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Fitness workout based on the exercise “Plank”

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Fitness workout based on the exercise “Plank”
The contents

  • Benefits and contraindications to fitness training based on the strap
  • Classical technique exercises, the variations and errors in the performance
  • The advantages of fitness-based strap

Many people want to have a perfect figure, but I think that this can be achieved only by many hours in the gym. Not all have such amount of free time, so the dream of a sports body and remains elusive. In fact, to get rid of excess fat and strengthen muscles, you need to spend just a few minutes a day to exercise “Plank”.

Benefits and contraindications to fitness training based on the strap

During fitness classes, which include various embodiments of the strap, is effective static load on the following muscle groups:

  • muscular corset. The main objective of core — trunk stabilization and fixation of the spine. From the development of the muscles forming the core, depends on the posture and health of spine and stable functioning of all systems and organs of the body. That is why it is extremely important to strengthen a muscular corset;
  • muscle-stabilizers, which include the straightening of the spine muscle, square muscle located in the lumbar back, Delta, trapezoid and rhomboid muscles, biceps and triceps and also muscles-rotators of the shoulders.

In addition, fitness classes, a required element of which is run the bar, have a positive effect on the body:

  • increases calorie consumption and accelerates metabolism, which naturally leads to a reduction of body fat;
  • increase the strength and level of endurance;
  • improves posture, stretches and relaxes the spine, whereby there is prevention of back pain;
  • the musculature of the whole body comes to tone, and the figure looks more slim and toned.

Despite the benefits of fitness training, they have a number of contraindications. If you do not take into account this fact, it can exacerbate existing health problems. We do not recommend the bar in the following cases:

  • after injuries;
  • at extreme degrees of obesity;
  • in cases of diseases of the spine, for example, when herniated;
  • in the period of menstruation, gestation, especially if there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy, and in postpartum recovery period (to maintain the physical form recommended less intensive fitness training);
  • at exacerbation of chronic diseases and pain syndrome of different etiology;
  • in cases of infestation of the body by infection or virus such as the flu, acute respiratory disease, or SARS.

In addition to the above contraindications, you should take into account the fact that frequent spikes in blood pressure and presence of other dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system exercise should not be performed more than 2 minutes.

Classical technique exercises, the variations and errors in the performance

The effectiveness of the strap and the performance of fitness activities based on it are directly dependent on proper technique. The classic version of the implementation involves the sequence of following actions:

  • Take the starting horizontal position, at which the way to the floor is socks feet and forearms. The joints of the elbows should be under shoulders, and the distance between the feet equal to about the width of the pelvis.
  • Further, the exercise should involve the stomach and stretch the abdominal muscles, lift your head to the back of the head, neck and back were on one line, and fix this position for the maximum possible period of time.
  • In addition to classical technique, this exercise can be performed and even thus:

    • with fixation of the body in the emphasis on the direct palm of the upper extremities;
    • side plank with support on forearm or straight arm,
    • side plank with bent lower limbs, or one leg;
    • with fixation of the lower limbs elevated or a fitball;
    • retention of the body on three points of support (or one upper limb is pulled forward, or one bottom off the floor and rises back up).

    Performing this exercise in any variation, it is very important to avoid the following errors:

    • protrusion of the pelvis up. In this position the muscles of the press is not getting the proper amount of exercise;
    • sagging of the hips, which formed in the back of the trough has a negative influence on the spine and back;
    • the crowding of the head, which during fitness training perenapravljaetsja cervical spine;
    • the breath, resulting in oxygen deficiency in the body, which causes dizziness;
    • the lack of warm-up. If the exercise is part of exercise, need to warm up at the beginning of class, and if the bar runs as a standalone form of exercise, the warm-up before it is required, since the provision of a heavy load on the level of the muscle is extremely traumatic.

    The advantages of fitness-based strap

    Provided that is strictly enforced strap technique, fitness classes based on it have the following advantages over other types of training:

    • static load exerted on the muscles when performing a plank, allows to involve deep muscles, which during typical fitness workouts almost always remain passive;
    • the bar can carry people with different level of physical development and the presence of any special sporting skills are required;
    • exercise efficiently working press, the negative load on the spine, as is the case with most types of twists, minimal;
    • to fulfill standards and to conduct training based on it can be in any place and at any free time with no limit to the number of sets and reps;
    • the prospect of an increased workload in this element is almost endless. Enough only for a few seconds to increase the duration of fixation of the trunk in a stationary position or to perform more complicated exercises.

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