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Getting ready for summer: basic principles

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For many women, spring is an exciting time. Trying on summer bows and reflection in the mirror do not rarely depress the mood. After all, absolutely all the external imperfections that were hidden in the winter under layers of warm clothing are striking. Extra pounds, an orange peel on the hips, dry skin and lifeless hair, all this requires immediate adjustment.
What to do in this situation? The main thing is not to panic and sensibly assess all your imperfections. So, we are preparing for the summer wisely, drawing up the correct and effective plan of action for the spring period.

Key recommendations

Within 8 – 12 weeks, everyone who wants to improve themselves and correct the shortcomings of their figure should adhere to the following rules:

Not diet and starvation, but proper and balanced nutrition. Now there are a huge number of different nutrition programs from which it is worth choosing the most suitable for you. For example, 6 Petals, 7 Petals, Protasov are considered quite popular and effective. You can also think through the menu yourself, then be sure to focus on carbohydrates and protein. This will not only help bring the weight to the desired figure, but also improve the quality of the skin.
What preparation for the summer without regular sports. Go to the gym and trust the professionals or do it yourself, this choice remains with the girls. And in that and in another case, daily exercise, running, swimming or exercising should become a good daily habit. But when the task is global, then the most optimal solution would be to purchase a subscription to a fitness club and prefer training with an instructor.
It is important to observe a sleep pattern. You must sleep at least 8 hours a day. It is equally important to abstract as much as possible from experiences, stresses. When we cannot change the situation, then it is better to change our attitude towards it. After all, our body responds to these two factors by lack of sleep and stress by the deposition of the fat layer.
Care. An integrated approach to restore skin and hair – will give the first results in a few days. Serums, masks, scrubs, creams by age, a trip to the beautician and salon procedures – this is what is really necessary in the spring.
Pedicure and manicure. Bringing your arms and legs in proper shape and condition is a great reason to put on your favorite sandals with heels and remove gloves.

Not worth doing

You’ll be ready for summer if you lose weight correctly without harm to your health. For this, it is worth considering moments that can lead to disastrous consequences and zero results.

# 1 Skip Meals

The classic formula for losing weight is to reduce calories. And most following her, they try to leave themselves without dinner or lunch. But then they eat up for the night. Therefore, there will be no healthy and proper weight loss with such a system of food consumption.

# 2 Complete rejection of fats

A fairly popular misconception that fatty foods are harmful. Then a person excludes fats from any diet in any form and replaces them with low-fat products. But the right fats are essential for the healthy functioning of the body. In addition, a low-fat diet is not effective and can be hazardous to health.

crossed out butter, avocado and nuts

# 3 Suppress hunger

Take supplements or supplements to suppress hunger. Yes, they are able to give a quick but short-term effect, as well as a high risk of side effects.
Smoke to dull hunger.

# 4 Drink less than the daily allowance

Norm: 2 liters of fluid. Many limit water intake and notice that weight is reduced. This is self-deception, since liquid is eliminated from the body, but not extra pounds. On the contrary, water must be consumed, because it is important for health and for losing weight.

# 5 Sweets and flour

It is necessary to exclude the consumption of your favorite foods that cheer up and deliver a lot of pleasure. But do not completely deprive yourself of joy. Indeed, because of the strict diet, many do not stand up and break down. Make yourself a day when you can afford the measure of such food.

giving up a donut

# 6 Do not eat regularly

Meals should be in strict mode, as in kindergarten. This will prevent the desire to eat sandwiches and junk food.

# 7 Fruit abuse

On the contrary, they contribute to weight gain and body fat. Indeed, it is proven that fruit abuse leads to a set of kilograms, since almost all fruits contain a large amount of fructose, which turns into sugar in the human body.

# 8 Choose non-nutritious foods

Calorie-free food is not what you need for healthy weight loss. Manufacturers add flavor enhancers and sugar to such products, so it is sometimes more beneficial to eat a product with a standard calorie content.

girl eating a dairy product

# 9 Ignoring breakfast

It is not for nothing that they call it the main and important meal, because it helps to accelerate the metabolism, and also fills with energy for the whole day.

# 10 Starvation is the most popular misconception

A strict diet will never lead to the desired forms.

Starvation is harmful to health, as it causes a slowdown or a complete stop of metabolic processes.

In addition, the body has the opportunity to start making reserves of fat. Even starvation provokes the body in need of various trace elements and vitamins to absorb them from muscle fibers and bones.

When calculating calories, it is important to consider:


# 11 Become a vegan or vegetarian

losing weight is not an appropriate period for a sharp change in diet. This is an additional stress for the body, which without fail will negatively affect.

girl surrounded by vegetables

Side effects

To bring your figure to summer, a tough diet is not suitable because of its short duration. Dropped kilos will return immediately after you go to your usual table. Also, rapid weight loss can lead to the following diseases:

Headaches (migraines).
Problems with the cycle (in women).
Hair loss.
Stones in the gall bladder.
Renal prolapse (nephroptosis).

We told how to prepare for the summer, but the main thing is not to stop halfway, because most, not seeing fast results, stop moving towards their goals. If you follow these simple rules, good habits will enter into everyday life and then there will be no place for disappointment from your appearance.


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