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Fitness with fitball: the choice of a shell and a set of exercises

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Fitness with fitball: the choice of a shell and a set of exercises
The contents

  • Selection of ball weight and size
  • Materials
  • A look at when choosing the fitball
  • The choice of the gymnastic ball according to the length of the hands
  • External parameters
  • How to choose a fitball for a child
  • Features fitness workouts with a stability ball
  • Basic rules of exercise

The exercise ball is one of those universal shells, which makes it possible to diversify any fitness training. The fitball will help to perform a number of cardio and power loads, the complex to stretch the muscles. However, many beginners before you begin exercises with the ball, to no avail spend time in sports shops trying to choose the best option equipment.

How to determine the most appropriate kind of gymnastic ball for herself and the child? The wrong choice of shell can deliver significant discomfort in the process of fitness training because before you buy you need to consider a number of recommendations.

Selection of ball weight and size

The first criterion by which to choose a fitball is the weight of a person. The child weighs much less than adult, and therefore the characteristics of the balls for those who are in different age categories, will be different.

Adults should pay attention to the thick, dense, elastic balls that can withstand the weight of an adult, with a diameter of 70-75 cm high Quality model of the fitball can withstand up to 300 pounds of working weight. If the instructions to the ball there is no information about the characteristics of the projectile, then buy it not worth it.

For a child suitable equipment with much less density and diameter (55 cm) — they are lighter, more comfortable and safer for toddlers.


A wide range of exercise balls are presented not only classical smooth models, but also options with massage, relief surface, and sometimes products with velour cover.

Before purchasing an exercise ball it is necessary to check for the presence of folds and integrity. Best buy fitball of electrostatic materials to the balls less sticky household dust and wool.

Soft coating and a porous surface capable of greater collect on the surface of the dirt, so training in the gym is best to look for other options.

The most suitable materials as the basis for exercise balls — PVC and latex. They are hypoallergenic, durable, well able to bounce and do not absorb moisture.

A look at when choosing the fitball

To choose the right exercise equipment for yourself or a child, you need to take into account growth options. If an exercise ball would be inappropriate, to complete the exercises will be difficult or even impossible because of inconsistencies in size.

To choose wisely the shell growth, the need to follow a simple scheme: for body height up to 155 cm, the ball should match the diameter of 45-50 cm to 170 cm to 55-60 cm to 185 cm 65-70 cm If the height of the athlete from 186 cm and above — the recommended diameter of 75 cm.

The choice of the gymnastic ball according to the length of the hands

The majority of fitness trainers, Pilates, and yoga callanetics asked to choose a fitball, focusing on the length of the hands. This requires to accurately measure the distance from the fingertips to the shoulder joint. When the hands in length, 55 cm ball recommended in the cross section of 45-55 cm, and the length of the hands in the 56-65 and 66-75 cm — diameter 55 cm and 65 cm, respectively.

External parameters

Fitball is also important to choose not only the performance but also in appearance. For example, the part of models has the “horns” or arc as a fixture to securely hold the ball. Often these gymnastic balls are purchased specifically for the child so the kid would be easier to hold the projectile.

The range of stability balls includes items with a ribbed surface that provides Wellness massage effect during exercise.

The yoga instructor is advised to pay attention to the color of the jungle gym. It is believed that each hue exerts its therapeutic effect:

  • blue — calms, relaxes;
  • green — reduces stress levels;
  • yellow — improves mood;
  • red — increases energy level;
  • orange — relieves anxiety and depressive disorders.

How to choose a fitball for a child

Fitball is considered so useful and simple that it can be used even by a child. Newborn children master the ball together with his mother: he helps them to strengthen the skeleton, to develop the vestibular apparatus, to improve grasping reflexes.

For infant toddler you must choose the smallest size gym ball (40 to 50 cm). As they get older the child can buy shells with large diameters up to 65 cm the Perfect children’s version of the ball — handles and a slightly concave bottom for added stability.

Important aspects of the selection of fitball child:

  • the projectile must be made of a dense resilient material;
  • the nipple should be securely soldered to the shell to avoid personal injury when performing exercises;
  • kids fitball should be labelled ABS, which means that the product will not burst, if it will be load. This version of shells are most safe, but not always found in chain stores: it is better to purchase stability balls for children in professional networks.

Features fitness workouts with a stability ball

Despite the apparent simplicity, the exercise ball is a versatile apparatus on which to perform the exercises can all, regardless of gender and age. Due to the springing movement, the exercise ball not only has a relaxing effect, but also makes fitness training useful:

  • develops flexibility and elasticity of ligaments and muscles;
  • improves sense of balance, strengthening of the vestibular apparatus;
  • improves posture;
  • relieves muscle tension and fatigue;
  • acts as prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular systems.

Exercises with fitball considered the basis of the post-traumatic recovery of the key functions of the body. For this reason, it is important to choose a shell that will meet all the parameters of the human body. More comfortable to use an exercise ball in the fitness training, the greater the benefit.

Basic rules of exercise

The exercise ball is a safe projectile for training of varying complexity. So it will last longer, when you exercise you need to be careful. The fitball can be stored in a pressurized state, and for a long time to maintain its attractive appearance, keep the ball should be away from sunlight. In order to avoid mechanical damage (abrasions, punctures, ruptures), fitball recommended to use only on a smooth surface with a smooth surface, or on the carpet.

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