and proper nutrition this really.

For mesomorphs characterized by the presence of strong and long body, broad shoulders and a fast metabolism. People with this body type are more likely to become a professional and famous bodybuilders.

The last body type is endomorphic for people with this body type is characterized by short and massive limbs, and a slow metabolism. With proper treatment people with this body type is also easy to create a beautiful and proportional body.

Experienced athletes in trainings for masonboro, in addition to the basic exercises include and insulating. Training masonboro can be done at home, however, this would require the presence of sports equipment.

Powered by masonboro

Nutrition plays an important role in achieving desirable body. When missanabie in the body should consume more minerals than consumed.

The most important elements to increase muscle mass is protein. Body needs to two grams of protein per one kilogram of body weight. For this you need to record food consumed and to calculate the amount of protein in them. Today it is very easy to do, as many programs that you just need to enter your consumed food and their weight.

Carbohydrates are sources of energy, however, is to use only complex carbohydrates contained in cereals, vegetables, and pasta from durum wheat. Quick carbohydrates may also be present in the diet, however, despite their high caloric content, they are very quickly removed from the body, and the person after a short period of time you eat.

About fats also should not be forgotten, because it is the Foundation for the construction of hormones. However, to prevail in the diet needs animal fats, not vegetable. It is important to share the right amount of food for the whole day, you need to eat as often as possible.

During masonboro recommended to take vitamin complexes and amino acids. Remember about water balance and consume at least two liters of water per day. Before exercise is recommended to eat foods with high protein content, but after – with a high content of carbohydrates.

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