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Fitness workout for buttocks: a program of different level of complexity

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Fitness workout for buttocks: a program of different level of complexity
The contents

  • How long will it take to gain the desired shape
  • How to create a proper plan of fitness workouts
  • The difference exercises for buttocks for men and women
  • Exercises for the muscles of the pelvis
  • Workout hip for advanced athletes

Envy elastic buttocks athletes or those who engage with you in the hall? Be aware that this is not a natural given, but the result of hard fitness training. To obtain the desired shape can be almost any age, and start from any fitness level. To make this part of the body is rounded and taut will help a classic butt exercises and regular, well planned training.

How long will it take to gain the desired shape

Want to get a quick and noticeable result? Those who hope for a speedy effect, will be somewhat disappointed. To your buttocks looked like flawless muscle professional bodybuilders will require more than one month of hard training in the gym.

But, if you go active fitness training today, this time will not be wasted.

Better to start with simple exercises and exercise willpower. Especially for beginners with weak sports training: they have especially difficult because physical exertion are difficult and the effects are visible not at once. As a result, many retirements, and not waiting for change.

Consider the most effective exercises for the muscles of the hip and buttocks. These include deadlifts, squats and lunges. Some of them do not need specialized equipment, and even gym. In the initial stage you can do at home.

How to create a proper plan of fitness workouts

The most useful movements for the gluteal muscles are considered normal squats. For the first class enough weight of his own body. In the future, to not only tighten the muscles, but also to increase the volume and give a proportional shape, you must work with weights. If you are a beginner, start with a minimum weight of 500 g and increase it each week until you can do it with 12-15 repetitions — this will be your working weight at the moment.

Squats are useful because pump multiple muscle groups: thighs, abdomen, quads and back. Make squats the backbone of your fitness and then add to it any of the favorite exercises for the glutes.

How to squat correctly:

  • alternate wide and standard squats: you will provide optimum performance of the quadriceps, adductor, and gluteal muscles;
  • keep your back straight, heels down firmly to the floor — they must be the main load;
  • squat, taking his hips back, and sit down as deep as you can.

It is desirable to connect to its training fitness additional exercise for the leg muscles (e.g., allotment to the side and Mahi).

The difference exercises for buttocks for men and women

Despite the fact that both girls and boys working on the buttocks, the results they want to see different. For men it is important that the muscles were tight and toned, but not pumped too large buttocks on the male figure look unnatural and unattractive.

But for women, the volume typically plays a role: most committed to the standard hourglass (small waist and wide hips). In this case, leveling the gluteal muscles you should allow at least two days a week. At such fitness workout significant results will be visible after 2-3 months.

Exercises for girls.

In this collection you can find butt exercises, more suitable to novice athletes. Use it as the base of the complex, and later make a load more intense and further diversify the program.

  • Raising the legs on the simulator.

Set the minimum weight and lie down on the bench simulator. Dilute and mix hips slowly, straining the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. If the next day you will not feel pain in the muscles, then at the next workout be sure to increase the weight.

  • The bridge on one leg.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, raise your right leg up, foot pointing at the ceiling. Raise your hip so that the body stretched out in a straight line. Then slowly lower yourself back.

  • Mahi.

Stand face to block the simulator. Attach the rope from one side towards the ankle, the other to the lower unit. Slightly bend your knees and swing the leg back, straining buttocks. After return to the original position. Make desired number of sets and repeat the second leg.

Exercises for men.

A sample program can be compiled in the following sequence:

  • Deadlifts.

Stand up straight, grab the barbell. Slightly bend your knees, and working the muscles of the hip region, lower the barbell to the floor. Then straighten up.

  • Split-squat.

Stand with dumbbells in hands. The left leg bend at the knee and pull back, with the back part of the foot on any convenient platform (e.g., gymnastic bench or step). Descend by bending your right knee, then climb back.

  • Steps on the bench.

Stand in front of gymnastic bench, feet close together. Right-step on the bench, raise left as high as possible, bending them at the knee. Get down first the left foot on the floor, and then the right. The exercise is done alternately with both feet.

Exercises for the muscles of the pelvis

These items fitness even are called kegels, and include alternately tensing and relaxing the lower pelvic muscles. Simple but effective movements perfectly complement the complex, boosting the gluteal muscles, relieving from the problem of weakened pelvic floor in men and women.

Young people allow the pelvic muscles to tone and easier: they have smaller size and have the ability to grow faster than in women. Noticeable results can be seen after 4 weeks.

Exercises for the pelvic floor muscles in women are a bit more complicated and will require heavy physical exertion.

Workout hip for advanced athletes

Given the program must periodically complicate. Take any number of exercises for the muscles of the pelvis as a reference:

  • Pulling legs on flat bench: 3 sets/15 repetitions.
  • Squats with dumbbells: 3 sets/10 repetitions.
  • Gakk-squats: 3 sets/12 reps.
  • Squats with dumbbells: 3 sets/15 repetitions.
  • Lunges to the side with a barbell: 3 sets/10 repetitions.
  • The bridge on one leg: 2 sets/15 repetitions.
  • Classic bridge: 3 sets/10 repetitions.
  • Raising the legs on the machine: 3 sets/12 reps.
  • Now you know the secret of how to pump up the buttocks. Take the training seriously, be patient, and you will see visible results within the promised time frame.

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