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Guidelines for performing static exercises for fitness

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Guidelines for performing static exercises for fitness
The contents

  • Guidelines for performing isometric exercises
  • Static fitness workout for the back and neck
  • Isometric fitness training for abs and limbs

Isometric or static exercises is the training of motion under which the body is fixed in a certain position for a certain period of time. The tension in the muscles as a result of this work, strengthens muscle fibers and the development of such physical capacities of the body, as strength and endurance. Statics in its effectiveness in the process of forming a sports toned body is not inferior to the strength training with their own weight, however, isometric fitness training takes much less time, because this option physical exercise is ideal for very busy people.

Guidelines for performing isometric exercises

To isometric exercises were the most productive, safe and only gave a positive result, in their implementation, it is necessary to observe the following important rules:

  • to start isometric fitness training, like any other, should warm up to prepare muscles and all other systems of the body for subsequent work. With this task cope well walking and jumping jacks, Mahi and the rotation of the limb, rises on his toes, turns and inclinations of the body and different body parts, e.g. head and shoulders;
  • it is very important to follow the correct rhythm of breathing, starting to perform each exercise to inhale and exhale in a moment of relaxation after the provision of the highest load;
  • one approach each training movement should continue for 10 seconds, and the recommended number of sets — 2-3. Minimum training duration — 20 minutes;
  • all movements should be performed smoothly by preventing a sharp contraction of muscle fibers;
  • isometric fitness training can be carried out 5-7 times a week, alternating with dynamic training;
  • concluding the training, you need to stretch the muscles and perform a few “shakes” of the movements of the limbs. This hitch helps to relieve excess tension accumulated in the muscles, and activates the regenerative processes in muscle tissue.

Static fitness workout for the back and neck

In fitness training, which aims to study neck muscles and all muscles of the back with a static load, can include the following isometric complex:

  • Lie back, to spread out the legs and press the head to the floor. Then the exercise should last 10 seconds to push the head into the floor, straining your neck muscles.
  • Roll over on your stomach and 10 seconds to rest his forehead on the floor, feeling the tense muscles of the neck.
  • To sit down, to rest in his cap and elbows to his hands and rest on their forehead, pushing hard on the palm of your hand for 10 seconds.
  • Put the upper limb behind your head, clasping his hands on the back of his head. Further, the exercise should be at least 10 seconds to press the palms on the back of the head and at the same time head to resist the pressure.
  • Lie on the abdomen, upper extremities to press against the torso or put the brush chained to the castle, on the back of the head. Inhale and simultaneously raise the lower limbs and torso, straining the back muscles in the deflection for 10 seconds. Exhale, lie down the whole body on the floor relax for 2-3 seconds and repeat this isometric exercise 2-3 sets.
  • Without changing the starting position, hold the forehead, torso and abdomen to the floor, and lower limbs to lift back and up to a height of 10-15 cm to Keep his feet on the weight, straining the back muscles, you need 8-10 seconds.
  • Still lying on her stomach and clutching the upper extremity to the torso, it is necessary to raise only the head and shoulders, straining the muscles of the back, to fix this posture for 10 seconds.
  • Stand up straight, clench your fists and push them to the side of the hips. This element of fitness classes, like all previous ones, you need to run for at least 8-10 seconds. Perform 2-3 sets, you should move the fists to the front surface of the thighs and repeat the exercise.
  • Isometric fitness training for abs and limbs

    To provide static loads on the muscles of the upper and lower limbs in isometric fitness training you should include the following complex:

  • Stand up, keeping your back straight, put your hands on your waist, inhale and strongly to strain the lower limbs. To fix the tension in the muscles for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.
  • Standing up straight, to place the lower limbs on the width of the pelvis and slightly bend the knee. Followed, straining the muscles of the hips, try to move the legs, overcoming their own resistance. To perform at least 3 sets.
  • Without changing the starting position, should, on the contrary, not to breed, and bring your feet together, struggling to resist this movement by the force of the muscles.
  • To sit on a chair, stick your feet into the wall so that your knees are slightly bent. Pushing with his feet on the wall surface, you have 10 seconds to try to straighten out his knees. Repeat the exercise 3-4 times.
  • To stand in the doorway, to stretch hands in the wall and our best efforts to put pressure on them, trying as if to push. This is a static exercise should be completed within 5-7 seconds. The total number of repetitions 2-4 times.
  • Standing straight, wrap hands sturdy cord or chain and hold hands in front of chest, on inspiration to perform movements of the upper limbs to the sides, as if trying to break the chain or cord. The duration of this element of fitness classes for 7-10 seconds, and the number of approaches 2-4.
  • Raise wrapped circuit hands over head, inhale and try to dissolve the upper limb to the side. To perform within 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise in 3 sets and then put that hand behind your back and perform the same movement, spreading his arms to the sides and overcoming their own resistance, like trying to break the chain.
  • To provide the static load on the abdominal muscles, you need in fitness training to enable this isometric complex:

  • Stand up straight, rotate the torso to the side, to fix the housing in an extreme lateral position for 5-7 seconds. All you need to perform 6-10 such turns.
  • Lie on your back, lift lower limbs, bending your knees at a right angle to tear off the shoulders and shoulder blades off the floor and fix the position of maximum straining muscles press for 8-10 seconds. Then exhale to lie down the whole body on the floor relax for 2-3 seconds and inhale to repeat the exercise.
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