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Fundamentals of static fitness: the advantages and disadvantages of exercise

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Fundamentals of static fitness: the advantages and disadvantages of exercise
The contents

  • Fundamentals of static exercises
  • Effect on the body
  • The benefits of static load
  • Disadvantages of isometric fitness training
  • Principles of static fitness
  • The elements of static weight
  • Power isometrics: opportunities and drawbacks
  • Useful tips for exercise on statics

Exercises on statics allow us to maintain our body in shape, lose weight, strengthen muscles and joints. Isometric exercises simultaneously work multiple muscle groups. Their popularity is due to the fact that to carry sports items can be done anywhere without additional equipment.

Fundamentals of static exercises

Isometric exercises are based on a continuous, static load on the muscles and joints, created its own weight of the human body. Work muscle fibers aktiviziruyutsya by holding the body in a particular stationary position for long period of time. With every second the tension in the muscles, ligaments and joints only increases.

Static elements are characterized by their ability to engage in complex work the whole body. Being in constant suspense, it receives a tremendous load.

Effect on the body

The application of static loads allows you to work deep muscle fibers, little used in daily life, but also in regular strength training.

The inclusion of a regular fitness workout isometric elements leads to the following results:

  • strengthening the muscular system, strengthening the joint and ligamentous apparatus.
  • improving the appearance of skin: the body becomes supple, taut, elastic skin, no sagging and cellulite;
  • rehabilitation of the spine;
  • weight loss: combined with cardio and aerobic exercises statics starts the process of burning fat and allows you to significantly lose weight;
  • increase body flexibility and improve coordination: many of the exercises require balance and finding balance that well coached vestibular apparatus;
  • the normalization condition of the nervous system.

The benefits of static load

What’s the advantage of fitness training on the basis of isometric exercises? They rightfully can claim:

  • High performance: the intensive work of the muscle fibers leads to quite a rapid visible effect.
  • The simplicity and accessibility of program elements: classes can be held in any convenient place, be it an apartment, Playground near your home or office space.
  • Safety: risk of injury or stretching is minimal.
  • Versatility: classes are suitable for everyone regardless of gender, age and level of fitness.
  • Saving money and time: classes will not require purchasing expensive equipment or subscription to a fitness club, do not take much time. Training engages all muscle groups, is no more than an hour.
  • Focus: you can create a workout program for study of specific problem areas of the body.
  • Disadvantages of isometric fitness training

    With the help of a static load it is very difficult to build muscle or to give a clear relief of the surface of the body. To achieve visible results, you must combine static elements with exercises in dynamics.

    For people with excessive body mass, static training is not safe as give an increased load on the joint and ligaments, which increases the rice injury. Statics is not recommended to include in your physical activity people with serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, as this can lead to narrowing of the capillaries and blood vessels, the occurrence of arrhythmia and high blood pressure.

    Fitness training with static loading cannot be applied in every class. This can cause severe overtraining muscles and getting used to the loads. They must periodically modify and Supplement loads of the other type.

    Principles of static fitness

    The main principle of isometric exercises: to adopt a certain body position and stay in it as long as possible. The length of the element depends on the physical stamina and training of the muscles.

    Exercises you need to execute with concentration, keeping under control all the movements, breathing and muscular fibers. The voltage should increase gradually, reaching a maximum peak at the end of the time interval allotted for the item.

    The elements of static weight

    Below are the exercises as a separate workout or as a Supplement to any suitable you fitness program.

    • Strap.

    Effective isometric exercise that allows you to work all major muscle groups. The classic version runs from a stand on the forearms. Body from head to toe should form a straight line. More complex versions: side plank, plank by lifting one leg or stand on straight arms.

    • Boat.

    Exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles, buttocks, muscles of the back. From the horizontal position, lying on stomach, extend hands forward, lift the torso and both legs. The equilibrium point and, simultaneously, supports this element acts as the stomach.

    • Area.

    Is handled through the V-shaped twists. It is necessary to simultaneously raise arms and legs, and linger at the point of peak reductions as long as possible. The abdominal muscles should be felt a strong burning sensation.

    • Squat.

    Perform squats to the formation of the thighs parallel with the floor and locked in this position. The back must remain straight.

    • Swallow.

    All known since childhood exercise. Stand up straight, raise arms out to the side, tilt the body forward to the formation of parallel with the floor. One foot retract to form a straight line with the body.

    • Pushing the wall.

    Effective exercise for strengthening the biceps. Fix the position for pushups from the wall, and make an effort to “move” it.

    • Prayer.

    The element involves the upper body and chest muscles. Connect the palm between them, mimicking a prayer pose and press them to each other.

    Power isometrics: opportunities and drawbacks

    From traditional static exercise isometric power differs only in that it is necessary to not keep your own body weight and additional equipment: kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell.

    Working weights should be as heavy: to help the contractor to keep them no longer than 5-10 seconds. This strength training lasts only 15-20 minutes, but the intensity and the load is so high that the body will need 2-3 days of rest to recover.

    Results isometric force fitness is impressive, but you need to take into account the maximum value of the load and the high probability of injury.

    Useful tips for exercise on statics

    Exercises based on the static load, requires a thoughtful approach, studying the reactions of own organism and measured the execution. Excessive zeal and haste can only do harm. For effective isometric exercise should consider the following recommendations:

    • must strictly adhere to proper technique execution;
    • train preferably in the morning;
    • block basic exercises should be preceded by qualitative warm-up warm-up consisting of basic elements;
    • should maintain a uniform breathing, without delay;
    • try to alternate periods of tension and relaxation.

    Balanced isometric fitness training bring undeniable benefits to the body. It is scientifically proven that training with static load improves the strength and elasticity of ligaments and tendons, normalize the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, comprehensively strengthen the muscles develop the neuromuscular connection between the brain and muscles, trigger fat burning processes.

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