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Fitness with kettlebells: exercise & workout plan

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Fitness with kettlebells: exercise & workout plan

The contents

  • The pros and cons of training with weights
  • How to choose a shell?
  • The elements and principles of kettlebell fitness classes
  • The basic exercises with weights
  • Fitness program for training with weights
  • Contraindications of kettlebell sport

Weight is one of sports equipment, designed to perform strength exercises for men and women of all ages. It can be used to hold fitness classes like sports club or at home. The weights are plastic, cast iron, steel and neoprene, weighing from 4 to 40 kg. a Fitness program with the projectile is aimed at the elaboration and strengthening of the body muscles, fat loss, improved terrain shape and coordination, increase strength and endurance athlete.

The pros and cons of training with weights

Advantages of kettlebell sport:

  • The simultaneous combination of strength and aerobic exercise increases the efficiency of the fitness programs.
  • The variability of exercises with weights, working out all muscle groups of the body without exception.
  • Strengthening the heart muscle.
  • The accelerated growth of muscles, elimination of stagnation in law enforcement training.
  • The development of strength and endurance athlete.
  • Study of the problem areas, fat loss.
  • Strengthen ligaments, tendons, joints, muscular corset and stabilization of the spine.
  • Improved coordination, agility, strength athlete.
  • Strengthening of stabilizing muscles.
  • Disadvantages of kettlebell fitness classes:

    • no effect on muscle gains;
    • increased injury rate, especially for beginners;
    • a serious strain on the back and spine.

    How to choose a shell?

    Choosing the weighting for classes kettlebell fitness must adhere to the following guidelines:

    • The shape of the projectile.

    Prefer weights with a small kernel that will be comfortable to lie on the forearm.

    • The handle of the kettlebell.

    It should be wider than the core, the shape being close to rectangular, and of such thickness to comfortably fit in hand. With that weighting during the training will not be a “wringing” hands.

    • The material weighting.

    The best are cast iron weights with rubberized bottom. They have not shifted the center of gravity, they can be without the noise and risk to put on any floor, even tile.

    • The weight of the projectile.

    It is chosen based on physical abilities and level of training of the athlete. It is recommended that men start training with weights weighing at least 16 kg, 6-10 kg.

    The elements and principles of kettlebell fitness classes

    For efficiency and injury prevention fitness training with kettlebells should be carried out with the following recommendations:

  • Be sure to warm up the body (with warm-up, joint exercises) before you start to do strength exercises.
  • Conduct training shoes with non-slip sole that holds firmly to the ankle.
  • Apply on the hands of magnesia or talc, so that the projectile will not slip out during exercise.
  • Start training 2 hours after a meal — no fitness program should not be run on a full stomach.
  • Conduct training 2-3 times a week.
  • Perform all exercises with proper technique.
  • During the training, keep your back straight and connect to the feet, especially by impact of the projectile with the cutoffs. This will help to maintain the correct technique of performing elements and to avoid injuries to joints and vertebral column.
  • The basic exercises with weights

    Consider a number of best exercises with weights for different parts of the body.

    For the back:

  • The thrust of the projectile to the stomach in the slope. Must be performed with a flat back and a slight curve in their lower back.
  • Release the kettlebell in front of you. The projectile rises with one hand jerk from the bottom point of the exercise “deadlift”, and rises to the level of the head.
  • Sragi. Made from a standing position with weights in hands. Represent the lifts of the shoulders, running through the stress of a trapezoid.
  • For the chest:

  • All kinds of presses (on the floor, horizontal and incline bench, etc.). These exercises perfectly pumped chest muscles is no less effective than presses with a barbell.
  • Press 2 hands. Weight harvested from the chest from prone position.
  • Pushups on the weights. Much more effective than classic push-UPS, because due to the use of projectiles increases range of motion.
  • For hands:

  • The rise of the projectile on the biceps. This exercise is better to do 2 hands. Changing their position on the handle, it is possible to distribute the load beam biceps.
  • Press of the weight on the triceps runs from the position sitting or standing.
  • The thrust of the projectile to the chin is a component designed to pump the front Delt.
  • The rise of the weighting ourselves — is performed according to the scheme of the preceding exercise, except that it is not bent at the elbows and straight arms.
  • For press:

  • Sit-UPS with the shell. Run with the weight of a small weight (up to 8kg), fixed hands at chest level, and emphasis feet on the floor.
  • Twisting with the weight. The shell is the same as in the previous item is fixed at chest level, but the body and knees bent legs lifted from the floor. After the establishment of equilibrium are turns the body alternately right and left.
  • Fitness program for training with weights

    All items, which includes a fitness program for training, using weights, should I do 10-12 times in 3-4 cycles (for advanced athletes) with a break between sets to 1 minute. Plan a workout:

    • “Mill”;
    • squats with the maximum amplitude;
    • push a projectile from a standing position (alternately with each hand, then 2 hands);
    • lunges forward;
    • bench press from a prone position;
    • classic push-UPS on the equipment;
    • “Butterfly”;
    • the Romanian deadlift.

    The training plan for weight loss:

    • Turkish lifts with weighting;
    • Mahi with the shell;
    • goblet squats;
    • aftershocks weights alternately with each hand;
    • dead lift of the projectile;
    • the thrust of the weighting in the slope;
    • Russian twist with weighting material.

    Contraindications of kettlebell sport

    Weightlifting kind of gym is forbidden to engage in the following health problems:

    • high blood pressure;
    • heart disease;
    • injuries of joints and spine;
    • weak hand and wrist.

    In addition, kettlebell sport forbidden to children under 14 years of age, such as strength training with weights can prevent the proper formation of bone-muscular system.

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