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Foods that make you fat

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Many products are successfully disguised as a healthy diet and blunting the vigilance of the consumer. This is the list of culprits in the appearance of extra weight, they should not be in your diet.

In order to lose weight, not enough to give up sweets and stop going to fast food places. Dangers lurk everywhere, even in your kitchen and in your refrigerator. These products are only disguised as useful, in fact, each of them leads to excess weight. Before you the list of products from which to refuse for a beautiful figure.


Useful dry breakfasts consist of cereals, they do not add refined sugar and chemical components. Exhibited in stores Breakfast cereals contain more sugar than fiber, only one portion of such flakes, it is possible to exceed the daily rate of carbohydrate intake. The best cereal is whole oats.

Black bread

If you wish to lose weight people give up white bread and products made with white flour, but for some reason continue to eat black bread. For sugar and the ability to cause fermentation in the gut brown bread is no better than his white counterpart. Without harm to the figures it is possible to use only a small amount of whole wheat flour.

Red wine

Everyone has heard about the positive impact of red wine on the heart and blood vessels, as well as its ability to rid the body of radionuclides. On the basis of this hearing without a twinge of conscience allow myself to periodically drink red wine. As a result, they get a lot of empty calories and a heightened sense of hunger.

Alcohol is not compatible with losing weight, even if it’s red wine.

Another example of how useful the product may be harmful. Natural white yogurt really useful, but fruit yoghurts, which are sold in stores contain as much sugar as chocolate bars.

Energy drinks

The use of energy drinks occurs on the basis of motive to get more energy before training to do longer and spend more calories. In fact, the calorie energy drink can make the exercise useless. Caffeine, taurine and polyphenols in the composition do energy drinks are not just useless, but dangerous to health.


Natural black coffee without sugar contains no calories, it will help to increase the level of energy for productive training. Lattes and cappuccinos are prepared with milk, and often more sugar or syrups. In one cappuccino can be more calories than a full meal.

Fruit juices

The danger lurking not only in packaged juices from the store with a high sugar content, fruit juices are not less dangerous. Fruit juice without pulp is a lightweight, carbohydrates in pure form, so for the sake of beauty pieces fresh juices should be replaced by a smoothie, and healthier just to eat fruit in solid form.


The use of margarine is a crime against beauty figures and against health. If you don’t buy margarine, this does not mean that you won’t eat it, it is included in all ready to use products and confectionery. When buying any product you need to carefully study its composition to determine the presence of TRANS fats.

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