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Forward without looking back! When is the best time to run is morning, afternoon or evening

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Forward without looking back! When is the best time to run is morning, afternoon or evening

The contents

  • Why now?
  • Morning run: while everyone is asleep
  • Running at lunchtime: instead of lunch at the stadium
  • Evening jog: when the friends in the movie

If you have long wanted to do a run, then now is the best time! Look around — spring has come! Girls in slim jackets and skinny tights dropping on the stadium of imaginary extra pounds, and guys with a fit body and toned legs consistently “dry” muscles. You have a great company! It remains only to decide when to run: morning, afternoon or evening, and you can join the team!

Why now?

Jogging on the street it is better to practice in the warm season. In the winter months and cold in the fall increased the risk of colds. To run through the snow or in the pouring rain — it can be good for endurance but bad for soft body.

In any case, better to start immediately after the threshold of the house and finish the training only entering the room to avoid hypothermia.

To accustom the body to the load should gradually. It is not necessary to chase the record of the girl in front of the house, PE teacher younger son or a friend “fitnessista” which trains more than a dozen years! Best time first run 15-20 minutes. This is enough to feel better and to feel the joy of the first athletic achievements.

Interestingly, morning, afternoon and evening run gives different results. According to experts, running in the morning strengthens the body, strengthens the nervous and cardiovascular systems; Jogging in the daytime is good for muscle growth and increasing disability during the second half of the day; and running in the evenings perfect for losing weight and burning the “backlog” of calories.

But that’s not all the features of the training at different times. What you should know, planning the next race?

Morning run: while everyone is asleep

You will be surprised, but the morning is the worst time to run. And not only because I have to force myself to get out of bed and instead of morning coffee with a croissant to choose running shoes. Virtually all body functions at this time are in “sleep mode”.

Body temperature after sleep lowered, and this means that your body will not be able to work in full force. Before you start on the stadium, you need a good warm up. Ideally, to do yoga, but stretching exercises, deflections of the spine. You should warm up all the joints, ligaments and tendons, and then to run for several minutes to raise body temperature. Only then can you go the distance.

You need to consider that the load will be more difficult. Most likely, you’re running on an empty stomach, which means that your body is almost 10 hours without feeding! As a consequence, the energy level is lowered. To feel better and not to go the distance, you can before a workout to eat an Apple, half a banana, drink some sweet tea or milk yogurt.

Expert commentaryDr. John miles, a leading physiotherapist, Rugby club “Cardiff Blues”

Running on an empty stomach — normally, if you plan to eat after coming back from a run. If your goal is to lose weight, running before Breakfast is even useful, because your body will then burn fat more intensively. But if you feel that you need to “recharge”, drink a small Cup of coffee before leaving. This will help to disperse the metabolism.

Going for a morning jog, be careful, listen carefully to your body. “Studies have shown that morning — the usual time for heart attacks and strokes”, says James Waterhouse, Professor of biological rhythms John Moores University, UK.

All of the above does not mean that running in the morning is harmful and is not useful. He has its advantages!

Just for the morning jog you can enjoy especially the clean air and the city streets had not yet filled with the exhaust of cars. Moreover, running in the morning is a great tonic. Doing your “duty” you will feel refreshed and active throughout the day.

Just a few workouts and your body will adapt to training in the morning, and if you are going to ignore workout, it will bring health benefits.

Running at lunchtime: instead of lunch at the stadium

To do at lunchtime only at first glance it seems stupid. If a person spends at work at least 10-12 hours, it is very convenient. Dividing the change in two stages is good for inner peace, because in the middle of the day there is time for myself. In addition, the high activity has a tonic effect, the balance of working time of the employees will perceive easier.

If you like Breakfast late, lunch will be in the third or fourth hour after the morning meal. This is good from the point of view of productivity. You have enough energy to run the planned number of laps and finish the training power exercises.

Experts admit that the classes at lunch time, ideal for a study muscle mass and build muscles. But don’t forget after workout “reward” yourself with protein, it will support the muscles and give a boost of energy to continue work.

Among the advantages of running at lunch time can be called and that no matter how difficult was not the beginning of the day, you can always reset a bad mood and fight stress while Jogging. But unfortunately, happiness doesn’t last forever, soon the streets will pour the hot rays of the sun, and run under the open sky can only extremals.

Evening jog: when the friends in the movie

According to scientists, running in the afternoon, late afternoon is best perceived by the human body. The muscles at this time is sufficiently heated, and body temperature normal.

A study conducted by the Jewish medical center of long island, showed that in the middle of the day functions of a human lung is 6% better performed than at any other time of the day.

But a healthy lifestyle-Nicky, who train in the evenings, recognized that it is sometimes difficult to find sufficient motivation for an evening exercise. After a long day of work want to rest, and if friends invite you to the cinema or cafe, to refuse each time is more difficult.

Among the positive aspects of running in the evening — stress and accumulated daily fatigue. A person ceases to dwell on the working time and daily chores, finally relaxes, and after a workout — better and better.


When is the best time to train — morning, noon or evening, each person must determine for himself. It is impossible to downplay the effect of circadian rhythms on the human body. Chief editor of scientific Journal of Circadian Rhythms — Dr. Roberto Refinetti admits that “Theoretically, you can improve your ability to do something, just choosing a good time”.

Review expertMaksim Sergeevich ivanychev, Director of GBU “Sports school №26” Moscow sports Committee of the Department of sport and tourism of Moscow

When to exercise: morning or evening? Sports doctors say that the evening run is much more useful than in the morning. Let’s see!

You are a beginner or a trained athlete?

If you are just starting to run, it is best to start with 10-15 minutes, adding very gradually, so the body is not experienced congestion or not injured. If training for you is a part of life, not fundamentally, when run: you are always ready because they know the peculiarities of the organism and the time of the highest efficiency. Incidentally, in General, the peak of physical activity — in the region of 16.00.

Why do we run?

If you are planning to lose weight through running, the morning will suit you better. After running you will be fasting (but drinking a glass of water), respectively, of glucose, which the body will receive the energy you already, but there is the fat that will be burned up. However, you can lose weight and evening runs. You only need to follow a few rules: do warm-up and stretch, running the first 20 minutes to spend the accumulated energy, and the next 20-30 minutes to break down fat and use it as “fuel”. Try also to use interval run: 1 min run intensively, and 4-5 minutes at a leisurely pace. Make 3-5 such approaches.

So in the morning or evening?

It is believed that in the morning the body is under greater stress, because you have to Wake up at least an hour earlier than you’re used to. And not just to open your eyes and remember your name, and to run and to run at least 30-40 minutes.

If you have no problem waking up for an hour and a half before the usual time — run in the morning because in the evening in big cities the air is more polluted. If you want to relax after a hard day’s run in the evening. Then running can be a relaxant, anti-stress after work. Only need to run 2 hours before or 2 hours after dinner.

If your dinner is planned after a run, it should be easy foods: kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese or boiled fish (lean meats). After the evening run if you note in his insomnia — run in the morning. But then just it is possible to reduce the running time (not 1.5-2 hours and 30 minutes) and lower intensity. If you are so tired during runs, I feel that before the end of the day not hold on, run in the evening.

You do have the option to choose the time?

Honestly? Then listen to your body and try different options. By the way, night and evening mass races in the world the most popular: by the evening all the way, you can devote time to yourself and sport, and the running distance takes place at this beautifully lit streets in good company.

A few more tips. Optional morning run on an empty stomach. You can eat 1 banana, but to postpone the training you need for 30-40 minutes. It is better not to run on the hard asphalt and concrete surfaces, and because the load on the spine and joints quite serious. Choose running shoes have a cushioning system. And not sit down to rest immediately after the race, walk for about 10 minutes. Follow the pulse and take care of your heart, you have to do it in a fun and not. Exercise 2-3 times a week, the body must recover.

Remember that you are not running pass on the icon TRP, and engaged in a conscious development of your body. Therefore, the attitude should be positive, running should be a joy, and then you will get a toned body, good spirits and positive emotions from training. And what time to go Jogging — you decide: and in the morning and in the evening Jogging has its pros and cons. Listen to the reaction of his body, try, experiment and lead a healthy lifestyle!

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