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Foods that stimulate appetite: it is because of them you lose weight

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Despite the fact that fats long been rehabilitated nutritionists and is recognized as non-hazardous to the waist, their property remained unexplored. Recent studies have shown that the problem is not that saturated fats are high in calories or contain cholesterol. The fact that they have the ability to dull the sense of fullness and the appetite. In result, you eat more than you think!

A sensational discovery was made by scientists at University of Naples Federico II. That they were able to detect the impact of saturated fat on the hypothalamus gland, which among other things is responsible for the feeling of satiety and the hunger in the human body. Especially actively influence the hypothalamus lard and butter.

Dr. Marianne, Crispino and Maria Pina of Molik has proven that people who regularly consume butter and pork, the less control your appetite by eating more often, large portions and, as a result, weigh more. The exception to the menu of pork and butter in their diet led to a weight reduction of 5-10% in just a month despite the fact that the rest of the diet remained unchanged.

Scientists believe that a complete rejection of pork meat may not lead to any negative consequences regardless of the health status of the patient’s initial weight and eating habits, as well as the abandonment of butter in favor of vegetable is completely painless. As an example, doctors lead whole Nations, who do not eat pork, while eat a full, varied and delicious.

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