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Group fitness: the strategy and the main task of the training

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Group fitness: the strategy and the main task of the training

The contents

  • Experiment
  • The result of research
  • Synchronization in group fitness classes
  • Synchronous exercises workout
  • The most effective methods of group fitness
  • Whether to abandon the single fitness?

Fitness classes have a positive effect on the human body. Even small, but regular physical activity have a positive effect. You can train without leaving home, finding yourself 30-60 minutes of free time. But it is best to visit a gym or fitness club, because group classes have a number of significant advantages over single-site. What? We’ll cover that in this article.


To find out which is better — private or group fitness, scientists set up an experiment. Three groups of medical students were invited to exercise with the goal of promoting health and relieving stress that they receive during training sessions.

The first group worked once a week for 30 minutes. Each student chose his training. The second group performed exercises in the gym 2 times a week. Fitness the third group consisted of simple walking or Cycling, when students had to change their location.

Every 4 weeks, scientists have analyzed the changes in physical and mental condition of their charges. After 12 weeks it was summed up. All patients were observed positive changes in health. Their standard of living became better and the degree of stress decreased. But the results of all three groups were different.

The result of research

The subjects of the first group, working independently at a convenient time, showed a significant improvement of mental abilities. But physique and stress was low. Students of the second group improved their physical and mental qualities. For members of the third group the quality of life and resistance to stress has changed slightly.

The results of this experiment suggests that group fitness is more beneficial than individual. Although, to evaluate from a scientific point of view the purity of such studies cautiously, since the experiment was conducted at a limited number of students a particular specialty. However, the findings were published in the medical journal of the osteopaths of the United States.

Synchronization in group fitness classes

In 2013 in the international journal of sport psychology published an interesting article telling about the importance of group lessons and exercises to synchronize movements to enhance athletic performance and pain tolerance. The paper described an experiment in which 2 groups of athletes engaged in rowing machines for 45 minutes. The first group trained in pairs, the second alone.

The results of this experiment showed that better results and resistance to pain was observed in subjects who train in pairs. There was no difference, knew each other’s partners before or not.

Scientists have suggested that improved performance in the pairs was associated with increased secretion into the blood of endorphins — the hormones responsible for our health and mood.

This assumption was later confirmed by other experiments, conducted in groups, engaged in dancing, sports and even meditation. It has been proven that positive sporting results and an increase in resistance to stress are generated even faster if you practice with your friends. Therefore, the most effective fitness class is a group class in a friendly team.

Synchronous exercises workout

Another confirmation of the use of group sessions, the researchers found, studied performance of exercises of warm-up athletes, Rugby players one of the American teams. They always did a warm-up before the main part of the workout, performing synchronous movements. This allowed them to significantly increase their stamina that have been documented.

The researchers suggested that this effect was obtained thanks to the strengthening of social bonds between athletes that changed sense of perception of pain and discomfort during the run visitenkarte with a large load. This allowed team members to become more cohesive team, focus on the highest result.

Conclusion based on these facts clear: the gym will be more effective if during training to perform exercises together with other members of the group, trying to maintain a single tempo and intensity of movements.

The most effective methods of group fitness

If you evaluate individual and group fitness, it should be said that not all methods in group classes equally good. Preference should be given to strategies group speaker. What does it mean?

Under the strategy of the group the speaker refers to a fitness in which several people participate, United by a common training purposes, friendly relations and social ties. In such a group there is always a positive emotional climate. All members of sports clubs feel their belonging to the collective, to share opinions and participate in the friendly competition.

Not all groups where people are engaged in fitness, you can find signs of this team. If athletes just repeat the movement for the instructor, little communicate with each other and see each other only from workout to workout, then wait for them to high and persistent results is not necessary.

Whether to abandon the single fitness?

Now no one doubts about the benefits of group fitness. However, this does not mean that individual and independent studies do not carry any good. Successfully you can train yourself. And there are a number of good reasons. But if you have the opportunity to study in a group, it is better to give preference to this way of organizing fitness.

Due to the peculiarities of his psyche, to group lessons adaptable extroverts. Introverts prefer to train alone where nobody will disturb and distract the conversation.

In any case, regardless of whether you prefer a single fitness or group training, physical culture and sports will bring your life a definite benefit. Therefore, exercise as it will be most convenient and comfortable for you.

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