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Flex Lewis not been in the room eight weeks

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Famous British coach, Neil Yoda hill (Neil Yoda Hill), who has assembled a stellar team of athletes, including the Vice-champion of the Mr. Olympia 2017 in open category big Rami Mamdu Elsbieta (Big Ramy Mamdouh Elssbiay), showed in the Instagram photo of an actual form of another of his ward. Namely, a seven-time Mr Olympia 212lb, winner Arnold Classic 212lb and other competitions Federation IFBB Pro, 35-year-old Flex Lewis (James Flex Lewis). After successful defense of his title, the Dragon has announced the transition to the open division of bodybuilding, and transfer your performance in it in 2020 year. According to the coach Yoda, Flex wasn’t in the club “The Dragons Lair” eight weeks ate 4 times a day, but looks after training shoulders, as if ready to go on stage for another victory. Lewis officially on his Instagram said that he had started the recruitment of muscle mass and has already experienced post-workout pain that accompanies the body after a long holiday with no classes in the hall.

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