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Greetings from childhood: is it worth to try cupping massage

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What is it?

The use of cans in treatment began in China even before our era. It was believed that they accelerate the blood flow, and with it the healing process.

The principle is simple: the Bank is placed on the body (usually the back), it creates a vacuum. It can be left in place or drive along the muscles to relax.

In the Chinese tradition glass bottle, heated with fire to create a heat effect on the skin.

What are the advantages?

People who agree on cupping therapy, typically want to improve muscle performance, reduce pain, recover faster after surgery or to relieve for arthritis. Best banks help for pain in the back, neck and calves, and to reduce the appearance of scars.

However, these effects do not appear always, and they are not always visible. Studies have proven the effectiveness of cupping therapy, but harm it also brings.

Are there any side effects?

Perhaps the most important of them — the marks on the skin. They arise from the fact that the generated jar under vacuum slightly injure the skin, this region receives blood. Within two or three days the traces are.

If you leave the jar for a long time, you can get in this place on the wound. Banks are prohibited to those who have diabetes or has problems with blood circulation.

Is it worth to try?

Most likely, the banks are working as a placebo. People notice the change, according to scientists, should not be. But if you really want to try — look for a specialist with a certificate. Maybe the positive effect will you.

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