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Food schedule: the pros and cons of intermittent fasting

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Three types of fasting

1. Time

You can eat for 8-12 hours a day, 12-16 the rest to starve. Another name — “Diet 16:8”.

2. Modified

Two days a week eat a quarter of the calories, the other five as usual. Also known as “the 5:2 Diet.”.

3. Alternative

Alternating periods of food and its absence: do not eat from a few hours to a couple days, the rest of the time regular food or kettiya.

What scientists say

Large studies of fasting is not. Small to show some benefit from the smaller amount of sugar, which reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases. There is evidence that “rest” is useful for internal organs and the metabolism, but you need to check.

Some studies show that there is no difference in the feel and speed of weight loss between those who eat at intervals, and those who simply restrict calories.

The potential advantages

1. More conscious eating

Many people eat according to the script, because it’s time, not the existence of the famine. For example after dinner go to a movie with popcorn. The interval fasting there are restrictions on time of meal, so harmful snacking will become smaller.

2. Improve sleep

If there is time, the lack of “night dogora” helps to go to bed early, which is helpful for dropping weight.

3. A healthy diet

If you can’t always eat what is at hand, you’ll be more conscious to choose foods and to cook more healthy meals.


During periods when there is not, can feel the lack of water in the body, nausea, and even notice the weight gain. Long-term effects on interval fasting has not been studied. In addition, during periods when there can be, and you may unconsciously eat more food than you should.

So, if you are satisfied with the food schedule, try. You can start small: have an early dinner and then no eating before Breakfast.

But if you have unpleasant symptoms or serious diseases it is better not to eat. And certainly not to try interval fasting for those who have depression, history of eating disorders who are expecting a baby or breast-feeding, taking insulin or drugs to boost metabolism.

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