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During the winter season to keep the motivation to workout becomes easy. You can completely go to workout in a gym, but it’s not as fun as practicing winter sports.

In the cold season to keep the motivation to workout can be difficult. You can do sports only in the hall or in another closed room, but it’s not as fun as immersion in winter sports. Skating, skiing and snowboarding is not only an entertaining pastime, but also a great way to keep fit. These sports allow us to spend many calories, and it uses different muscles, do not allow the muscles to become stiff and clogged.

One of the most popular winter sports is downhill skiing, so you can burn up to 650 calories per hour. If you hold on the ski hills all day, you will spend a lot of energy, it will work all the muscles, especially the gluteus Maximus, hamstrings, calf muscles. Downhill skiing is known as one of the best winter workouts cardio outdoors.

Equally popular cross country skiing, these workouts take an average of 750 calories per hour. Cross country skiing enjoy the same advantages as downhill skiing, in addition, they involve the upper body – abdominal muscles and back, biceps and triceps.

Cross-country skis do not provide the same amount of thrill as downhill skiing, but it’s also quite intense and challenging workout.

Lovers of exciting exercises like the Mogul, it is a discipline of freestyle skiing that involves the descent not straight, and on bumpy terrain. Mogul is a leader in the number of calories expended in an hour will burn about 860 calories. The work will actively involve the buttocks and thighs, hamstrings, abdominal muscles. This is the most difficult, but it is the most exciting form of skiing.

Snowboarding also will support the body in great shape, this sport is very popular, not only among young people. In order to maintain balance, have to use not only lower but also upper body, for every hour of skating will burn about 545 calories.

Speed skating seems simple but when you removed the side view, when skating burns up to 750 calories per hour. Skating is difficult, but useful and interesting. Skating, even at the Amateur level increases the level of strength, strong bones and muscles and develops balance and coordination.

All winter sports are suitable for a productive workout in the fresh air in the cold season. When the door is cold, it is difficult to force yourself to go out, but now you know the benefits of training, and it will be easier to motivate yourself. To skate, ski or snowboard alone or with friends, in any case, it will be a very fun and productive.

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