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Force or elevation: which is more important?

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There are different types of workouts, some focused on the development and growth of the muscle, others form the shape and form of the body. Approaches to achieve these results are different, so you should set goals before you go into a serious sport.

Admit that once in your life you wondered what it is you want from training? Few people go to the gym just for the reason that: “All friends go there and I was forced to.” Many of you are pursuing a specific goal: to gain weight, to give relief to the forms, to add strength to the muscles or to lose weight. A global network full of various training programs, which are divided depending on the desired result. But many of those who have not yet decided on the choice of destinations and begin their bumpy ride to achieving the perfect body, only now the question remains: what exactly do you want to see in the end?

Work with heavy weights and small reps

During group classes coach typically offer to use light dumbbells, but with a multiple number of approaches. In the gym guys choose weight heavier, but the number of iterations is reduced significantly. So who chose the wrong strategy to workout in this case?

The answer to this question does not exist. You are doing everything right, just each of you has their own goals, so the approach to the construction of the classes differ. Low weight in combination with a large number of approaches gives the effect of “drying”, in other words, your body is in the process of exercise begins as efficiently as possible to burn fat without touching the muscle.

When the athlete picks a heavy inventory and reduces the number of repetitions, so he aims at the recruitment of muscle mass.

Work with heavy weights is not for everyone. Basically this strategy is popular among weightlifters and athletes who need to gain weight for competition. There are other reasons. Your volumes will increase as quickly as possible, if you act strictly according to prescribed plan and exercise regularly in addition to follow a special diet.

One study, conducted in the framework of strength training in weightlifting, revealed that the Central nervous system is also directly involved in the process of sports, Cycling muscle memory. I.e., the combination of a small number of repetitions and higher weights may be beneficial to you. To be precise, such strategy training helps remembering your NA how to most effectively use the muscles to lift heavy loads.

In the process of training with your maximum weight should not overdo it and do more than three reps per set. This can cause damage to muscle tissue. If you become difficult, consider replacing the rod for more light but then compensate for the lack of load by increasing the length of the approach.

The mode “force” or “terrain”

Training, which is designed to set and increase muscle mass to size, entails the addition of fat. Such a regime “for power” is the exercise lifting heavy weights and smaller number reps. This method is physical activity, quickly leads to the desired results. On average, each recruited kilogram of muscle will bring you 0.5 kg of fat. This variant is more common among men because they are better psychologically adjusted to the weight gain, as in muscle form and in the form of fat. There are women who pursues the same goal, most often these include weight-lifter or girls engaged in particular sports.

In the second embodiment the first thing is losing weight (“drying” of the body), which aims to maximize getting rid of subcutaneous excess fat. During a workout “terrain”, you are using light weights in combination with a large number of repetitions and approaches. This combination will lead you to quick weight loss. But, keep in mind that together with the fat will go and muscle mass. Everything here works exactly the opposite: each extra kilogram burnt, you leave and 0.5 kg of muscle. Eventually you will reach a good result, will throw the weight not only from fat, but you need mass. This mode is more common among women who want to lose weight or male bodybuilders who have already got the desired shape, but would like to adjust the relief.

Nismapentry training mode

Most athletes I see sense only in training, where you need to concentrate on the exercises. They slowly and carefully approach the sport. That means a little repetition and a limited number of approaches, because at low speed the pace of the workout, the athlete quickly loses power and just not able to do more. This rhythm is built due to the fact that the athlete uses heavy weights and rods, which adds to the load, which performs most of the work. Muscle tissue begins to grow and to gain strength from the fact that the process slows down and allows the tissues to tighten, locking position.

Nismapentry mode – type of training, consisting of exercises with a small number of repetitions (up to 10) and with breaks between sets, and work with your maximal working weight. The purpose of this activity is to increase your muscle percentage. Do not worry about the shape: what type, is uniformly distributed in the form of the body. Such training positively affects the musculoskeletal system, developing muscle strength and endurance. The body gains weight much faster than normal life. Muscular system is well strengthened in this nizkoprofilnom regime of occupation, which becomes a reliable support for the internal organs. In addition to the above, law enforcement approach contributes to the accumulation of minerals in the bones and increases the strength of the joints. Heavy training adds you strength, both physically and emotionally, as permanent lifting weights strengthens the body and strengthens the nervous system.

Work on muscle strength or relief?

The question of choice is yours. If you want to dry, lose weight and see yourself slender and elongated, then it should approach the drafting exercise based on the “mode of relief”, which involves working with light weights and nizkotovarnoj dynamics. If you always dreamed about weight, muscle and strength, you should concentrate on a set of muscles. Mode of instruction will consist of a greater number of repetitions with breaks between sets and using heavy weights for additional load.

Before the beginning of class on the route chosen, you should consult with your doctor or coach, as any of the modes requires certain health restrictions. To heavy weights should be approached gradually, even if you are completely healthy and played sports previously. Workout “terrain” also have their own characteristics, which lies in the fact that it is not necessary to start immediately with a large number of repetitions and approaches, because in either case the body needs to be prepared.

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