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Fundamentals of callanetics: exercise for weight loss at home

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Fundamentals of callanetics: exercise for weight loss at home
The contents

  • The basics of fitness training on the system of callanetics
  • Use callanetics and contraindications to such fitness
  • A set of exercises callanetics

Fitness as a system of physical loads exerted on the human body, mainly to improve health, develop in accordance with the needs of modern society. There are new directions to solve current health problems and the most common figure flaws, given the lifestyle of modern man and his physical and material possibilities. Callanetics exercises — a new direction of fitness suitable for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle and want to reduce the negative impact of inactivity on health status, but no active love and power physical activity, but also can not afford to spend the time to conduct hours of fitness workouts.

The basics of fitness training on the system of callanetics

System fitness, later called callanetics, was developed in the late last century, the American Kellan Pinkney. She is a long time could not get rid of this shortcoming of the figure, as the extra weight. After Kellan vain tried everything available at the time of a system of fitness training, she developed her own complex exercise, which has achieved an impressive transformation of the tangible figure and health promotion, and called her callanetics.

The system is built on an integrated combination of strength exercises, yoga asanas and breathing practices. All training movement in this direction of physical activity are performed smoothly and steadily, so callanetics is suitable even for people in middle age, leading a passive lifestyle, but wish with the help of simple fitness activities to maintain and strengthen health.

Use callanetics and contraindications to such fitness

Regular fitness training carried out by the system Pinkney Kellan, have an enormous favor to the body. They can be used to achieve the following positive results:

  • to increase the elasticity of the ligaments and fibers of muscle tissue;
  • to improve the functionality of the joints;
  • to increase the overall flexibility of the body;
  • improve posture;
  • to reduce the likelihood of back pain and spine;
  • to comprehensively strengthen the muscles of the body;
  • to make the muscles more visible;
  • to normalize the operation of all systems;
  • to speed up the metabolism;
  • to get rid of excess body fat;
  • to form a slim trim figure.

Fitness classes in the system callanetics is based on the active involvement of the muscles that previously had little or no exertion, and the saturation of the body with oxygen. The increase in the concentration of oxygen is the main catalyst of metabolic and redox processes, stimulates the body as a highly organized self-regulating system, to normalize the work of all system, getting rid of excess weight and other health problems.

In addition, when performing callanetics exercises, you can spend quite a lot of calories — up to 350 per hour of active work. These energy costs comparable to, for example, step aerobics and power gym with weights. About the same number of calories, you can spend 30-40 minutes of Jogging. However, it is unlikely that people who are overweight and low physical fitness, can run half an hour Jogging, but almost easily be able to perform all training movements callanetics.

Callanetics, as well as any fitness classes, despite the benefits to the body and providing gentle load on the body, yet has and contraindications. People with such diseases are advised to refrain from training:

  • heart disease, heart failure and severe dysfunction of the circulatory system;
  • asthma;
  • epilepsy;
  • injuries to the spinal column.

A set of exercises callanetics

The basis of a variety of callanetics for beginners can make the following exercises:

  • Stand up straight, it is convenient to arrange the feet, raise one arm up and the other stretched along the body. Inhale and stretch the whole body, sending one brush up and the other down.
  • Maintaining upright body, put the upper limb behind the back and hook the brush into the castle. Then the exercise should the breath to send your elbows to the sides, without opening up his palms. To stay in this position for 30-60 seconds and relax.
  • Sit on the floor, greatly dilute the lower limbs until you feel a slight sense of discomfort from the stretching of muscles and ligaments in the groin area. As soon as the intensity of the discomfort reduced, it is necessary to draw the upper limb forward and tilt your body down, lowering it between the lower limbs as close as possible to the floor.
  • Lie on your stomach, stretch your legs, breathe in and lift them, holding hands along the body, but stretching the neck and raising the chin. This posture exercise to fix for 5-10 seconds and return to starting position and relax for half a minute. This basic element callanetics need to be repeated at least 5 times.
  • To intensify the process of reducing excess weight, you need to the basic exercises callanetics to add more exercise movements:

  • Sit on the floor, having spread under the buttocks of a sports Mat. To bend one lower limb and stretch the entire foot to the floor in front of him. Another limb to pull to the side and lift it, pointing the toes toward you. This element of the fitness workout should be repeated 10 times for each leg.
  • Kneel on the Mat. To raise and to take one lower limb back, holding her hands over foot. To hold such a position need for the maximum possible period of time. In this exercise, it is necessary to fix the straight position of your body.
  • Without changing the starting position — on his knees — you need to take the bent one lower limb to the side and do it 10 lifts. Repeat the exercise, performing all the same actions the other lower extremity.
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