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Fitness with aerobic exercise: guidelines and types of training

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Fitness with aerobic exercise: guidelines and types of training
The contents

  • The need for aerobic fitness workouts
  • Contraindications to exercise
  • Aerobic fitness for active weight loss
  • Varieties of aerobic exercise
  • Classes at the fitness club at home: negative and positive aspects

Aerobic exercise program — long set of exercises with increased intensity, which worked out the major muscle groups. In the process of performing an aerobic fitness exercise, the body uses a significant amount of oxygen, which helps to effectively break down fat cells.

To aerobic physical activity include Cycling, swimming, skating, skiing, exercising at the gym, dancing, basketball and other active activities. Anyone, even new to the sport will be able to choose the range of aerobic fitness, which will bring not only benefits but also pleasure. This type of training is most often used for fat burning, improving endurance, strengthening the heart and blood vessels.

The need for aerobic fitness workouts

With the right approach, such activities have a positive impact on health. In a list of the pros of aerobic physical activity you can add:

  • active weight loss, reduction of muscle tone;
  • the development of physical endurance;
  • a strong immune system;
  • improve sleep, health, well-being;
  • strengthening the heart muscle, small and large blood vessels.

Contraindications to exercise

Contraindications to aerobic fitness could be:

  • heart disease (congenital and acquired);
  • asthma, diseases of bronchi and lungs;
  • mental illness in acute and severe;
  • postoperative state.

If you have a history of disease that could prevent to engage in such a sport, have questions or concerns — be sure to consult a specialist. Even with a great health is necessary to monitor the condition of his body: if the load starts to cause pain, discomfort — it is necessary to suspend classes or even choose a different kind of exercise.

Aerobic fitness for active weight loss

Most people choose aerobic physical activity for their effectiveness in the process of weight loss. However, there are a number of rules, without following which even intense aerobic exercises will not benefit.

  • Duration.

The ideal duration of an aerobic fitness training — about 30-60 minutes. If you had not taken on such loads should start with short sessions. Increase the duration gradually: start with 5-7 minutes, and when you feel that the movements are easier, increase the duration to 10 minutes. With this approach it is possible to smoothly attain the limit for a load.

At the same time to do more than 80 minutes before full development of the forces is not recommended: to physical and moral exhaustion will negatively affect the health and begin to slow the breakdown of fatty tissue.

  • Intensity.

Aerobic fiznagruzki — not the most difficult exercise on which to spend all the forces of the body. You should train in a restrained pace and regularly, without injury. After exercise should feel slight fatigue, but not complete depletion of all resources.

To identify its optimal intensity, try the “swing” workout to speak a few sentences: if breathing is interrupted and phrase slipping, the rate of loading should be reduced. It is also possible to calculate the optimum number of heartbeats per minute as follows: (220 — age) x 0,7 — and-hold pulse in the specified limits.

  • Regularity.

The ideal frequency of physical activity is considered to be training 3-5 days a week. It is better to start the program with the minimum number (3), and in the process of adaptation to increase the number of training days to 5.

  • Food.

The last meal should be 2 hours before the start of classes. After exercise is allowed only protein foods with low fat (e.g., cheese).

Drinking regime must be observed during the whole workout, so about where you should hold the bottle with clean water and drink in small SIPS as needed.

  • Time for classes.

Aerobic fitness exercise is recommended in the morning, but not on an empty stomach. However, if the opportunity to go there only in the evenings, fiznagruzki and in this case, too, will benefit. Importantly, the set of exercises performed regularly, at the same time, with a gradual increase of the load.

  • How to achieve quick results.

If the main objective of aerobic exercise is weight loss, it can be useful to combine aerobic exercises with strength. You can start with a warm up, then proceed to the power complex and complete a fitness workout aerobic program (but no more than 30 minutes) after weight training the fat cells will be broken down more.

Varieties of aerobic exercise

There is a long list of aerobic programs: you can go to the gym, start Jogging, dancing, or choose a home fitness.

To aerobic physical activity in the gym include exercises on:

  • exercise bikes;
  • the Steppers;
  • elliptical, cross-trainers;
  • climber.

Often in the fitness center like the shells are in a separate area for cardio.

The list of group exercises are also wide:

  • cycle-training (stationary bike);
  • rhythmic gymnastics (stepping, aerobics);
  • dance programs;
  • classes with fitball.

The most popular and powerful aerobic physical activity include:

  • swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • tennis, badminton.

If you don’t plan to spend your personal time on the way to the gym, exercises can be performed at home. Only need minimal equipment (dumbbell, kettlebell, Mat) and video program workouts that can be easily found on the Internet. In the warm season you can join the regular Jogging in the fresh air or to organize an active family game. A great winter aerobic activities will be skiing and skating.

Classes at the fitness club at home: negative and positive aspects

To finally determine the location of classes, you should consider all the details: self-motivation, financial possibilities and other nuances.

  • Aerobic fiznagruzki in the hall.


  • Less risk of injury: control of correctness of movements is exercised by the coach.
  • Additional motivation in the face of other visitors.
  • Reducing the likelihood of poor fitness workout because rest time is severely limited.
  • No need to choose a plan and buy the necessary equipment.
  • Cons:

  • In good sports facilities high rates.
  • It is not always possible to visit the hall at designated times.
  • A waste of personal time on the road.
    • Fitness classes at home.

    Aerobic exercise at home — an ideal alternative to group programs. However, this scheme also has its own characteristics.


  • Classes are almost free (including inventory costs).
  • Conveniently to build an individual schedule.
  • Disadvantages:

  • The wrong technique can cause injury and reduce your performance.
  • Sometimes hard to maintain motivation alone.
  • Small variety of sports equipment, no simulators.
  • The world of aerobic fitness training are so extensive that everyone can find among the many programs the complex, which suited him perfectly. The key is to learn the correct technique of exercising and follow a set regime.

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