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From winter to summer. 3 secrets of a successful journey

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to make the trip go without any worries?

1. Thailand

Incredibly beautiful beaches, secluded coves, the opportunity to snorkel, take a boat trip and examine the stunningly beautiful grottos, caves, and coral reefs inhabited by colourful fish.

Pros: Accommodation, food, clothing, travel within the country — all this is relatively inexpensive, so you can afford a lot of nice.

Cons: Even if you’re home quite often eat Asian food, be prepared for the fact that the local cuisine can, to put it mildly, seem unusual. Eat everything here — from unseen marine reptiles to grasshoppers and fruits with unpronounceable names. And fruits, meat and seafood, and very popular in Thailand, the rice can easily be in the same dish, and seasoned with many spices. This unusual combination of foods can cause diarrhea and heartburn. So try to behave in hands and to start exploring Thai cuisine with not the most exotic dishes.

2. India

It is a mysterious country, where many people dream to get. Coming here for a few days to completely change the Outlook and to reevaluate his life and career.

Pros: Goa with impeccable beaches, Kerala is famous for Ayurvedic centers in Rishikesh mysterious, restless Mumbai, the mystical ashrams… It really is the country where every traveler will find what he needs.

Cons: Unsanitary and locals who are always ready to cheat the unsuspecting tourist is the main hazard of India, to be reckoned with. In addition, the local cuisine is very spicy food and the abundance of exotic spices.

So please treat what and where you eat in India. Poisoning and indigestion are not uncommon. First, buy only bottled water and do not drink in bars and especially on the street drinks with ice. Eat only in safe places and be very careful with street food. If you buy fruit, they must be washed with soap and water, and even better — to clean the skin. And don’t forget to wash hands thoroughly several times a day.

3. UAE

Those who first entered the United Arab Emirates, striking luxury and splendor. It seems that the money is flow like water, and the atmosphere of luxury and luxury can be great to decorate a vacation.

Pros: Luxuriously here absolutely everything — hotels, parks, museums, water parks, restaurants, fountains. Unforgettable impressions to you is guaranteed! The food deserves a special mention — a lot of it, portions in restaurants are huge, and the setting is a real work of art.

Cons: the Arab kitchen is a serious burden on the stomach. Lots of fatty, fried meat dishes, Oriental sweets, and dripping with butter and honey, to digest it quite difficult, especially if out of your vacation you usually carefully follow the diet. So main rule: try not to overeat. If you order a meat dish, be sure to eat it with vegetables so the body will be easier to digest. Do not overeat at night — it can cause stomach discomfort and heartburn.

When going for holidays in exotic countries, where the food is very different from that to which you are accustomed, it makes sense to prepare. Pay attention to “Fosfalyugel” — it can have a complex effect and can help with heartburn, acid regurgitation, diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders caused by intoxication, medication and alcohol.

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“Aluminium phosphate gel” — white gel with a pleasant orange taste. It consists of aluminum phosphate, agar-agar, pectin and sorbitol.

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