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Fitness with dumbbells: benefits and tips of their choice

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Fitness with dumbbells: benefits and tips of their choice

The contents

  • The benefits of fitness with dumbbells
  • Selection of dumbbells for exercise
  • The material of shells for an effective fitness program

Recently special popularity the desire for a healthy and active lifestyle. However, due to the high employment and rapid rhythm of life is not everyone manage to regularly attend the gym, but they can conduct full fitness training at home. What kind of shells it is better to choose and what material they should be made is described in detail in this article.

The benefits of fitness with dumbbells

Of all existing devices for physical exercises among the most appropriate and convenient are the dumbbells. Their advantages over the other shells are:

  • Occupy relatively little space, and if necessary, you can take them along for the ride so as not to interrupt fitness program.
  • Sports are a convenient tool with which you can significantly develop lean muscle mass and strengthen health.
  • Suitable for holding fitness classes in the gym and on the street/at home.
  • Exercises with dumbbells are very simple to implement, and when used, the load level can be controlled independently.
  • The relatively low cost of the shell, allowing for efficient fitness training without significant costs.
  • Engaging with dumbbells every day for only 20 minutes, you can significantly pull up your body, finding a sporty appearance. In addition, the use of fitness programs that using dumbbells is the following:

    • strengthening the muscles of the whole body;
    • maintaining the body in good shape;
    • effective weight loss;
    • improved posture;
    • to form a beautiful shape of the body;
    • the delineation of the relief muscles;
    • the promotion of health.

    An important advantage of working with dumbbells also lies in the fact that to perform such exercises can all, without exception, from children to the elderly. The main rule is that you should clearly measure the level of their physical capacity with the weight of the dumbbells. Especially good this fitness program is the fact that the hand with the weights perform the natural physiological movement that relieves the excessive load on the joints and spine.

    Selection of dumbbells for exercise

    Deciding to do the power bar at home, you should acquire the necessary equipment. In addition to the gymnastic Mat, it is important to buy a couple of dumbbells, and for the progress of training even a few couples. Often dumbbells are divided into:

    • cast — each dumbbell corresponds to a particular weight;
    • composing — have removable parts that makes it possible to decrease/increase the weight of the weights.

    To achieve from a fitness program and gradually increasing the load will need more than one pair of cast dumbbells in different weights. For the purchase of these shells will take a considerable amount of money and storage will need a certain place. In this case it’s better to get a bead dumbbells whose weight can be changed as needed.

    The material of shells for an effective fitness program

    The purchase of stackable dumbbells is much more practical, but from the point of view of convenience of exercise is still better to use cast. Sometimes to perform the same exercise require different weight lifting weights and constantly having to remove and put the pancakes on a dumbbell is rather long and laborious process.

    If we talk about the cast Ganesh, they may vary in material workmanship. Consider different options:

    • Steel.

    The shells, made of steel, almost not subject to wear, they are quite difficult to damage mechanically, and they do not rust. This is a very practical option, which, however, has some negative sides: these dumbbells can do the dents and scratches in the flooring in your home. In addition, at the time of contact with each other or with floors, these shells make the loudest sound in the home may be completely inappropriate.

    • Rubber.

    The absorption of such cast dumbbell is made from material of high strength, which prevents slipping, providing a safe fitness activities. There are two ways to perform this kind of shell: when the rubber is only around the perimeter of the product, or when the rubber is all dumbbell. The last option is not suitable for professional athletes, but for training at home is a good choice. Working with such weights hardly creates no noise and is completely safe for both your health, and to preserve the integrity of the interior.

    • Vinyl.

    Dumbbell, vinyl-covered, are particularly popular among women and children, as they are a bit lighter in weight and are very well suited for training at home. Thanks to the surface of the shells, they don’t slip out of hands and do not RUB blisters, they are dealt with silently, so — conveniently and safely. In addition to performing the basic exercises with dumbbells, vinyl shells can be used as weights while performing squats and swings, work on the stepper.

    • Neoprene.

    The shells are covered with neoprene, a very pleasant and soft to the touch, which prevents after exercise calluses on his palms. In addition, they provide absolute no slip, therefore, it is comfortable to hold in hand, grip it is very strong and reliable, and exercise is safe. With all these advantages of neoprene dumbbells there are drawbacks: they are too sensitive to moisture and high temperature, easy to mechanical damage and therefore require special care and respect of microclimate parameters of the premises. These weights are ideal for training women and children.

    Study carefully the characteristics described above dumbbells and recommendations for their selection, determine the purpose of your training and will focus on one of the options that suits you in all conditions. Keep in mind that for an effective fitness classes must be purchased at least 3 pairs of dumbbells of different weights.

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