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Fitness workout with lunges: types of exercises and rookie mistakes

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Fitness workout with lunges: types of exercises and rookie mistakes
The contents

  • The correct technique fitness element
  • Ways complications fitness training
  • Typical mistakes exercise

By using basic strength exercises “Side lunges” comprehensively strengthen muscles of the lower body: thighs, buttocks, calves; developed hip joints, improves flexibility of the feet and stretching. During such attacks the work included medium and small gluteal muscles, outer and inner thighs, calf muscles and ankles, as well as rotators and stabilizers of the hip and knee joints. And the back helps keep the balance.

Intense exercise will allow you to effectively adjust the problem areas to get rid of fat deposits on waist and hips, to pump up the buttocks. Fitness training should take place in girlsgogames mode (execution of 1 approach more than 20 repetitions at an accelerated pace). In addition to the intensity of training, it is important to control caloric intake. For weight loss always need a caloric deficit.

Lunges to the side suitable for both women and men to make the legs and buttocks toned, contoured shape. Using additional equipment — dumbbells, barbell, bottle with water or sand — can significantly improve the load and enhance fitness training.

The correct technique fitness element

Before execution of the item it is recommended to conduct a light workout for your muscles and joints to avoid injuries and sprains. Without proper equipment is impossible to achieve the desired result. The exercise is performed in the following sequence:

  • Starting position: feet on width of shoulders, hands along the torso or hips. There is a variant execution, when the arms bent at the elbows, hands gathered in fists in front of chest. Athlete chooses the location of the hand most convenient for you.
  • Prosohnut legs at the knees, toes apart. The knee of the supporting leg should not go beyond toes.
  • During all movements of the back should remain straight, shoulders back, and press tight.
  • Inhale and put the right leg out to the side. The length of the step in the fitness element should be such that it was possible to keep a balance and carefully stretch the muscle fibers.
  • Bend your right knee at a right angle and to transfer body weight to set aside the leg. It is important to keep the weight evenly distributed across the foot, and not focused only on the heel or the toe. The foot must be held tightly to the floor.
  • Left leg in a straight line in the opposite direction from the attack side. If possible, keep your foot off the floor — this improves flexibility and stretching.
  • The case is preferably slightly tilted forward, avoiding sagging in the lower back, displacement of the shoulder blades and rounding the back. The pelvis is slightly back. This will allow to involve the lumbar spine, glutes and abdominals.
  • With a deep exhale, straighten the knee and return to original position.
  • To perform the same movement for the opposite side. The number of repetitions and approaches selected individually depending on the physical preparedness and the main goals of fitness workouts. But the intensity should be increased gradually.
  • Upon completion of a fitness element you need to perform a few basic stretching exercises of the muscles of the legs. This will allow you to avoid discomfort, cramps, prevent muscle stagnation.
  • All movements must be performed smoothly, precise, neat. During the lessons in the buttocks and thighs should be felt a slight burning sensation that signals the proper working of muscle fibers. Competent technology guarantees high quality and elaboration of the abdominal muscles.

    Ways complications fitness training

    Accomplishing lunges is quite simple. To cope with it even novice fitness buff. After some time the exercise becomes too easy and does not give the desired load. There comes a time complexity of technology. To do this:

    • use the special weights: dumbbell, barbell, kettlebell or other equipment;
    • to speed up the pace, increase the number of repetitions;
    • to complicate the item to perform lunges with simultaneous bending of the arms or with straight arms positioned parallel to the floor.

    Complicated set of exercises will contribute to more effective development of muscles and relief of the body, improve coordination and the ability to keep balance (especially training with a barbell). But we should remember that only thoroughly honed the technique you can move on to the complicated forms of the element.

    Typical mistakes exercise

    To the most common mistakes when performing lunges include:

    • rounding of the back (affects the amplitude of the movements);
    • uneven transfer of weight or the wrong stand;
    • not deep enough squat;
    • excessive protrusion of the knee of the supporting leg foot, and that increases stress on the joints and bodily injury;
    • “ragged” rate of execution of the elements, sudden movement;
    • loss of balance;
    • uneven breathing.

    If the wrong technique right muscles are not getting the best load, increasing the risk of injury or stretching, and the effectiveness of exercise approaches zero.

    Lunges are considered to be training movements with a wide range of loads. They comprehensively work the muscles completely unused in any fitness item, or operating with minimal impact. The exercise is quite versatile, does not require a large space and the use of special equipment. It can be done in the apartment, in the gym and even in the office. The element can be used as a warm-up, or as part of a complex for elaboration of the thighs and buttocks.

    To strengthen the muscles and achieve an attractive elevation of the lower body, lunges can be combined with other core exercises. Among them: squats, jumps, climbs the hill, training rope, twisting. Regularly carrying out a complex fitness exercises to work out thighs and buttocks, you can get rid of problem areas and bring your own figure to perfection.

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