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Fitness with fitball for strengthening the back muscles and the press

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Fitness with fitball for strengthening the back muscles and the press
The contents

  • Why is it important to strengthen your back
  • Features exercises for the back with a yoga ball
  • Exercise for the spine
  • Working on a press
  • Training the upper back
  • Versatile exercise ball for fitness
  • Strengthening the muscles of the hands

Our back every day is exposed to enormous loads. Maintaining the body in a vertical and a bone skeleton in an anatomically correct position, perform basic, often repetitive movements are impossible without a normally functioning muscles of the back. To strengthen the muscle corset in different ways. One of the most popular fitness trends are classes with fitball. Exercises with the ball helps to work the muscles without excessive stress on the spine. The complex is suitable for beginners and those who are engaged in regularly, but want to diversify your training with the new sports items. Through the gentle technique of exercise with this shell are recommended even to pregnant women.

Why is it important to strengthen your back

A sedentary lifestyle and insufficient exercise always lead to negative consequences. If you do not develop a muscular corset, you can very quickly feel the reduction in muscle tone and health in General. But, unfortunately, only apathy and lack of energy situation, as a rule, is not limited. Without the support of the muscles of the spine can not stand normal daily loads. Will have pain and discomfort. Would barely be given even a simple movement.

In addition, the spine is the axis of the whole body and its health directly affects the state of all internal organs. If the vertebrae begin to shift, they are forced to find their own balance point. To compensate for the missing muscle support some parts of the spine begin to move relative to the others. This causes pain and spasms in the surrounding tissues. Blood circulation and supply nutrients to the internal organs deteriorating, causing pathological changes.

Exercises help to form the muscles, increase the mobility and flexibility of the spine, restoring its anatomically correct form. So often, thinking back problems, many get rid of many chronic diseases.

Features exercises for the back with a yoga ball

Training ball suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. To complicate exercises and make the training more effective you can use weights, weights, damn for the rod, a bottle of water or sand. Working weight should be individualized, based on your skills and physical fitness. General guidelines for the weight selection are given for each exercise. However, if the experience of the athlete is small, it is better to consult a fitness trainer.

All exercises are aimed not only at the elaboration of the back. They also help load and other muscle groups. After all, to align the spinal column, it is necessary also to strengthen shoulders, abs and core muscles of the lower body.

That workout gave the maximum effect, you need to practice regularly. While on vacation between classes should be given at least three days. Optimal performance of a complex of exercises for my back 1-2 times a week.

Exercise for the spine

It helps to strengthen the muscles-extensors of the spine. For fitness will be needed weights 1-1. 5 kg.

  • Lie down on the fitball face down. Stomach is on the ball, knees on the floor. Hands with dumbbells lower to the floor. Palm, drill down, elbows slightly bent. To keep your head straight, eyes downward.
  • To raise the shoulders and head. At the same time to raise your hands to shoulder level. Back in the lower back not to die.
  • Raise your left hand, slightly twisting in the spine. The right hand stationary. Pause for a few seconds, Lower the arm.
  • Repeat with the other hand.
  • Execute 5 times to each side.
  • To complicate the exercise by choosing a heavier dumbbell. A number of approaches can be increased to 4 with 8-10 reps.

    Working on a press

    To support the lumbar spine, the fitness training needs to focus not only on the back, but also the media. A good option would be to exercise “boat” with fitball. It performed slowly, without jerks.

  • Lie down on the fitball face down. Straighten your legs. Hands to link behind his head, the body is lowered.
  • To lift body. Body at the top should be a straight line.
  • Drop down to your original position.
  • Beginners enough to make 2 sets of 8 times.
  • Then a number of approaches can be increased to 3 and the reps to 12.
  • A more complex embodiment with crossed arms. When the exercise comes easy for you, you can pick up a dumbbell or a pancake from the rod.

    Training the upper back

    This item ball aimed at the development of the broadest muscles of the back and the back of the shoulder. Beginners should pick up a dumbbell, appropriate weight based on their capabilities and level of training. Usually start with weights of 2-4 kg, and then increase the weight of shell 6 kg.

  • Stand in front of the ball. In one hand take a dumbbell. One leg to stand closer to the ball. Lean forward. The back is straight. Hand with the dumbbell slightly bent at the elbow. The other hand to lean on the ball.
  • Press to strain, to bend the working arm at the elbow, pull the dumbbell to the body.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Do 2 sets of 8-10 times. The rest time between sets is 1 minute.
  • You can gradually increase the number of repetitions to 15, and the number of approaches to 3.
  • Versatile exercise ball for fitness

    Here is not only the lumbar region of the back: the work includes shoulders, abs and upper thighs.

  • Sitting on an exercise ball and roll it under your back, crossing legs. Prop — blades and shoulders.
  • The pelvis hangs above the floor. Feet put on width apart, bend at the knees at a right angle.
  • Put your hands on your hips.
  • Slowly lower the hips. The shoulder blade should not tear off the fitball.
  • To return to the starting position.
  • Initially run 10 times in each of the two approaches.
  • Then you can increase the number of repetitions to 15.
  • The body should always be parallel to the floor and upper back above the shoulder blades pressed to the surface of the ball.

    To complicate the exercise, you can do it with weight on one leg or taking in each hand a dumbbell.

    Strengthening the muscles of the hands

    This exercise strengthens the lower back and the muscles of the upper extremities.

  • Take initial position, as in the previous exercise.
  • Hands hook into the lock and pull out in front of him.
  • Rotate the body and arms to the right. The lower part of the body is not moving.
  • To return to the starting position.
  • Repeat 20-25 times in each direction.
  • If you use weights, you can intensify the exercise by increasing the load.

    When performing the listed items need to follow the basic recommendations: perform all movements smoothly and without excessive force. In the case of pain, the activity should be discontinued, and the exercise that is bringing discomfort, temporarily excluded from the training program.

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