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Fitness workout based on push-UPS: benefits and types of exercise

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Fitness workout based on push-UPS: benefits and types of exercise
The contents

  • Pushups — based home fitness
  • The technique of classic exercises
  • Principal pushups
  • Complicated set of exercises

Pushups are a great core exercise that gives a good opportunity to develop muscles in the upper body, particularly shoulder areas. To obtain an impressive result, it is important to observe perform and do different variations of this exercise.

Pushups — based home fitness

Pushups are the best exercise not only for beginners in fitness, but also for advanced athletes. For beginners it is especially valuable because it helps to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system and prepare your joints and ligaments to further, more difficult work with the weights.

In the course of performing this core exercise works the entire upper body, and also to some extent loaded and legs. If in each a fitness workout include pushups, then after a while you will notice significant changes in the deltoid and pectoral muscles, and muscles-the extensors of the hands. While the shoulders work in dynamics, the muscles of the lower back, abdomen and forearms statically loaded, thereby becoming stronger and gaining power.

Often pushups are performed with the weight of his own body, but in a way to significantly increase muscle length, it is impossible, but only to give them strength and relief. So if you want to work on the ground, use the additional weight that will help effectively develop the muscles of shoulders and chest.

Another positive feature of push-UPS is their ability to develop stamina and increase the performance of power and speed. But exercising with high intensity, you can speed up the metabolism and achieve weight loss. However, tangible results can only be obtained when the combination of the fitness training with proper nutrition.

The technique of classic exercises

Practicing on the ground, or relief, in his exercises for the chest and shoulders is necessary to include the classic push-UPS. They are traditionally performed with the wide setting of the arms, thereby reducing the load on the triceps, but work mainly the upper and middle part of the chest. The only drawback of this exercise is that the amplitude of the movement in it is small, and therefore the muscles of the chest not long under load. In this regard, it is recommended to perform classic pushups slowly, falling into three accounts, and lifting two.

The scheme of this exercise looks like this:

  • accept the position in the rest position, placing the hands at a distance of about twice the width of your shoulders;
  • legs connect, and the whole body straighten in one line;
  • breathing in, slowly lower yourself by lightly touching the breast sex.
  • holding the pose for a few seconds, return to starting position on exhale.

Principal pushups

In addition to these there are other types of push-UPS involving different location:

  • Pushups with a medium setting of the hands.

This exercise helps to work out like chest muscles and triceps, but when you change the position of the elbows, the load on these muscles also shifted. Press them against the hull during lowering down, you can focus on the triceps, and spreading to the side — chest.

Performing pushups with a medium setting of the hands to exercise the muscles of the chest, follow the technique of classic exercises. To better handle the triceps should take position in the support position, the legs connect, and the body align in one straight line. Palms need to be placed directly under the shoulders, inhale down and hands pressed against the trunk. Pausing at the bottom for a few seconds, the exhale should be back to my old position.

  • Pushups with a narrow hand placement.

This option is much harder already described, as a bearing surface for the hands of a small and therefore can be difficult to keep balance. Here, as in the previous exercise, from the position of the elbows depends on the level of pressure on the chest and triceps. For the first option hands should be placed next to each other exactly in the center of the chest, connecting the thumbs and index fingers. In order to shift the burden on the triceps muscle of the arm, you should place your palms parallel at a distance of approximately 8 cm, and during the exercise squeeze your elbows to your body.

This complex is effective exercises will allow a good and versatile to work out chest muscles and the triceps, forming a beautiful taut torso.

Complicated set of exercises

The following set of exercises is more complex and helps to load the shoulder and chest:

  • Pushups on one hand.

This powerful exercise requires not only strong muscles in the arms and chest but also good press, to keep the balance. It is quite energy-intensive, and therefore it should be done at the beginning, because at the end of training is not.

To perform such push-UPS adopt the position in the push-up position, put your hands widely, as in the classic version. Leg which is diagonally from the working hands must be swung to the side for balance. Then get a free hand for the back, shoulders try to keep on a straight line parallel to the floor and drop to one hand as low as possible, then push back to starting position.

  • Pushups with cotton.

This exercise can also be classified as complex and is often used for training for martial arts and functional fitness. It helps improve strength and agility, however, suitable only for experienced athletes who can do at least 30 push UPS in a row easy. Doing it the same way as the classic version, however, the lowest position should make a push and being in the air, take a clap of your hands.

  • Push-UPS on the hills.

For this exercise you can use two step platform on which to place your hands and perform push-UPS, lowering the torso is significantly lower palms. Thus the amplitude of the movements increases, which allows the muscles to be under load for longer periods.

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