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Ginger for weight loss: tested recipes

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Ginger for weight loss – this horror story for fitness professionals. Every coach is afraid that it will come one day a lover fat burning of ginger, and will refuse to abide by the rules of rational nutrition. To convince those who are full of happiness do not have a magic recipe difficult. But this does not mean that all traditional recipes – it is not working. Why is weight loss with useful plants has a right to exist? Ginger is not so bad, it will help to solve specific problems, like low immunity, poor digestive tract, and lack of desire to eat my chicken breast with buckwheat. And here is the story about a magical weight reduction from only one tea deserves a detailed consideration.

The contents

  • 1 if useful ginger for weight loss and means to him
  • 2 How to build ginger diet and what are its principles
  • 3 Cautions and contraindications
  • 4 Recipes diet beverages and foods with ginger
  • 5 Teas on the basis of ginger
    • 5.1 Classic with lemon and honey
    • 5.2 With garlic
    • 5.3 With radish
  • 6 Other drinks and cocktails with ginger
    • 6.1 Drink with yogurt
    • 6.2 Ginger-cucumber smoothie with kefir
    • 6.3 Tonic with cardamom and mint
    • 6.4 With cranberries
  • 7 Salads, desserts
    • 7.1 a Ginger-Apple petals
    • 7.2 Dietary ginger ice cream
    • 7.3 vegetable Salad with ginger
    • 7.4 Braised cabbage
  • 8 Different traditional recipes with ginger

So if ginger is useful for weight loss and means to him

Ginger for weight loss, but rather, dietary Supplements, teas and creams to its extract is very popular product on the Internet. Funds with ginger promises us a weight loss without any effort due to the acceleration of the metabolism, and decrease appetite. For losing weight made millions of dollars, meanwhile, the problem of obesity is still not resolved.

If to judge objectively, ginger helps:

  • To get rid of constipation is a mild antispasmodic, influencing the condition of the intestines. Ginger root also contains dietary fiber, too, but few would have it in such an industrial scale to deal with atonic constipation. There is evidence that gingerol (the essential oil of the root) helps to tone the intestine, but the degree of its effectiveness is not known. In folk medicine, ginger is a component of “digestive teas” and numerous means of poisoning;
  • “Drain” some water-weight – has a mild diuretic action, especially if you drink tea with ginger and vitamin C from lemon or grapefruit, and not just to chew the root. Swelling is a common problem of those who works out a lot, drinking fairly little water, and monitors the amount of magnesium and potassium in the diet. In folk medicine, ginger tea is used in combination with leaves of cowberry from cystitis as gingerol has anti-inflammatory action;
  • Lowering cortisol levels – this information is not scientifically proven, at least among the most effective means against elevated cortisol appear only gamma-aminobutyric acid, and natural anabolics like laxogenin. But sources in folk medicine, insist that ginger reduces cortisol. If so, it will be easier to lose weight, especially those who are a stress eater, or have already purchased a violation of carbohydrate metabolism. But in practice “cortisolemia obesity” occurs much less frequently than the banal overeating, sugar cravings and fat and insufficient physical activity;
  • Gingerol is really a thermogenic. Substances that increase body temperature by 1-2 degrees help to expend more calories. About how it works and a simple balanced diet, full of carbohydrates. But by “drying” with their restriction, many people use green tea, gingerol and other thermogenics to support the body.

Important: in sports supplements consume ginger to reduce muscle pain. Delayed onset muscle soreness – the pain of inflammatory nature. In 2010, scientists proved that a bit of crushed ginger works in a similar way as aspirin or other anti-inflammatory. Enhance the effect of turmeric helps ordinary.

Ginger is a natural energy tonic with tonic effect:

  • Increases the pressure;
  • Helps to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques;
  • Reduces pain;
  • Accelerates blood circulation;
  • Fights flatulence;
  • Helps to get rid of nausea;
  • Improves the digestion of meat and heavy food;
  • Increases the secretion of gastric juice;
  • Improve appetite

How so, he’s for weight loss? Look at the sources of Chinese folk medicine. There ginger is a warming spice that carries the energy of “Yang” and increases appetite. Don’t believe? All the spices that increase the secretion of gastric juice increase appetite, not decrease. We feel that the body is ready for eating, and just eat.

How is ginger diet and what are its principles

Ginger diet, fortunately, does not consist only of ginger and tea. Although “ancient” Internet of up to 2000 years, you can find the recipe useful based drink 1.5 liters of mineral water, a tablespoon of honey or maple syrup, lemon juice, and a mixture of Cayenne pepper and ground ginger in an amount of 5 g of each spice. The drink was supposed to drink every day instead of food. And then in the evening put the enema. In total it should take 10 kg in 10 days. Saying lose weight Beyonce, and survived. But this is inaccurate, as with other “star” diets.

In General, ginger tea is not recommend a strict diet “no food”. To lose weight help and more balanced options, such as normal diet with a small caloric deficit.

Ginger tea is good and just as isotonic training. Then it makes sense to add a bit of maltodextrin, and ordinary sugar, and to reduce the concentration of welding. But the idea is not suitable for those who have discomfort after eating spices

Before “going on a diet”, you need to ensure that:

  • Ginger drinks you can drink unsweetened. Max, you can add something like stevia or inulin. The popular tip about the sugar-ginger drink with honey is bad just because the med is the same exact source of simple carbohydrates, like sugar, and hoped that the infinitesimal thermogenic effect “evens”, is quite naive;
  • The caloric deficit due to the simple carbohydrates created and is present long enough to allow your body to actively lose fat. Ginger – only assistant. In sports these things include, when the amount of carbohydrates falls below 3 g per 1 kg of body weight, and lost appetite from the monotonous food “rich in fiber and protein”.
  • In terms of weight loss, there is at least some physical activity. When the office lifestyle and lack of active recreation, the man is extremely difficult to eat with a calorie deficit, because he will have just too little there to hold the desired numbers. Combine any exercises with body weight or resistance training with aerobic exercise like swimming, walking, Cycling, or cardio in any available simulator. Fit and group lessons aerobic type, tap, or Tae Bo;
  • Nutrition balanced. You should eat no less than 1, 5 g protein, 2-3 g of carbs and 1.2 g fat per 1 kg of body weight. Over time, the amount of fat can be reduced to 1 year, but carbohydrates should not “fall” less than 2 g. If you create a deficit from these figures does not work, increase domestic activity, i.e. the more you walk, the stairs, go for shopping by bike, walk, eliminate travel and transportation length 2-3 stops, and stop sitting at home on the weekends. Scientists have shown that dog lovers, who are forced to walk 2 times a day, longer retain a healthy weight and stroiput faster. You do not call to have your four-legged friend, just take it for granted – slender will be the one who runs more miles in everyday life;
  • The terms “ginger diet” is limited. If the composition of the diet are still drink with pepper, and cinnamon, it is better not to drink them longer than 3 days in a row, the body can rebel, and not to forgive such violence. Any signs such as heartburn, burping, and pain in the digestive tract – the abolition of the diet;
  • Ginger weight loss can cause high blood pressure and heart pain. This is especially true of those who abuse in ginger diet caffeine, and drink lots of green tea. Is gently treated to ginger, not to overload the body.
  • In the diet is not “questionable” foods of unknown caloric value and composition. To this all can be attributed to the complex salads and restaurant meals. We can only assume that there really is a part of, and how to prepare these dishes.

    It is also important that the lifestyle needs to be healthy. Sometimes the abuse of ginger tea leads to insomnia due to the stimulating effect. But in the process of weight loss it is important to keep the regime, not to break the hormonal balance. So ginger tea it is better to start drinking the weak, and not to abuse with the amount.

    Ginger diet, according to most experts, is not compatible with alcohol, use of any Central nervous system stimulating substances, and a majority of diet pills. Modern dietary Supplements contain large amounts of stimulants, and all this together can cause increase in cortisol levels, loss of sleep, and disorder of the process of recovery.

    Cautions and contraindications

    Information for this block is taken from the sources of traditional medicine. The General rule is that the ginger is not necessary to use if there is any discomfort or pain.

    Should stay on a normal balanced diet if:

    • After drinking tea hurts and “pulls” the stomach and intestines;
    • Whiskey begins to ache, and neck area;
    • Hot and cold;
    • Appears tachycardia;
    • Pulls the thyroid glands;
    • Discomfort in the right upper quadrant;
    • Bitter in the mouth

    This all means that you have to pass medical examinations, and tea to take. Maybe the spice just “strips” of health problems, but can be so evident idiosyncrasy.

    General contraindications to the use of ginger are:

    • The use of anticoagulants;
    • The problem with blood clotting;
    • High temperature and inflammatory diseases;
    • High blood pressure, heart rhythm disorders;
    • Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract.

    Contraindications of ginger apply to all Supplements with it.

    Recipes diet beverages and foods with ginger

    Drinks with ginger is recommended to drink before meals, before each main meal. But dishes with ginger can be included in the diet at random, whenever you want.

    Teas on the basis of ginger

    Classic with lemon and honey

    • Approximately 2 cm of root rubbed on a grater;
    • Pour 2 cups of water;
    • Boil for 12-15 minutes;
    • Add lemon juice and a pinch of green tea;
    • Drink with honey

    This recipe has a variation. You can just boil water and put the grated ginger root and green tea in the teapot. Brewing it all with boiling water and leave to cool. When the liquid reaches room temperature, it will be possible to drink it.


    This recipe is recommended as a remedy for the seasonal decline in immunity, colds, sore throat.

    • A clove of garlic crush;
    • Mix with a spoon of grated ginger;
    • Pour 2 cups of water and 90 degrees;
    • Brew for 20 minutes

    This tool is recommended to drink in small SIPS throughout the day. The smell of garlic can be removed by chewing parsley. This method is good for “drain” excess fluid, and for additional vitamins and antioxidants. Parsley – an excellent diuretic.

    With radish

    Black and green radish is often found in the recipes for cough than in teas. Radish juice not only contributes to waste of sputum, but also helps to get rid of obsessive desire to cough. Radish – a light diuretic

    Tea with radish:

    • A quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and half of ginger, take a tablespoon of grated radish;
    • Put into the teapot;
    • Pour water to 90 degrees
    • This drink is advised to eat honey, but only if not allergic to it.

    Other drinks and cocktails with ginger

    We are talking about the so-called “fat-burning cocktails” with spices. They are prepared by adding spices into yogurt or whey. The cocktails help to get rid of constipation and replaces one meal. Often advised to drink it for dinner, but instead of the first or second Breakfast, if you have no appetite.

    Drink with yogurt

    In a Cup of yogurt, add:

    • Take a large pinch of ground root and cinnamon;
    • Stir in dry ingredients into the Cup of low-fat yogurt and add a bit of chili pepper;
    • Mix all and drink.

    This explosive cocktail twice a day after meals will speed up metabolism and help to burn the extra pounds.

    Ginger-cucumber smoothie with kefir

    You can take yogurt, if you don’t like yogurt.

    In the bowl of the blender mix

    • Cucumber;
    • 2 cm chopped ginger root;
    • A glass of kefir;
    • Cup yoghurt or 250 ml of kefir;
    • Optionally, you can add celery or parsley and a little lemon juice
    • All together mixed in a blender and make a smooth drink
    • Drink it instead of meals or in the evening

    Important: the drink has a strong laxative effect that it is better to consider

    Tonic with cardamom and mint

    For this cocktail you need:

    • Take 120 ml lemon juice and orange;
    • Grind in a blender together with 50 g of mint;
    • Add to taste ginger and cardamom;
    • You can add up to 2cm of grated ginger root;
    • Dilute with water if required

    With cranberries

    This popular recipe is struggling with swelling and constipation. It improves peristalsis and “drains excess water” effect in terms of reducing weight can be significant, especially if a person has problems with swelling.

    • Grate 40g of ginger root;
    • Mix with a glass of cowberry;
    • Fill the thermos with water of 90 degrees;
    • Drink throughout the day

    Salads, desserts

    Who says ginger can be added to food? Its bright flavor will help you not only to diversify their diet, but also lose weight.

    Ginger-Apple petals

    Need apples or very juicy pear and ginger. For one kilogram of apples should be about 200-300 g root


    • Peel ginger and cut into petals;
    • Blanch the apples, and cut into thin slices;
    • A little sprinkle of cinnamon;
    • Spread on a baking sheet;
    • Bake at 200 degrees until the apples are soft;
    • You can sprinkle any dry sweetener without sugar.

    Some pour it with honey, but then the whole operation with “diet sweets” has quite a bit of sense

    Diet ginger ice cream

    For this recipe you will need molds for ice cream or a special ice cream maker.

    • Dissolve the package of gelatin in a glass of skim milk;
    • Add grated ginger;
    • Add any zero calorie sweetener – stevia, hitparade, or inulin;
    • Whip 10 whites of eggs to a froth and mix all in a blender;
    • Pour into forms and freeze

    Vegetable salad with ginger

    • Take 2 beets and boil;
    • Chop 1 sm ginger root, celery stalk, and a little orange peel;
    • Stir everything, season with olive oil

    Braised cabbage

    This recipe will help to diversify the side dishes on the diet and ideal for those who need to control the amount of carbohydrates in the diet.

    • 1 head of cabbage chop;
    • Crushed 2 cm ginger root;
    • Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil;
    • Add ginger root to warm;
    • Lightly fry, add the cabbage;
    • Pour water and simmer until tender

    In this recipe you can add onion and tomato paste with no added sugar

    Different people’s recipes with ginger

    Here are just a utility that can help warm up muscles before exercise, pain relief joints, and just as diversity:

  • Water with ginger. Brewing water 90 degree 20 grams of ginger, add the juice of 1 cucumber, when cool, and the juice of 1 lemon. Has a diuretic effect, is the cure for a hangover;
  • Coffee with ginger. 20 g can be used together with 20 g of coffee in a French press or a thermos, the main thing is not to use too hot water;
  • Alcohol tincture to warm up. 25 g grated ginger insist 2 weeks on 1 bottle of vodka;
  • Jam with ginger. Grind 1 kg of oranges with the white rind without rind and 1 tablespoon of Splenda 1 tablespoon of grated ginger. Add the package of agar, covered with water, spread along the banks and store in the refrigerator;
  • Ointment for joints. Insist on 150 ml of water 20 g of cinquefoil and 20 grams of ginger, allow to cool, mix with melted coconut oil and camphor alcohol in the ratio of “1 part tincture-1 part alcohol to 2 parts oil.” If not coconut oil, do butter, but then the mixture will keep in the refrigerator;
  • Pickled ginger. To boil a liter of water, add a tablespoon of salt, as much sugar or its substitute, and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Pour this chopped ginger root, and put in a glass jar. Place in the refrigerator and leave for 2-3 days;
  • Cellulite scrub with coffee. Pinch of cinnamon and ginger, and red pepper on the tip of a knife to mix with a glass of olive oil or cream, and sleep coffee. Apply on legs and stomach, massaging from the ankles to the waist, remove the wipes first and then wash off with water;
  • Anti-cellulite lotion. Take alcohol tincture of ginger and diluted in the ratio of 1 to 1 with water, wipe the problem areas;
  • Wrap with Apple cider vinegar and ginger. To brew ginger tea, mix it in the ratio of 1 to 1 with Apple cider vinegar so, to get around cups of liquid. It to moisten a cloth to wrap and carry out the procedure for 20 minutes. Then you need to pour cool water.
  • All traditional recipes with ginger should be applied carefully, as the plant may cause an allergic reaction, and can lead to skin problems if too actively use all the recipes. Numerous teas, clay wraps, and other such things are not able to do what can ordinary good nutrition, and exercise. It would be better if the ginger will be a nice seasoning, and not the basis for the plan of losing weight.

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