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Gift ideas that will delight fitness enthusiasts

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Gift ideas that will delight fitness enthusiasts
The contents

  • What to give the fans of water sports?
  • To present a gift to the followers of yoga?
  • What overjoyed involved in fitness?
  • Equipment for exercise at home
  • The gifts that will suit the athlete in any direction

Soon the New year is the main winter holiday, so for many of us begins a marathon search of gifts. If you bestow people are known for their practicality, it is unlikely that you will make him happy in any souvenir, but if he is actively involved in sports or just starting their familiarity with it, you have the ability to surprise. Fitness, yoga, and any other areas involve the use of different projectiles and devices that can significantly improve the effectiveness of the training and facilitate exercises.

What to give the fans of water sports?

Of course, swimming trunks or swimsuit can give only the most close and native people, but the original design beanie can be presented and colleague. This accessory has long ceased to perform only the role of protecting hair from water. It acts and means of self expression and style. Much more choices for those who want to present something to a fan of water aerobics. The last certainly will appreciate a special belt-supporting in water and allowing it to release the limbs, using them to a greater amount of exercise.

Without special floating sticks — Nude no cost, no exercise, and those who provides free fitness center are often in poor condition. All sorts of weights for arms and legs, swimming Board and gloves with webbed feet designed for more advanced Aqua aerobics fans, who will relish the opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of training. Some clubs have classes from using the swimming Board and step platform.

To present a gift to the followers of yoga?

Ignorant people do not suspect, how many kinds of shells and devices used in their practices “logista”. Special Mat is not the only accessory that is necessary for a proper execution of the asanas. There are many other shells, the purpose of which is not so easy to guess. If your loved one only tries his hand at yoga, he probably has not had time to acquire them. That will come in handy in the first place? Strap, bolster and blocks. The first is simply indispensable in case when you want to perform stretching exercises, and I must say that they are very predominate in this ancient practice.

Bolster helps the beginners to practice the traditional posture with crossed legs, which often causes pain and discomfort in the knees. He can help to relax lower back or abdomen. The block or a yoga brick will help to keep the balance, to contribute to the development of flexibility and endurance. Advanced “logitem” you can give a shop for deflections or such a shell as simhasana box to significantly improve your body and achieve new heights in training.

What overjoyed involved in fitness?

Fitness today is called many varieties of sports training, from running to aerobics. So, before buying any gift, you need to think carefully and to consult with the seller to learn everything about the functionality of the device, and then to give him money. Running fans will surely be delighted the fitness band or pedometer. The market today, you can find specialized trackers for swimming, which quite naturally does not pass the water and allow you to track progress, monitor the work of the cardiovascular system and even give advice on training programs.

If you know that the receiver is seeking to lose weight, give him a device that is able to count incoming calories and at the same time give information about daily energy consumption. Actually, the options you have just weight and they all depend on the occupation of a loved one. Involved in fitness, roller skating will be delighted by a new pair of good shoes, like the hockey fans, but appreciated all the charm of Nordic walking will gladly accept the gift of a new stick.

Equipment for exercise at home

If your close and beloved people prefer to do fitness at home, you will not be difficult to surprise and please the main winter holiday. Quite difficult to achieve any positive results in sports, not having at hand the appropriate equipment. Dumbbell — out of competition. This is a great gift for both women and men, both novice and experienced athlete, but in this case it is better to buy a model with removable disks, allowing to adjust the load.

For the same purpose you can buy a set of weights, which can be fixed on the hands, feet, body and other parts of the body. Exercises with the TRX loops, all kinds of balls, hula ring, massage wraps, skipping rope will help to more efficiently pump the muscles and much faster to get closer to the goal of creating the body of your dreams. The simulator is another gift that will be appreciated by leading a healthy lifestyle, but you need to make sure that the living conditions allow the receiver to find space for such bulky equipment. Great demand and various video programs and if you manage to find a set of exercises known and respected your loved one coach, you can count on raptures and violent emotions.

The gifts that will suit the athlete in any direction

No matter whether the love life of your dear man’s yoga or crossfit, there are things that will be useful to every athlete without exception. This first outfit. Of course, there are also certain subtleties, but if you give good brand tracksuit or special lingerie, then such a gift will always be the topic. Quality shoes for training — another mandatory part of equipment, without which it could not do. Although without the fitting shoes of such a plan, better not to buy, so it makes sense to give a gift certificate of a well-known sports store.

But that can be purchased without the knowledge of the athlete is the bag. Comfortable, roomy, it will probably be appreciated, and most importantly — will not gather dust in a closet as a souvenir. A sports bottle for water or shaker for protein cocktail — one accessory without which no cost, no training. Received it as a gift every time a love to remember you when they want to quench their thirst.

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