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Fitness workout at home for girls

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Fitness workout at home for girls
The contents

  • Home training: benefits and features
  • The purpose of training
  • The types of home fitness
  • Equipment
  • Select the music
  • A set of exercises for weight loss and improving muscle tone
  • Tips for beginners

Every girl dreams of a toned figure. But not everyone has the ability and desire to work out in the fitness room. In this case, to help home workouts. There are sets for every taste: from the yoga to strength training. So it’s important to choose a direction that inspires and brings pleasure, but it is not so difficult.

Home training: benefits and features

Girls opt for home practice as this training regime has many advantages:

  • the opportunity to study at any convenient time;
  • no need to get to the hall and back;
  • no need to share the shower and locker room;
  • you can change the fitness direction depending on the mood and the changed goals, trying new things;
  • select the music you wish;
  • employment at home does not require large financial investments, except for the purchase of a pair of dumbbells or an exercise ball;
  • there are no other people who have watched or bothered during a workout.

With all the advantages of domestic training are some of the features:

  • At home there is no possibility to see a doctor, as in any fitness center. Therefore, prior to the training you need to undergo a medical examination. After all, some exercise is contra.
  • To draw up a programme of lessons with a better trainer. It will assess the level of training and will advise what exercises you should perform.
  • Independent workouts require more concentration. Nothing should distract from it. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the training will fall.
  • When you are not written in the gym, more difficult to motivate yourself to do. So you need to choose a goal that would really “light” and forced to move forward.
  • The purpose of training

    To choose the right fitness direction, you need to define your goals.

    Success of trainings will be maximum, if the goal is specific, attainable and limited in time. In addition, it should not be in conflict with other important things. The phrase “lose weight” is not suitable. But “to reduce the hip measurement by 5 cm by 1 June” is the real challenge.

    Many motivated by the approaching summer season. But it is important to remember about the achievability of the goal. To reset accumulated several years of pounds in a couple of weeks is impossible. If it happens by self-torture and restrictions in food for a short while. Then the weight will return and increase.

    Some women want to build muscle mass. If you have no weight machines and barbells, a significant increase in the muscles to fail. But you can master the technique of exercise with their weight or small weights. This will prepare your body for more intense exercises in the gym.

    The types of home fitness

    Having defined your goals, you can choose the appropriate workout:

  • To become slimmer, you can combine cardio with exercises for all muscle groups. You can use weights with light weight. Classes should be conducted in an intensive mode.
  • If you want to increase your muscle mass, you must do strength exercises.
  • Most effective different circuit training. They represent an alternation of cardio and 10-15 exercises for all muscle groups. Is circuit training at a fast pace, without interruptions. The number of repetitions of each exercise — 20 to 50, the number of circles — 3. Rest between rounds is 1 minute. The advantage of this type of fitness is that its duration does not exceed 20-30 minutes.
  • There are special complexes of exercises that develop flexibility and stretching. To properly perform all the elements and not get injured, you need the first couple of workouts to be done under the supervision of an instructor.
  • An ideal destination for those who want to get rid of stress and find inner harmony is yoga. However, at home you can do it only after mastering the basics, with an experienced coach.
  • Equipment

    Clothing and shoes for home workouts are no different from the one you wear to the gym. It should be comfortable, not constraining movements. Beautiful stylish outfit can be a great motivator for carrying out home workouts. You can put her mind to it recalled the need to work on them.

    Equipment depends on what type of training selected. For cardio would be enough rope. The presence of a stationary Bicycle or treadmill eases the way to the ideal figure, but not a prerequisite.

    As additional equipment you can use the exercise ball, chest expander, hula Hoop, and wheel weights. In this case, the weights can serve not only as weights and dumbbells, but bottles of sand or piles of books.

    Select the music

    Rare athletes that prefer to exercise in silence. The emotional component of fitness depends on the conditions in which to conduct training. It is therefore particularly important musical accompaniment. Usually training is easier if you choose the right music as the background.

    Sounding tracks to match the tempo and rhythm of the performed exercises. Smooth music you can recommend for yoga and Pilates. Other types of workouts require more energetic tunes. It is better to choose music without words or songs in a foreign language, not to be distracted by the comprehension of the text.

    Many people say that running on the street more pleasant to pop music. Power training is best done in a more aggressive and “heavy” support.

    A set of exercises for weight loss and improving muscle tone

    Every girl should be a personalized exercise program based on your goals and training level. Consider what would be the training to reduce weight and strengthen the muscles:

    • Cardio (running, salageanu a step or jumping rope) — 15 minutes.
    • Squats — 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
    • Lunges — 3 sets of 15 times each leg.
    • Pull — UPS- 3 sets of 10 times.
    • The complex of exercises for abs:
    • the elevation of the trunk with twisting and without;
    • “Bicycle” or “Scissors”;
    • alternate lowering legs.

    Each exercise should be repeated at least 16 times.

    • Stretching.

    Tips for beginners

    So that your workouts at home more effective, you must follow certain rules:

  • You need to practice regularly. But muscles need time to recover. Therefore, the interval between the fitness classes can be 1-3 days.
  • It is important to follow the diet. Food should be natural, rich in proteins, healthy fats and slow carbs.
  • You must drink plenty of water.
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