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Franco Colombo, 2x Mr. Olympia

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Franco columbu

In the 78th year of his life, Franco Columbu, 2-time absolute champion of the show Mr. Olympia and the legendary Golden Age bodybuilder, died tragically. According to a number of Italian news sites, the athlete died after an incident at sea in his native Sardinia, Italy. La Nuova reports that Colombo drowned while swimming on the beach in the city of San Teodoro in Sardinia at about 2 pm local time. An ambulance delivered Columbus to a local hospital, where they noted the death of a bodybuilder. The world of iron sports mourns with Franco's relatives.

Franco Columbu has enter.

IFBB Mr. Olympia
Men (1st)


IFBB Mr. Olympia
Men: Under 200 LBS (1st)

IFBB Mr. Olympia
Men: Overall Winner


IFBB Mr. Olympia
Men: Under 200 LBS (1st)


IFBB Mr. Olympia
Men: Under 200 LBS (1st)


IFBB Mr. Olympia
Men (2nd)


IFBB Mr. Olympia
Men (5th)


Mr. World (AAU)
Men: Pro Overall Winner (1st)


Mr. Europe (IFBB)
Men: Medium (1st)

Mr. Universe (IFBB)
Men: Short (1st)


Mr. Europe
Men (5th)

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