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Fitness with the TRX loops: a generic set of exercises

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Fitness with the TRX loops: a generic set of exercises
The contents

  • What is a trainer-the TRX?
  • Advantages of fitness training using the TRX loops
  • In some cases, the exercises using the TRX loops contraindicated?
  • Basic recommendations
  • Workout using the TRX loops for weight loss
  • Exercises with TRX loops

Fitness classes using TRX special loops first started in the late nineties of the last century. In the acronym TRX encrypted phrase (eng. — Total Body Resistance), which means “the total opposition to the body.” This explains the principle of fitness, in which in the process of conducting studies using such loops your own body weight acts as the weight.

The special design of the hinge converts a standard exercise in the difficult matching elements involving the various muscle groups. This is their strengthening and active growth, and promotes weight loss due to the large power consumption. The effectiveness of such training lies in the fact that they are characterized by a prolonged metabolic response, making kilocalories continue to “burn” for the remainder of the day — after direct training.

What is a trainer-the TRX?

Considering the projectile is characterized by its compactness, because it is, in fact, consist of flexible strips that can be mounted on the crossbar, the hook for punching bags, the trunk of a tree, pole or home door (if you have a special anchor).

The standard kit also includes: the connecting link (carabiner), fixed, inserts. This trainer is very compact and lightweight (weighs less than 1 kilogram), so it is convenient to take with you anywhere.

Advantages of fitness training using the TRX loops

TRX-workouts have some of the features that distinguish them from other similar classes that have on the muscle exercise of approximately the same intensity.

In particular, they contribute to:

  • the study of the muscles of the whole body; thus it is possible to pick up an exercise, allowing a greater reliance on a certain problem area;
  • losing weight and simultaneously building muscle, so you can quickly see positive results;
  • strengthening the muscles without overloading of the intervertebral discs, whereby is maintained the health of the spine;
  • the development of balance and equilibrium, since the execution of all exercises with the use of loops based on control of his own center of gravity.

One of the main advantages of the considered fitness is a relatively low cost TRX loops. In addition, to engage with them not only in the gym, but at home, securing them to any suitable surface.

In some cases, the exercises using the TRX loops contraindicated?

Before starting any high-intensity fitness workouts it is recommended to consult a medical specialist. Whatever advantages may have been your chosen sports equipment, it should not be used if there is the slightest possibility of damage to your health.

Medical contraindications for use of hinges include:

  • the presence of any injury or disease of the spine (spondylosis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis and others);
  • diseases that disrupt the stable functioning of the heart (congenital or acquired heart disease, arrhythmia, hypertension, myocardial infarction, etc.);
  • pregnancy (in any trimester).

Basic recommendations

Don’t forget to warm up before performing any fitness workouts: it will prepare your muscles and joints for the upcoming physical stress. At the beginning of class follow the simple exercises and then gradually increase their intensity. To do this, try to change the height for anchoring the structure, and the angle of its inclination.

If you need training with TRX-loops for the first time, it is advisable to do exercises under the supervision of a professional fitness instructor. This way you will be able to individually receive tips regarding proper body position and learn about the most important technical aspects that can increase the effectiveness of your training.

Workout using the TRX loops for weight loss

The performance of any sports training to a certain extent, accelerates the metabolic processes. It is considered that the number burned during the occupation of calories are aerobic physical activity — by maintaining constant high heart rate.

Training with TRX-loops are more relevant to military training, however they provide the power consumption is not less than the complexes cardio. Therefore, the regular holding of such sessions will provide not only weight loss, but also the strengthening of a muscular corset.

If you’re new to fitness, do not attempt at the first training session to perform complex exercises with lots of repetitions. Rapid weight loss these methods will not help, but turn into strong stress to the body can.

Exercises with TRX loops

Choose exercise of the following complex and do them for at least 15 reps.

  • Twisting.

Hands hold fast loop, slightly bending at the elbows. Round the back and push down housing, thereby making the twist. Keep socks off the floor.

  • Push-UPS.

Join hands for hinges, feet lean about a floor surface. Trying not to bend your back, do regular push-UPS. At the same hands raise to the sides, and also tense the muscles of the whole body.

  • The layout of the hands.

Picking up the loop, make them breeding in different directions. On the inhale sweep the arms. The case should drop down. On the exhale return to the starting position.

  • Attacks.

Holding in his hands the loop, spread your feet shoulder width apart. In turn, do lunges on each leg while keep your back straight. Ensure that the knee of the supporting leg does not protrude beyond the toe.

This exercise can be done a little differently: throwing one leg into the loop. To further complicate it, you can pick up a dumbbell.

  • Strap.

Throwing both legs in the loops to stand in the bar. Feel the tension in the abdominal muscles and biceps. The length of the rack in the bar for newcomers is 1 minute; for more advanced athletes — 1-3 minutes.

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