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Functional training with the expander

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Tents are popular, as in training in the gym and at home because with the use of this sports equipment can be for functional training.

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Today healthy lifestyle which involves exercise and proper nutrition is gaining popularity among people of all ages. The number of visitors to gyms and fitness centres is growing every day. However, not everyone has the opportunity to visit the gym. There are many programs of training at home. Expander is a common sports equipment, which is used to strengthen the muscular system and development of endurance. In the sports industry there are various types, which are divided depending on which muscles directed their action. There are two groups of these sports equipment the principle of operation and load – compression and stretching.

  • The most practical – carpal expanders, which can be easily put in pocket or purse and take with you everywhere.
    The degree of resistance hand exerciser starts from five and goes up to seventy pounds. Exercises using this type of grip strengthen hands and improve circulation. Athletes use “pocket trainer” to strengthen the wrist and forearm because of the exercises with him men help to avoid injury while lifting weights with larger weights.
  • Not as common elbow expander. It is also designed for training the wrist. Generally, this type of sports equipment used by armwrestlers.
  • There is also a chest like that “home trainer”, popular among people of both sexes. For women exercises with the chest expander is very effective, as they help to increase chest muscle. Pumping this muscle group will visually enhance and lift the Breasts. In addition, the shell works the muscles of your arms and back.
  • No less popular among sportsmen enjoyed and shoulder expander. There are different load levels of the sports projectile. Round shoulder expanders are used not only for study of muscles of the shoulder girdle, but also for pumping of the leg muscles. Manufacturers share the load level of this simulator by color.
  • In aerobics classes are often found exercising with an expander. In this sport used latex tape, and the training which is aimed at strengthening and stretching the muscles of the whole body.
  • Also there are multi-use bands. Training with them is aimed at all muscle groups. The most effective exercises with this trainer for pumping the abdominal muscles, back and legs. There is a multi-function expander that is attached to the door or any other convenient beam. The functionality of this shell is considerably increased, as it can be used as a trx loop.
  • Exercises with the chest expander

    Today it is not necessarily to engage in the gym with a personal trainer to have a toned body. On the Internet you can find plenty of training programs to practice at home. To organize functional training, aimed at strengthening all muscle groups, and can be described in the presence of the apparatus. Exercise spring chest expander uses different muscle groups depending on its type and are insulating in nature, and not basic.

    Using a manual expander working hands, biceps, triceps and shoulders. Carpal trainer is quite simple to use, simply squeeze and release the hand. Handheld view of the apparatus used in the compression of hands in front of chest.

    Usually for home workouts buy multi-function expanders, and narrow focus are used by professional athletes to strengthen muscles and build your stamina. With this type of shell there are many exercises. It is important to remember that any training should begin with a warm up (light cardio), and finish stretching so that the muscles grow evenly. Exercises with sports equipment at home is it better to do a few repetitions or in the form of circuit training.

    The most common exercises with multifunctional chest expander is:

    • •squats (stepping on the rubber and holding her back);
    • •leg swings (lying on floor or standing);
    • •pull the belt (sitting on the floor, get a grip over the feet and hold it by the handle).
    • •stretching before a simulator is useful for the development of the chest muscles (in this case the critical tension force);
    • •bending of the arms to work out biceps (should step foot on the rubber, the other end to take in hand and perform the exercise).

    Summing up, it should be said that the exercises using the chest expander is a great alternative to training in the gym. It is important to pay attention to a variety of types of this sport projectile in the selection, and decide which type will suit you specifically. The most popular for home training multi-function expander, since it is possible to work out all muscle groups. However, many professional athletes use this sports equipment in addition to basic training, because it allows you to work out those muscles that are not involved in exercises with weights. It should be remembered that build muscle with this “home simulator” fails, however, to strengthen and develop the muscles and create a toned body possible.

    Home training is not inferior to the activity at the fitness center. Lack of training at home is the time spent to learn the technique of exercises and benefit from them. However, the basic knowledge should be everyone who is not engaged with a personal trainer, because, with this information you can engage in a long time and not notice result. You also need to remember that the key to success is regular exercise and proper nutrition, without which even the gym will not bring success.

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