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Fuelling the fire: 5 cool fat-burning exercise for the body

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fitness expert and founder of the brand Rakamakafit: “the Explosive power is the ability of the body to mobilize and give the biggest power in a short time. To develop this ability, you must give the body a good shake and accomplish maximum exercise in minimum time. Thus, it is possible to find excellent physical shape, improve health and accelerate metabolism. Of course, not every workout needs to pass to the limit, the body needs to rest and recover. It is recommended to alternate the “explosive workouts” with more calm, and also to conduct (at least the first) not more than 2 times a week.

To explosive training was the most effective and safe for health, should be to start with a good warm up. Dance to your favorite music or make rhythmic steps, schlecty legs and lifts his knees. Definitely need to stretch all joints to rotating wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, hips and feet. At the end of the workout, you need to perform light dynamic stretches, like lunges to the side and tilts. On average, the whole warm up should take 5-10 minutes, but she needed to prepare your body for the load and avoid injury, so never skip this step.

The main part of the blast workout is based on the principle of circular training, that is you need to do about 5 exercises a set number of times in a row without stopping. After one complete circle you can relax for about a minute and repeat all over again. For beginners it will be enough for 3-5 laps, and for advanced recommend to do 5-7 rounds.

When selecting exercises give preference to megosztani basic movements that include the work of several muscle groups, e.g. squats, lunges, various versions of push-UPS, planks and burpees. Local exercises aimed at spot study of the problem areas, for explosive workouts are not suitable as they involve too little.

In addition to its own weight to performing explosive body workouts very effective use of additional weights. The weight should not be too large, since a quick exercise with the maximum weight that the risk of injury. Ideal — rubber shock absorbers moderate resistance, tube resistance bands or dumbbells.


The placing of the feet on width of shoulders, hands freely along the body. Do a squat and move your body weight forward so that your knees touch the floor. Put your hands on the floor in front of him, shifting on their body weight. Legs straight, torso parallel to the floor. Otomis once before touching the trunk floor and jump to bring feet back to the squat with support on hand. From this position, powerfully jump up, making the clapping hands above head. And start all over again.

Leg raises from plank position

Take a horizontal position on the floor, resting on forearms and toes. Keep the lower back straight, not prohibi and not round off the back of the blade is reduced. From this position, alternately raise your legs up. Throughout the exercises, keep the pelvis evenly (make sure it has not gone up), the back is not prohibi and try to work through the gluteal muscles.

The rise of the hill

Stand straight in front of the bench height of 30-40 centimeters, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. Relax your shoulders, straighten your back, look in front of him. Watch the center of gravity, rise to the bench should be performed at the expense of the muscles of the front leg. The movement should be slow and controlled. If you can not correctly perform the exercise, take a step shorter.

Breeding hips in the squat

Starting position — sitting up, slightly above parallel with the floor. The placing of the feet on width of shoulders, body slightly tilted forward, back straight, do not slouch. Complete dilution of the legs, trying to stretch the gluteus Maximus. The inner surface of the foot while off the floor.

The bending of the arms at the biceps and squats

Stand up straight, with one leg ahead and the other behind. Front leg bend and go into a squat, the knee of the back leg while touching the floor. Both knees bend at a right angle and make sure the knee of the front legs do not hit forward over the toe. Back straight, don’t slouch. Elbows to the body, and when you sit, bend arms, bringing the brush to the shoulders. When you get up — you need to straighten hands.

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