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Fitness workout with power incline: where to start?

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Fitness workout with power incline: where to start?

Fitness workouts — one of the ways to achieve good physical shape and look not just beautiful and stunning! And in the pursuit of beautiful figures, hundreds of girls go to conquer the gyms, hoping to get rid of the hated lush forms or extra pounds. However, not all fitness programs will help in getting rid of body fat and reshaping the body to the desired proportions.

However, this does not mean that all military fitness workout is designed only for the formation of muscle mass like bodybuilders.

Girls, for whom the priority is a healthy lifestyle and maintaining your body shape will also be able to find a solution to your problem in strength training.

The differences of strength training from other fitness programs

Fitness training exercises within the strength training, which today are considered the most powerful tool for correction. The main difference from other programs is that in the process of training not only burns calories, but it is possible to increase the area concerned by building or “pulling” muscle mass. Such areas often include the chest, buttocks, the area of the triceps.

Fat burning is another undoubted advantage of strength training. This process occurs due to the consumption of energy needed to build muscle, by speeding up the metabolism, which after a single workout can last up to 48 hours. For example, doing aerobic program metabolism working in Overdrive mode no more than one hour.

In addition, strength training allow you to tone muscles that support the spine, which significantly improves posture, which, of course, only a positive effect on the figure and health in General.

The most important rules of strength training

Strength training does not provide an immediate increase in muscle size that is inherent in athletes bodybuilders.

Usually, the working weight of the machine to increase gluteal, muscles back of the thigh and pectoral muscles.

In order to avoid increasing the muscles in a particular area where building muscle is not needed, just need to increase the weight when working this muscle group in the simulator. In addition, in developing the back forearm and the weight increase is not recommended at all.

Professional fitness trainers recommends a training log in which to record: a set of exercises, the weight, the parameters of his body before the start of classes and during the training process. Latest recommendation allows you to analyze the situation and take proper action to achieve goals.

Strength training of the legs on the terrain for girls

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