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Five Tibetan exercises for youth and health

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Five Tibetan exercises for youth and health

Five Tibetan exercises are an effective complex practiced among many fitness trainers. It should be noted that the implementation of even one of the Tibetan exercises will be useful, but for maximum effect it is recommended to implement them in the complex.

Among Tibetan lamas, these exercises are more known as the last rites. Beginners are recommended to do all five exercises every day increasing the number of repetitions to 21. It is recommended to perform them in 3 sets, the duration of employment should not exceed 20 minutes for beginners and 10 minutes for an experienced, well-trained people, leading a healthy lifestyle.

Before you begin Tibetan exercises recommended to get rid of misconceptions about their own health. Scientists have proved that the condition of the body is directly related to the psychological state of the person: some people are already at 40 years old look 60, others manage 60 look much younger than his real age.

The first ritual

5 Tibetan exercises it is recommended to start with a simple clockwise rotation with arms extended. Repeat it should be before the onset of vertigo. Beginners are able to perform no more than 7 repetitions. It should be noted that over time, the moment of vertigo will move away. You should not ignore the desire to sit or lie down.

This exercise is popular among dancers. To get rid of dizziness, professional choreographers recommended to focus the mind on one point. When you perform the first ritual is the maximum number of spins must not exceed 21.

Ritual of the second

For the second ritual you need to lie on the floor, hands lay along the body, chin pressed to the body, then raise the legs up, trying not to bend them. To return to the starting position gradually relaxing the muscles.

Performing these exercises, remember to breath: the deeper the Tibetan ritual more effective.

The ritual of the third

On his knees, folding his hands on his hips, the head and neck need to tilt to touch the chin with the chest. After that, head to tilt back and deviates to the extent that it allows health. The arms should be a point of support.

The ritual of the fourth

Should sit on the floor, pull the legs and not bend them at the knees. Stretching his arms along the length of the torso to create the way to the floor with his hands. Press your chin to your chest and then tilt your head back and bend the knees. It is important to reach the maximum voltage. Outlet must relax, repeat up to 21 times.

Final ritual

On the fifth ritual gaze should rest on the floor. Hands and feet to keep straight, the lower back, torso bending. In this position you need to tilt your head, and then, arching the trunk, gradually return to its original position.

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