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Five unpleasant secrets cardio workouts

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Five unpleasant secrets cardio workouts

Each physical exercise has its consequences, both for the whole body and individual organs and joints. The desire to lead a healthy lifestyle is commendable and very appropriate at any age and any body type. But it is important to correlate the harm and the benefit from each type of exercise to relate the conditions of their performance and their physical form. Errors in these things can be fatal to humans.

Consider the negative impact on human health one of the safest types of fitness – cardio.

The wear of joints

People, diseases which are associated with joints (e.g. osteoporosis) may notice positive changes during long sessions of cardio. This is due to changes in bone density. But the bone-muscular system – the thin mechanism, individually-paced, and people with obesity may be generally contraindicated this kind of exercises since they increase the load on the joints and can cause injury to them.

Deceptive success stories

An indication that kanonerski – a great prevention of diseases and unchanged component of each beautiful and healthy person, mistakenly believe the presence of neat shapes and smiling faces for the aerobics class. Never forget that most of the successful options. And how many did not fit one of these loads or how many people had to drop the class not having the desired effect? In addition, cardio not only includes running and aerobic exercise.

Muscle imbalance for fitness

Treadmill, despite the advertising campaign, is still different from real running. Athlete’s foot is not given back on my own, so part of the muscle does not receive the necessary load. And this in turn can lead to complications in the musculoskeletal system and the systematic pain in the lumbar.

Inhalation of harmful substances

If training is conducted on the street, breathing in exhaust fumes and other toxins – a common occurrence. This is especially true for residents of large cities, which may not always engage in parks or areas. The balance of harm and benefit from such exercises require an individual approach in different cases. Asthmatics and people with weak cardiovascular system needs more time to think about the choice of location for training.

Cardio hinders muscle growth

People who are actively engaged in cardio loads, point to problems with muscle growth and even its reduction. And as you know, is the number of muscles is a key factor in the activity of metabolic processes in the body.

A healthy lifestyle and sport is always highly commendable and generally a useful exercise, but many people due to physical characteristics it is necessary is subjective-an individual approach in the choice of exercises and the scheduling of training.

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