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Fitness with gymnastic stick: use and exercises

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Fitness with gymnastic stick: use and exercises
The contents

  • The benefits of training with live ammo
  • Exercises from a standing position
  • The execution element from the seated position.
  • A set of exercises lying down
  • The development of flexibility
  • Exercises for kids

Gymnastic stick — perhaps the most simple sports gear of all. With its help, the exercises directed on development of physical qualities of the body. Using this item allows you to evenly distribute the load on the core muscles, can do more gymnastic elements to improve flexibility, stretching, tendons and ligaments, joint mobility.

In our today’s article we will talk about the benefits of exercises with gymnastic stick, give examples of the most popular fitness complexes, which can perform both adults and children.

The benefits of training with live ammo

Gymnastic stick — universal sports projectile. Deal with it not only useful but also interesting. The complex of exercises performed with a stick, relates to General developmental: these exercises are forced to work many muscle groups — arms, legs, buttocks, lower back, chest, back.

If we talk about the benefits of exercise stick, we can not say that it is possible to carry out relaxation exercises for children from 4 years of age. Another advantage of a shell is the possibility of organizing fitness classes for weight loss in which the gymnastic stick will play a key role.

Exercises from a standing position

Morning exercises or warm-UPS before the main training, you can start with exercises with a stick from a standing position.

  • Put the stick on the shoulders, grasping it at the edges with his hands. The feet slightly wider than shoulders. Perform 6-8 rotations of the body in each direction without lifting foot from the floor.
  • Take a stick in his hands above his head. Follow a deep slope to the right. Straighten up and pause for 1-2 sec. Then bend the same way to the left. Don’t bend your legs. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.
  • Hold the stick in front of him at arm’s length. Feet wider than shoulders. Lean forward and place the stick to the right leg. Straighten up. Repeat the slope, take the racing shell in his hands and return to starting position. Do this a bunch of gymnastic elements on the left leg. The number of repetitions of exercises — 6-8.
  • Holding the stick in front of him lowered his hands, do a forward bend, keeping your back straight. Pull the stick to his chest, bending and spreading out to the sides elbows. Lower the apparatus down and straighten up. Perform the exercise 8-10 times.
  • Put the stick vertically in front of him, placing the palm on the upper edge of the jungle gym. Based on it, lean forward, rotten back and follow a few springy, swaying movements. Straighten up and do another 6-8 such iterations.
  • This set of exercises will help to warm up the muscles, make the ligaments more elastic and joints more flexible.

    The execution element from the seated position.

    To exercise with a stick does not look monotonous, you need to use different versions. For example, from a sitting position:

    • sit in a chair, spread her legs wide apart. Put the stick on the shoulders, holding her hands. Lean forward and perform 3-5 swaying movements. Straighten up. Repeat the exercise each time that the slope should be deeper;
    • being in the same starting position, rotate the trunk to the right. Stick lift up. Turn to the left, lowering the apparatus on the shoulders. Repeat the gymnastic element in the other direction.

    A set of exercises lying down

    These exercises must be done while lying on his belly, spreading his feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Take a stick in the outstretched arms, placing palms wider than shoulder width. Lift it up above the floor head and hands. Put the stick on the shoulders. In this case try to bend your back. Hold this position for 5 seconds. Get down on the floor. Perform 6-8 repetitions.
  • Gymnastic stick is in the hands behind the back is approximately under the buttocks. In this position try to pull your hands upwards and lift the body off the floor. Stay in static position for 5 seconds. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times.
  • To perform the following set of exercises should lie on your back.

  • Gymnastic stick is in the hands on the chest. Lift the stick up, bend your knees and pull them between the hands. Straighten your legs. Then do the exercise in the opposite direction.
  • The stick is straightened, hands behind his head. Simultaneously raise legs and arms up, trying to bring the foot to the stick at the top point. Get down on the floor. Repeat this 6-8 times element.
  • Gymnastic stick gives you the opportunity to show imagination in developing different exercises. Of various sports items, you can collect your own set that will meet your specific needs, abilities and goals.

    The development of flexibility

    Using the gymnastics stick can be effectively work on flexibility. And these exercises for children and adults have virtually no contraindications. Here is an example of organization of such training:

    • stand straight with a stick in his hands in front of him. Start turns the apparatus from right to left. Forearms should be crossed. At the same time the hands start to rise. Reaching vertical, the exercise is repeated at the bottom;
    • stick in the lowered hands. Put your hands up and get them back so that the stick was behind on the level of the waist. Follow the movement in the opposite direction.

    The last exercise requires good flexibility and joint mobility. So just make it correct will be difficult.

    Exercises for kids

    Exercises with gymnastic stick is very useful for children with violation of posture. Such training is conducted in the form of a game in a well-ventilated room, outside on the Playground or in the pool.

  • Lift the stick up. Whole body stretch, rising on socks. On the exhale, lower the shell down and stand on full foot.
  • Take a stick wide grip. Lift it up and behind your head as far as possible. Return to starting position.
  • Lie on your back. Stick raised in his hand. Elbows a little bent. Legs imitate riding a bike.
  • When selecting exercises for children with gymnastic stick more pay attention to the elements with large amplitude movements. Duration of classes should be not less than 20-30 minutes.

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