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Guest fitness: get acquainted with the fitness club

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Guest fitness: get acquainted with the fitness club

Guest fitness this is the first visit to the sports center for informational purposes. Before you visit the unfamiliar fitness club need to think in advance what to pay attention during a visit, how to navigate in a new environment, what to bring to practice.

The choice of the fitness club

HLS fan, who plans to seriously pursue her figure and health, not necessarily to buy a pass into the first club. Alternately it would be wise to visit several institutions and to choose the most appropriate.

Prepares guest visit to the fitness club, usually through the Internet. The client leaves a request on the website and received an invitation to a free introductory lesson. There is on the official website of the club you can find information about prices, discounts, special offers and training schedules.

What time is best to schedule the first lesson? If further training will be held at seven o’clock, to make the first visit to the gym it is advisable at 19:00. So it is possible to evaluate the influx of visitors observed during this time of day.

In the presence of a personal fitness instructor guest workout becomes more productive and informative. But choosing a personal trainer is often not in the first lesson. In any case, the questions of the coach about health and presence of chronic diseases need to answer as openly – depends on personal security.

Preparing for guest visits

The appearance of the visitor of the gym should be neat, shoes and clothing are comfortable. Going to the gym, you need to take the form, shower accessories, towel, change of underwear. Better to find out if any drinking water in the club and a Hairdryer in the locker room. It is also advisable to bring a small towel to spread it on the seat of the simulator. It is useful if you have to much to sweat or to sit on the simulator after a sweaty athlete.

To start training you need with minimal makeup, and perfume is better not to use at all. Others will not happy with an action-Packed scent of perfume or toilet water. Bright extraneous odors out of place in the gym.

Rules of conduct when you first visit the fitness club

A sign of bad taste – to be late on a collective training session or first meeting with a personal fitness trainer. Better to leave home early and come to the hall ten minutes before classes. Besides, if you don’t hurry the training, you can calmly, slowly, to look into an unfamiliar health club.

Should not refuse without a valid reason, if someone suggested to work on the simulator in turn. Sooner or later there will be a need to appeal to colleagues in the fitness with a similar request. With the influx of visitors to popular trainers have to take their turn.

Questions about the terms of use of the equipment you need to refer to duty instructor. The best option is to pay for a few sessions with a personal trainer. He will explain in detail the technique of performing exercises and will help to design a training program.

First time at the gym – tips for beginners

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