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Get up early – live longer: scientists have found that larks are sick less often

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A study presented at a scientific conference in Glasgow, showed that the internal clock can determine the risk of breast cancer. Your biological clock (the circadian rhythms) that determine, among other things, the right time to sleep. It turned out that those who easily gets up early in the morning, risk of getting a little less those who are late and do not want to get up.

Experts analyzed 341 a fragment of human DNA that determine whether a lark or an owl. They used data from more than 300 thousand women (230 thousand from UK Biobank project, a 180 — studies from Breast Cancer Association Consortium) to understand the influence of genetically programmed mode of the day the risk of developing breast cancer.

It turned out that Yes. Over the eight-year observation period two out of every one hundred owls got the diagnosis — and only one out of a hundred larks.

The reason for this relationship is not yet known. Should I worry fans Wake up late? Scientists recommend not to panic and to undergo regular medical check-UPS. Research is ongoing.

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