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Frustration in fitness and popular mistakes of beginners in the gym

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Frustration in fitness and popular mistakes of beginners in the gym

The contents

  • Setting fuzzy goals fitness programs
  • Improper ration formulation
  • Passion sports nutrition
  • Conducting training in the most prestigious hall
  • Entry to the advertised coach
  • The involvement of all equipment in the gym
  • The expectation from fitness quick results

When there is a desire to lose weight, get buff and improve the terrain of the body, people are starting to do fitness with great enthusiasm, go to the gym every day and work hard in training. However, this enthusiasm quickly fades, the desire to play sports is replaced by disappointment that the training is conducted less and less, and a subscription to a fitness club remains unused. Why is this happening? What happens to motivation?

The main cause of frustration — the lack of visible results from fitness training. You do not receive it for various reasons. This may be the wrong approach, and poorly structured fitness program and a violation of the meal plan. Analyze the main mistakes of beginners in the sport and find out why they increase the distance between the desired and the real.

Setting fuzzy goals fitness programs

The lack of clear purpose — the first and most common reason why beginners quit fitness training. Become more beautiful and better — not effective motivation. Hardly a desire to go to the gym appeared out of nowhere. Most likely it appeared because I wanted something to change. So this should be the purpose of fitness.

For example, you want to lose weight. You need to clearly define the number of pounds or inches on the hips (the waist), to be gotten rid of, identify the goal and record progress. This should be a training plan for a month with the schedule of trainings and mini-tasks for every 7 days. At the end of each week, it is recommended to weigh, to measure the parameters of your body and take pictures, the results were, as they say, “face”.

Improper ration formulation

We all know that to achieve good results in sports without correction of the diet will fail. Deciding to go to the gym, beginners one day rule from the menu high-calorie foods and switching to proper nutrition. However, a sharp refusal of pizza and French fries in favor of buckwheat with yogurt usually gives the opposite effect. The athlete does not stand up and breaks down.

The fitness program is not running, the metabolism slows down extra pounds, not having to disappear quickly starts to come back. Results from training no fitness brings disappointment, sessions are held less and less. To avoid this, you should adjust the diet gradually, removed from his harmful and add healthy foods little by little. It is also recommended to follow the advice of experienced nutritionists, the menu to be the most useful and balanced.

Passion sports nutrition

Some beginners in fitness begin to imitate professional athletes to buy in stores dietary Supplements, food substitutes, other sports nutrition, thereby making a big mistake. Taking this product will not only bring benefits but also can damage health.

For the first training aimed at improving physical shape, enough change diet and enrichment menu of healthy, natural food with lots of vitamins, micro – and macroelements. Vitamin complexes can be taken only on doctor’s orders and with testimony to this.

Sports nutrition is recommended to enter into the diet when the physical form is improved and set a new goal (e.g., increased fat burning or muscle mass) and as an optional component.

Conducting training in the most prestigious hall

This error allows many beginners in fitness. No matter what the selected club is very far from home, I had a hard time to get in the hall there is a malevolent atmosphere and almost all the trainers are busy in the hours when the athlete can walk for exercise. Importantly, it is the most prestigious and publicized.

The assumption of this error is fraught with the fact that a large part of fitness training will have to be spent to stand in a queue to simulators, the duration of employment will increase, and it might take a lot of time (traffic). The rest will remain for several hours, during which the body does not have time to recover.

All this leads to stress, hormone cortisol and weight gain. As a result of the effect of the training no, there comes disappointment and failure training.

To avoid this, you need some more time to visit a gym on a one-time pass, assess the situation, equipment, professionalism of coaches and the atmosphere of the club, to make certain findings and to understand whether this institution is right for you.

Entry to the advertised coach

There are fitness trainers who promise quick results from training, are not interested in the health of the athlete and the presence of pathologies, and also always pleased with his work and the technique of performing elements. To enroll in a fitness workout to a specialist — a huge mistake, as if it is not advertised and not praised. In the best case, it will not give the desired result. At worst will result in injuries and serious health problems.

The involvement of all equipment in the gym

This sin many beginners. They believe that classes will be held as efficiently as possible, and the result will not wait if the train turns on all the shells present in the hall. In fact, this leads to injuries, overtraining, chronic fatigue and deterioration of health.

On the first fitness classes in the gym need to learn theory, technique exercises and work on the machines. It is advisable to consult the trainer or professional athletes to compile a competent fitness program. At the initial stage of training is sufficient to work with free weights. They will help to improve physical fitness, strengthen the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints.

The expectation from fitness quick results

Many people come to the gym with the desire to improve their physical characteristics and topography of the body, highlighting the achievement of this goal just a month. However, such expectations also give way to disappointment, for fitness, including power — is not a magic wand. In such a short time to achieve great results will not work. We need to prepare for hard work, persistence and endurance, and then you will succeed.

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