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Fitness workout with pull-UPS: guidelines to the exercises

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Fitness workout with pull-UPS: guidelines to the exercises
The contents

  • Use fitness workouts based on pull-UPS with weight
  • The scheme of the exercise and the range of possible weights
  • The rules of the organization fitness with pull-UPS

Pull UPS are a basic and rather complex exercise, requiring a very high level of training of the muscles. However, people who have learned to pull yourself up using the different grips, and practice it with the exercise fitness program for quite a long period of time, it is often stated the lack of progression results. In this case, the situation can be corrected by means of additional weights used in fitness to strengthen the load on the muscles.

Use fitness workouts based on pull-UPS with weight

Technically simple but difficult exercise that involves lifting your own weight, pulling on the bar, is having such positive effects on the body:

  • develops the musculature of the upper torso;
  • strengthens the skeletal system;
  • formed relief, back muscles, chest and shoulder only;
  • increase the physical indicators of strength, including the strength of the grip;
  • increases the stamina level of the body;
  • improved physical form.

Fitness classes, a must-have item which is convenient to be performed with weights or without, are forced to actively work these muscle groups:

  • the brachioradialis and the small muscles of the forearms and muscles of the hands;
  • the muscles of the shoulders, including the triceps, biceps, shoulder muscles and rear Delta;
  • muscular corset, including the press, included in its structure;
  • large and small pectoral muscles;
  • the muscles of the back, which in the most part form a diamond-shaped, the broadest and round muscles, as well as a-line;
  • scalloped front muscles.

However, despite the benefits of pull-UPS performed its own weight or with additional weights, which increase the load on the muscles, this exercise has a number of contraindications. Medical specialists and experienced fitness instructors do not recommend to catch up to people who have the following health problems:

  • chronic and acute diseases of the spine;
  • spinal injury and also the rehabilitation period after their receipt;
  • stretching of the muscles and ligaments involved in the process of the exercise;
  • temporary discomfort that is triggered by infectious or viral infection of the body and is accompanied by body aches, fever and fatigue.

The scheme of the exercise and the range of possible weights

As mentioned earlier, pull-UPS with weights you want to include in fitness training when the traditional element with its own weight does not cause difficulties, but the work is not progressing. As a weighting you can use the following items:

  • the backpack not on the back and on the stomach.

It can be filled out or improvised with heavy objects for example, packets of salt or bags of sand or concrete, or so sports equipment for fitness like dumbbell, weights, pancakes from the rod. In cases where you want to maximize your workouts, you can wear two of the backpack on his stomach and back, evenly distributing the weight;

  • special vest-weighting.

It allows to increase the load within a wide range, and you can buy it at almost any store specializing in products for fans of fitness training;

  • professional weightlifting belt is designed to perform pull-UPS with weights.

This belt, which is equipped with special circuits with reliable mounts, very easy to add cargo of any weight (kettlebell or a pancake from 1 to 50 kg). Using a weightlifting belt, it is possible to fix the weights with their feet, so they do not interfere with the exercise.

The main landmark that signals the need to increase the load with weights, should be free performing 15 reps of pull-UPS with a body weight irreproachable technique. If you are using additional weights in the fitness training of the technically correct number of repetitions should not exceed 12 times. Universal circuit perform pull-UPS with weights are the following:

  • The first approach — 12 repetitions. In this case, the weight should be such that the last repetition difficult.
  • The second set of 10 pull-UPS with weights.
  • The third approach — 8 repetitions with a weight, in which the latter pulling almost to the limit of physical strength.
  • The fourth set, during which he had to perform the exercise 6 times.
  • The rules of the organization fitness with pull-UPS

    Fitness training, during which performs pull-UPS with weights are the most productive and effective and also very safe only if they respected the following rules:

    • when using the additional weight is unacceptable to jump up to grab the bar in the initial position, as is usually the case when working on the bar with it’s own weight. The result of these jumps with the weights can become the strongest stretching of the spine. During fitness classes, which are pullups with extra weight, you need to take the starting position on the bar using the stand;
    • pulling up and falling down, you need to move smoothly, avoiding jerks and inertia. The rise should last for approximately 2-3 seconds, and the negative phase of the exercise — 2 times longer. It is extremely important to return to the lower position due to the muscle and not the inertial descent, triggered by the force of gravity;
    • after completing all required reps, you should not jump off the horizontal bar. You need to slowly sink using a special stand, so as not to injure the spine, which is stretched in the process of performing pull-UPS with extra weight. For this reason, after completing this exercise, you should avoid any sudden movements.

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