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Gakk-squats: particular exercise with a barbell and in the simulator

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Gakk-squats: particular exercise with a barbell and in the simulator
The contents

  • What muscles are involved in the work?
  • Gakk-squats in the simulator
  • Physical load at different setting of legs
  • Gakk-squats
  • The advantages of gakk-squats
  • Disadvantages of exercise
  • Typical mistakes of newcomers
  • What to include in fitness training is gakk-squats?

The legs were perfectly developed, it is necessary to work out separate muscle groups. Anterior and lateral part of the thigh forms the quadriceps. To strengthen it and increase in volume capable of strength training with weights at the gym. The most effective of them — the gakk-squats. There are many variants of execution, which give different types of loads. Picking the appropriate weight and number of repetitions can increase muscle mass and strengthen your whole body.

What muscles are involved in the work?

When you run gakk-squats worked the quads forming the anterior and lateral surface of the thigh. Its function in the body is to stabilize the knee in the standing position and during physical exertion: while walking straight and up the hill, running and jumping.

Pumped quads not only make hip attractive. Their development depends on the ability of the athlete to sustain a serious exercise.

Changing the placing of the feet in the course of item, you carefully work out other muscles. Like any mnogoetajnoe exercise, squats in gakk trainer, in addition to the main load and secondary. They involve the adductor muscles, gluteal, and calf muscles and abs.

This exercise is energy consuming, thus reducing fat deposits. Therefore, it is included by specialists in the program of strength and fitness.

Gakk-squats in the simulator

A special device of Gakkenshmidt, or gakk-car, named after wrestlers and circus performer who developed the system of preparation of sportsmen, which included squats. He did it in the early twentieth century, when performed at the event. And later was invented by the trainer.

Gakk machine consists of the following parts:

  • frame;
  • moving on the frame seat, equipped with cargo and back with padded shoulders and arms;
  • the base for the feet.

The athlete sits in a simulator and put his feet on the platform, and rests on the back of the seat.

The weight of the load and the number of repetitions of the exercise picks up the coach, focusing on the level of training of the athlete and goals of the lessons.

Technique element:

  • To install the cargo.
  • In the half squat to be placed under the shoulders, pressing my back to the simulator. Feet put on width apart, placed in the centre of the base. The look is directed forward. Lower back slightly bend.
  • To rise, straighten your legs until the end. This is the starting position.
  • Drop to position where thighs are parallel to the floor. The back remains pressed to the back of the station.
  • Lifting straight feet. The heel should remain on the platform. The knees do not fully straighten.
  • To fulfill the required number of repetitions.
  • Breaths should I do during the squat, exhale when lifting.

    Physical load at different setting of legs

    Gakk-squats are good because depending on the purpose of the workout to vary the technique of their execution. Different setting of legs helps emphasis the load on certain muscles:

    • position feet wider than shoulder width on the medial head and adductor;
    • narrow position on the lateral head of the quadriceps;
    • the placing of the feet at the bottom edge of the platform on the front of the thigh;
    • the placing of the feet in the top of the platform on the hamstring and gluteal muscles.

    Squats face-to-gakk-simulator to help load the buttocks.


    This is another version of squats, giving a load similar to the exercises in the gakk-car. It can be done, if there is no trainer in the gym:

  • Hang pancakes on the projectile. To put the stamp on the floor, turn my back on him. Feet shoulder width apart.
  • Sit down and take up the fingerboard straight grip.
  • To lift the barbell, straight leg. The back is smooth. Rod in direct hands behind his back. This is the starting position.
  • Sit down before you touch a barbell of the floor. Submit a body forward and the pelvis back. Look straight ahead.
  • Force of the legs, pushing off your heels to rise.
  • Make the necessary number of repetitions.
  • The advantages of gakk-squats

    Squats in gakk machine have the following advantages:

  • They are simple to implement, does not take long to perfect this technique.
  • Don’t need a belaying partner.
  • To increase the working weight in the exercises you faster as the spine is not prone to stress.
  • Due to the fact that there is no need to look for the center of gravity, the exerciser less traumatic.
  • Correct toes helps to pump in isolation of individual muscle groups.
  • Disadvantages of exercise

    Training in the gakk-car have and cons:

  • A great physical exercise with incorrect technique can lead to knee injuries. Those who already have problems in this area, the exercise is contraindicated.
  • When performing squats in gakk machine starts to actively produce growth hormone, which causes hypertrophy of the hip muscles. Therefore, the classic version gakk-squats are used mainly bodybuilders. If the goal is to build muscle no, you should pick up a little weight. Girls need to do on gakk-the simulator no more than twice a week after the consultation with the doctor.
  • Typical mistakes of newcomers

    Simple technique exercises do not guarantee the absence of errors. The most common ones:

    • not done the warm-up;
    • heels off the platform, which load the knees;
    • reduced knees;
    • the lower back is detached from the platform;
    • physical activity excessive due to the installation of excessive weight;
    • dropping into a squat too quickly and uncontrollably;
    • the movement starts up with socks, not heels;
    • recovery is done in spurts, with pauses (to move powerfully, from the beginning of the movement until the end);
    • your knees go over your toes and straighten fully in the final phase;
    • head tilted forward, gaze lowered to the floor;
    • the lower back is not pressed to the back of the station, causing increased load on the spine;
    • no breath control.

    What to include in fitness training is gakk-squats?

    It so happens that such squats are not suitable for medical reasons or in the fitness room is no gakk-car. Then they can be replaced by other exercises to work out the quads:

  • Modified squats: for leveling the front of the thighs under the heel enclose a block or a pancake from the rod.
  • Exercises with the placing of the feet close to each other when the load is automatically transferred to the quadriceps: leg press and front squats.
  • To work out individual muscle groups of the lower extremities, you can do side lunges with weights varying their angle.

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