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Fitness workout with expander: use and exercises

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Fitness workout with expander: use and exercises
The contents

  • Use fitness workouts with an expander
  • The nuances of expander gym
  • A set of exercises for men

The expander is available and effective sports apparatus which can be used to tone the muscles of the upper body, including abs. Work with a large and very popular among men as a handsome male figure suggests a broad back, chest and shoulders, and exercise with this exercise equipment contribute to the formation of such a silhouette. In addition, using different types of resistance bands, you can work out and the muscles of the lower torso.

Use fitness workouts with an expander

Fitness classes, in which the main used exercise equipment is a spring or rubber expander, can have such positive effects on the body:

  • strengthen major muscle groups;
  • trains the heart muscle and the entire vascular system;
  • develops the breathing apparatus;
  • decreases volume of subcutaneous fat;
  • increases the functionality of the joints and elasticity of ligaments;
  • develops endurance and strength;
  • improves General fitness.

Working with the expander, it is necessary to observe the following principles of fitness training:

  • warm-up load is a very important part of the training, which can not be neglected even if further work will be carried out with such a simple shell as the expander. Warm-up is needed in order to smoothly enter the body in the training process and thus reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of fitness;
  • load shall correspond to the initial level of physical training;
  • to move to a more rigid shell is necessary once the previous expander will not cause the necessary tension in the muscles;
  • equipment of performance of exercises should not be violated, regardless of the number of repetitions. In other words, it is better to perform fewer repetitions, but correctly than a large number of repetitions in the wrong technique. The benefits of these fitness classes is minimal and the risk of injury — maximum;
  • between sets you should rest for 1-2 minutes.

The nuances of expander gym

The design of the expander for fitness can look like the following:

  • rubber ring, exclusively at the elaboration of muscles of the hands, strengthening the wrists and the force of the grip;
  • carpal expander spring;
  • the expander is a”butterfly”;
  • fitness elastic band or rubber band without arms, which if necessary can be linked;
  • spring or tubular rubber expander with handles.

The spring stiffness of the shells varies the number, length and thickness of the springs, and the resistance force of the rubber tape or expander depends on its color:

  • yellow is the weakest and most suitable for beginners in fitness training;
  • green expander more elastic and suitable for people with medium level of training of the muscles;
  • expander red color is designed for advanced fitness enthusiasts;
  • shell blue colors most often used by professional athletes.

Spring expanders are considered to be more durable, because over time with heavy use rubber projectiles can stretch or peretiraetsya.

A set of exercises for men

Men who wish to strengthen the muscles of the upper torso, unable to regularly perform the following exercises, alternating elements:

  • Standing straight, put a foot forward and bend slightly. Hold the handle of the expander and raise straight arms to the sides, stretching the shell at the level of the armpits. This position is considered primary. It follows from this breed the upper limb is extremely wide, tilting the case back and stronger than bending the front lower limb. Repeat 10 times, to put forward the other leg and perform another 10 repetitions. Over time, this exercise should increase the angle of body tilt back and pick up the pace.
  • Stand up straight, stepping left foot on the arm of the projectile, and place the lower limb. Hold on to the free edge of the grip with your left hand and bend the elbow, bringing the projectile to the shoulder. When performing this exercise, the shoulder should be pushed in and remain fixed. Repeat this bending, strengthen the biceps, 10 times on each upper limb. To avoid breaking the equipment, increase the load in training this movement should gradually.
  • Lie back on a bench sports or joined together chairs, pass underneath the grip and to take his arms, gently stretching the shell at chest level and elbows pointing to the sides. Inhale and straighten your arms up, maximum stretching expander for 2-5 seconds, during which the need to exhale. To return to the starting position and repeat this element of the fitness training that develops the pectoral muscles, 8-10 times depending on the resistance of the projectile.
  • Stand up straight, hold the expander is”butterfly” so that one arm was on her hip and the other under the arm. Hand pushing on the projectile, to compress it and gradually over a few seconds loosen the pressure. This exercise effectively works the triceps shoulders. It is necessary to perform 10 times on each hand.
  • Standing with hands raised, in which is clamped the expander-“butterfly”, it is necessary to compress the shell and not open it for several seconds before the occurrence of burning sensation in the muscles of the upper limbs. Repeat the exercise should be 4-6 times.
  • To use the expander to tone the muscles of the lower limbs and work the muscles of the press, men should add in fitness training the following motion:

  • Lie on your back, put your feet on the floor knees and hold one end of the expander-“butterfly”. The other end of the shell should be to fix the hands at head level. Then the exercise is necessary to raise the lower limb, compressing at the knees expander. At the peak load required to fix the position of the body for 2-3 seconds, exhaling during this period. Gently lower the leg and repeat the whole algorithm of action for 15 times in each of the 2-3 approaches.
  • Lying on your back, hook one arm of a spring or rubber expander over a foot, bent at the knee, grasp the free edge of the shell and slowly straighten the lower limb, stretching the shell. To repeat the item fitness workout 10 times on each leg.
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