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French press with a barbell is the types and technology

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In order to efficiently pump the triceps, you need to decide on a suitable training program. It must include one of the basic exercises that is most effective will help You to achieve this goal. In this article, learn the correct technique of the French press, its variations and errors.

French press with a barbell is the extension of the hands, which are often performed in the prone position.

The benefits of exercise

To begin, consider the main advantages of such a pumping triceps:

Classic French press

This exercise klassificeret the original items. Most often it is performed lying down. The sequence of actions is the following:

  • This exercise is traumatic for the elbows, so it should be performed with caution and pre-heating of the muscles. For a start, do exercise narrow bench press for the triceps.
  • Lie on a straight bench and put a towel under your head. Take a barbell (preferably an EZ Grif, due to its shape You can pump all the parts of the triceps) straight grip.
  • Take a starting position: raise the bar on yourself so that your elbows straight (do not dilute the elbows to the sides).
  • Take a breath, this time bending the arms and lowering the neck to the forehead.
  • Breathe out, simultaneously straightening the elbows and returning to the initial position.
  • Repeat this action 10-15 times.
  • We recommend you first perform the exercise with a partner, so he supervised the correct execution and as needed helped to remove the rod to the side.

    You can replace the fretboard dumbbells, but it will be less effective. To perform the exercise, lift your inventory on yourself so that your elbows were divorced, that is dumbbell must be arranged parallel to each other.

    Pay attention to the condition of wrist. If you feel pain, it is recommended to wrap them with bandages or use the wrist to reduce pressure on them.
    Bench standing

    Bench press bar for triceps, you can perform standing, but this technique is less popular, so there is more pressure on the spine. The sequence of actions is the following:

  • Stand in front of the bar, straighten your back, place your feet shoulder width apart.
  • Take inventory reverse grip and lift it over your head so that your elbows and he looked up.
  • Lower the weight behind your head.
  • Ensure that the elbows are not divorced to the side and parallel to each other.
  • Before you start the exercise with a barbell to prepare, following the same steps, only using light weight.

    With an operating weight of do three sets of ten of flexion.

    Bench press in sitting position

    Now consider how to make the bench narrow grip on the triceps while sitting. Follow these steps:

  • Sit on a bench with a straight back.
  • Put the neck to his knees.
  • Take inventory narrow grip and lift over your head, completely straight arms. Preferably this step with a partner.
  • Bring the bar down to the level of the neck (the shoulder muscles do not operate) and hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • Errors that often make

    First, control the breathing. When you lift a barbell, do exhaling through the mouth, and when down, inhale through your nose.

    Secondly, the French bench press with a barbell and all its variations are similar, so no need to run all the equipment at once. Select the one that best suits You.

    Another mistake is incorrect positioning of the hands. During the exercise the elbows should be touching the head.

    In addition, please note that if You ever damaged the elbows or the joints in them are weak, to perform the French press is not recommended. Replace this exercise is for less traumatic, or use the elbow retaining clips.

    Do not forget about proper nutrition. Without strict mode You will not be able to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time. Beginners it is desirable to initially deal with a trainer in order to eliminate errors that can harm the body. French press is the best exercise for pumping the triceps, which is suitable for beginners and people who have long been engaged in sports. The main thing – perseverance and will power. Good luck!

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