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From BCAA 6400 Scitec Nutrition

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BCAA 6400 Scitec Nutrition from complex leucine, isoleucine, and valine, branched chain amino acids. The product is popular in our country due to the high quality and low prices. It has good digestibility and suitable for both professional athletes and beginner athletes. To include BCAA in their diet useful for the mass, and drying. Leucine activates protein synthesis, by acting on receptors in the cells, and isoleucine and valine contribute to anabolism. The product protects muscle tissue from decay for drying, and helps to gain more mass when you need to increase.


This product in tablets. Because it contains no colors, flavors, impurities and other components. Amino acids contained in the product are in the ratio of 2 to 1 1.

5 tablets BCAA 6400 Scitec Nutrition from give the body:

  • 2 g of leucine;
  • 1 g of isoleucine and valine

In the no glutamine, for which similar supplements are usually blamed. Nothing superfluous, this is one of the most budget of products of this format on the market.

How to take BCAA 6400 Scitec Nutrition from

Recommend Supplement take 5 tablets 3 times a day. The first portion – the morning, immediately after waking up. You need to drink it with water, about a Cup or slightly more. You can add 2-3 capsules of omega-three fats to help recovery, improve the cardiovascular system and assist fat burning.

The second portion of the drink half an hour before workout, with water or energy drink containing caffeine. Third portion – right after the load, water can be added to this drink, juice and creatine, if the athlete is gaining lean muscle mass.

How to take protein, if BCAA tablets? For a person with normal digestion is no problem. He can just drink a protein as recommended, and at the same time prnate amino acids. If the secretion is reduced, it is recommended that the addition of enzymes. At the very least, it is better to choose amino acid powder.

To combine with amino acids with energy, they can not affect each other. The same applies to fat burners. But drinking several types of branched chain amino acids does not make sense.

The optimal dosage for an adult athlete – 20 g per day. Anything that exceeds this dose may be unnecessary. Overdose is not dangerous, just so we make taking supplements too expensive, because the extra “grams “is still not digested.


The only negative that can be found online for this product – that it is quite unpleasant to the taste. These branched-chain amino acids bitter, that is what is meant when they write that they are “tasteless”. But without sweeteners, BCAA not retain water and is certainly suitable not only for those who seek to gain muscle mass, but also for those who want to lose weight.

No information on the fact that the product causes an upset stomach we have. It does not cause diarrhea, bloating or other negative symptoms from the gastrointestinal tract and disrupts absorption of other nutrients.

Moreover, amino acids in tablet form for many more comfortable, than soluble. So you can immediately drink all of BCAA, drink a glass of water and go to the gym or cardio, and not to take a shaker. The product is convenient because it is not scattered in a sports bag does not contain unnecessary additives, and is suitable for the bodybuilder right before the eyeliner to the stage. These amino acids are high-quality and adequate for the price. They are the choice of athletes, coaches and fitness enthusiasts.

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