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Eat together!

Only proper nutrition

Flat stomach in a month: it is possible!

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Exercise 1

Starting position: lying, hands up, feet straight.

Implementation: simultaneous flexion of the legs and body, keeping legs to a 90 degree angle.

Exercise 2

Starting position: arms along the body.

Performance: sequential shift straight legs, exhale on each movement.

Exercise 3

Starting position: legs straight at 90 degrees, feet on himself, hands up.

Implementation: short movement of the housing drawn to the footsteps.

Exercise 4 “The Twist”

Starting position: lying on back, straight position of your body, straight leg.

Execution: simultaneously raise the right leg and left hand for twisting, after the need to change position -left foot and right hand for twisting.

Complex for the oblique muscles of the abdomen

Exercise 1

Starting position: lie on your side leaning on your right elbow, left foot ahead of right.

Execution: slowly lift the body and pelvis from the floor, in a position parallel to the floor.

Exercise 2

Starting position: bend the left leg, left arm rests on the floor, lying on his right arm.

Execution: pull body straight arm to the top.

Stretching for proper distribution of the muscles below the belly was more flat

Exercise 1

Starting position: standing on the knees, feet on the width of the pelvic bones.

Execution: straight arms upward. The right hand slowly goes down to the right heel.

Fixate at this point is 10 seconds and change the hand, then two hands down.

Be sure the chin is pressed against his chest when both hands down.

Exercise 2

Starting position: sitting on the buttocks. Straight body position, arms at sides.

Right leg straight, allotted to the maximum amplitude in the direction. The left leg is bent.

Implementation: changing the position, the right hand goes forward, tilt the body towards the straight leg, trying to reach the toes. Change position, get a lock for 10 seconds.

The number of executions of all exercises — 10-15 times.

Thank you for using the fitness club Miltronic in the organization of training and carrying out the shooting

Olga Sukharev — the master of sports on rhythmic gymnastics and fitness coach – club miltronic,

Photographer Alexander Amauta.

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