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Fold your hands on the Scott bench

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Bench Larry Scott, according to legend, helped himself to Larry to find peaks of your biceps without genetic predisposition. Modern science denies miracles, but the projectile stuck in the gym, because it allows you to swing your hands without cheating. This exercise can be performed with minimal weight, as it is the most isolated from existing. Bending hands with a barbell on Scott bench can complete a workout of the biceps, or to be the last move the day back. Study of the biceps will be significant.

The contents

  • 1 Technique
    • 1.1 Recommendations
    • 1.2 the embodiments of the
  • 2 Analysis exercise
    • 2.1 Major plus
  • 3 inclusion in the training program
  • 4 Nuances
  • 5 Warnings
  • 6 Interesting fact


Original position

  • It is important to adjust the height of the stand of the bench under him;
  • In the sitting position, the shoulders should be free to lie on the stand, the armpit, to rest against the edge of the bench;
  • Body leans forward slightly so that it is convenient to take the bar;
  • The back remains straight, palms face up. The starting position with slightly bent elbows
  • Movement

  • Exhaling, raise the hands towards the shoulders, and stay statically at the point of maximum bending of the hands;
  • On the breath bar goes down, while the elbows do not change their positions, and unbend in a “dead” position;
  • Runs the desired number of repetitions, then the rod returns to its original position
  • Error

    • The separation of the hands from the support. Athlete chooses the weight too high, and instinctively pulls his hands from the fulcrum to pick it up;
    • “Inserted” elbows. At the bottom point of the exercise, the athlete fully extends his hands, and then seeks out the dead points to pull the weight;
    • The displacement of the elbows inward during flexion on the biceps. This is another symptom of an incorrectly selected weight rod. The concentration is reduced, the load on the ligaments of the elbow joint increases


  • Don’t need to do exercise in the limiting of the full amplitude. This can cause injury to the joint;
  • It is better to take the bar from the racks with the help of the belayer. It helps to return the barbell to the rack, to avoid the “insertion” of the elbows and distension of the ligaments of the elbow joint;
  • Width of grip depends on the position of the joint, should not be discomfort and pain;
  • When movement occurs against a Desk the triceps. No need to tear them from the surface and bring the elbows up. The purpose of the activity in isolation, not in how to best raise your elbows;
  • No need to tighten the wrist to the shoulders;
  • During the exercise allowed the deflection of the lower back
  • Embodiments

  • Depending on the type of shell you can do the exercise with a barbell or with dumbbells. Rod saves time, space and take more weight, but dumbbells are developing both biceps harmoniously;
  • Barbells barbells can be straight or curved;
  • Bench can afford to bend your arms while standing or sitting;
  • Dumbbells can be lifted in one, providing maximum insulation, or both
  • Analysis exercises

    This is the “most isolated” movement among the lifting on the biceps similar effect, only concentrated lifting on a biceps. It is a movement that allows you to build a clear terrain, and how to condense a muscle.

    Work in exercise allows you to use the short head of the biceps to a greater extent long and less. Brachialis and brachioradialis work less. They need to also study “hammers” or other movements. Also exercise, working round pronator, but the bicep takes most of the load.

    A major plus

    The most important advantage of the movement is that it is necessary to do completely without cheating. Even if the athlete raises his hands above his stand, he would not be able seriously to shake the body, and to shift the load on the back muscles and the press. Because the movement often give the beginners who can’t do the lifting on the biceps with a barbell. But in this case, you need a very light weight, and constant monitoring of the position of the body.

    Inclusion in the training program

    If an athlete makes a concentrated bending a Scott bench can be a “penultimate” stop. In this case, you can do exercise like any other on the biceps 8-12 reps of 3-4 approaches. Some believe that it is better to take a little more weight, but to work 6-8 reps. Individually, the hands of every athlete responds to the load individually.

    In the case when the training is completed this exercise, you can do one warm-up approach and one with a work weight, but to failure.

    Weight need to choose so that it does not interfere with the technical execution of the exercise. Isolated movements for biceps – not a platform for the establishment of law enforcement records. If you strongly overestimate their capabilities, there is a risk not to hold the rod in the neutral low point, and too fast to omit it. Then will come the hyperextension and possible injury of the elbow joint.

    The nuances

    • The wider the grip, the more activated the external surface of hand than already is internal, that is logical. But the width of the grip needs to be more due to the comfort in the elbow joint and less a need to shift load.
    • Full flexion of the arms in the elbow joint is not the purpose of the exercise. The upper part of the amplitude of this exercise as “empty” people can not further reduce it muscle, and so you should not stop in it, but at the point of maximum voltage;
    • Helps to improve the effectiveness of the exercise slow implementation of the negative phase;
    • Hammers with dumbbells HC bench of Scott develop brachialis to a greater extent.


  • The movement is not well suited for those who have inflamed ligaments of elbow joints, or injured themselves elbows;
  • An exercise that can be performed in the primary is not controlled by style flexing is required to perform to the point where it feels maximum stress of the biceps, and when extension is not “insert” elbows fully;
  • Not allowed the displacement of the hands on a bench in the lifting process. Instability at the elbow demonstrates that not chosen any width grip;
  • Interesting fact

    Larry Scott came up with the exercise as his muscles did not always arranged in the form. He wanted an impressive “peaks”, and was able to help them, doing a lot of isolated work, including on the bench. Exercise entered the history of bodybuilding as “the legacy of the Golden age”, and performs as many athletes. They are ideal for beginners, it is important to choose a moderate weight.

    Fold your hands on the Scott bench with a barbell or with dumbbells allows you to quickly progressirovanii in shape and acquire impressive biceps.

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