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From 1000 to 15 000: is it worth your money expensive toothpastes

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which aims to strengthen the enamel of the teeth, whiten them and remove plaque. It would seem, what’s the big deal, every other pasta in any supermarket does exactly the same thing. But no, SWISSDENT Extreme Whitening no fluoride or fluorides. And yet there is no aggressive abrasives, and because bleaching is very delicate and soft. This is important, because often the use of very abrasive toothpaste can cause abrasion of enamel from the teeth. In this case, the composition of the pastes included calcium (which may be better for your teeth!) and the enzyme papain, which gently dissolves plaque. For an invigorating smell and taste of peppermint is responsible, but it is certainly not for everybody.

Although dentists still believe that fluoride good for teeth, as it protects them from cavities, this toothpaste can be used, first, people whom the doctors recommended to avoid fluoride (for example, fluorosis), and secondly, for gentle whitening. Pasta is much cheaper than premium counterparts, so why not treat yourself a couple times a year?

Pasta miradent® Miraclin Implant — 1200 rubles

You have a couple of implants? Then this pasta is a great choice! It is specially designed for those who have implants, and it is recommended for diseases of the gums. The fact that miradent® Miraclin Implant is able to improve the local immunity in the oral cavity. A lactoferrin enzyme prevents the rejection of an artificial tooth root (it is in fact the implant). In the composition there is a unique ingredient — active oxygen. It stimulates the regeneration of cells, dissolves plaque and is able to kill even those bacteria, which can not handle conventional medicinal pastes. At the same time, this paste will help to say goodbye to the unpleasant smell from under crowns or bridges.

In short, a multifunctional piece which also prevents pigmentation of the teeth and the appearance of them colored spots. And, of course, low abrasiveness, which is also typical for premium pastes. Manufacturer in the tireless care about the customer even supplied the packaging convenient pump action dispenser. In a word, feel elite!

Toothpaste Theodent Classic — 2300 rubles

Come to the heavyweights — the price tag on this tube is quite capable of surprise. For that kind of money?! And all that is bezverhova pasta, another one in our collection. Place of fluorine there is theobromine. This substance, extracted from cocoa beans (already sounds delicious!), helps strengthen the enamel of the teeth and their restoration. This pasta is a superb option for people suffering from high sensitivity, perfect for fans of progress, which utilize electric and sonic brushes.

However, normal brush Theodent Classic also falls very well. Its natural ingredients will please those who feared the dominance of chemistry around, and she copes with caring for veneers, Lumineers, crowns and even implants!

System dental care the Swiss Smile “Day and Night” — 6500

Do you feel the smell of luxury, looking at the price? The set includes as many as two pastes, each with its own brush (that is 3250 rubles per set), which operate simultaneously on two directions — whitening and enamel repair. Whitening implies the use of the morning paste to Shine dazzling smile, and, to recover evening. By the way, unlike other premium pastas, Swiss Smile contains fluoride in high concentrations, but the tooth decay will be at its maximum. An integrated approach in General is justified: the elimination of malicious RAID recovery the mucous membranes of the mouth. By the way, the brush bristles of different stiffness: one medium to another is reduced, optimal for delicate and sensitive gums.

In principle, it is quite convenient — you buy once and paste, and brush, and you can even split the two-person requirements: one bleach, the other restores. Although the price is still far from democracy, but this is a luxury product.

Toothpaste Theodent 300 — 14800 roubles

Finally a real shock-content — pasta in nearly 15 thousand rubles! It costs more than some smartphones! Why? What manufacturer wants that kind of money? Maybe there is platinum, gold or diamonds in it? No — just a hydroxyapatite, a kind of artificial tooth enamel is extremely resistant to the effects of acids. And acids from our mouth are formed all the time, so this pasta is a true fighter with great evil under the name of Caries. Moreover, it is well suited for hypersensitive the teeth, and the design will please the eye (but not the wallet). However, this price reflects the complexity of scientific development, the result of which is invested in the creation of this pasta. Research components and testing of formulations — the main item of expenditure in the production of toothpaste.

At least you can proudly say that brushing my teeth is literally the latest formula Rennou on the basis of theobromine! And the pasta is soft vanilla-mint flavor, just clean and feels like in a restaurant eating dessert.

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