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Fitness using the TRX loops: exercises for beginners

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Fitness using the TRX loops: exercises for beginners
The contents

  • The benefits of fitness with the TRX loops
  • Training rules
  • Basic exercises with loops
  • The complex of exercises for beginners

With each passing day appears more and more areas of fitness, ways to become slim and fit through exercise. Not long ago, the most widespread and the popularity of the exercise with loops TRX (Total Resistance Exercise), an exercise in which based on the principle of resistance of the muscles exerted on the load.

The benefits of fitness with the TRX loops

Training with the TRX loops in its effect similar to performing exercises with a sports rubber band, because they are based on the principle of resistance. The difference is that the material of the loop is much more qualitative and durable, it can withstand the weight of the body of any person. The shell is attached to the ceiling and has a special handle for ease of exercise.

Advantages of training with loops are the following:

  • help to improve coordination, since during class, in addition to loops no inventory no longer used;
  • contribute to the active work of all muscles of the body, including deep;
  • the risk of injury is minimized, as during exercise program not used for more weight.

The design of this projectile and method of use are significantly different from other simulators and devices, the body is a complex load, in the training process involved also the muscles-stabilizers. Features of work with loops:

  • all the muscles, joints and tendons have to move in unison, as a single mechanism;
  • even the most basic of exercises with loops require good coordination, but because they are, first and foremost, develop the ability to keep balance;
  • loaded not only superficial but also deep muscles of the body, allowing you to work in a more intensive mode;
  • during the training the load on the spine is small and it does not affect their effectiveness.

Start to develop fitness loops are best in the gym, where the trainer will show and explain rules for handling them. Having basic skills, you can continue to do at home or on the street, because the fixture design allows the freedom to move and to mount in a convenient location.

Training rules

Be sure before you begin this lesson, it is necessary to warm up the muscles of the whole body, as the power load on them will be significant. In the warm-up should include:

  • aerobic exercise, for example, a short jog or jumping;
  • to do joint exercises, beginners, special attention should be paid to the joints of the hands;
  • good stretch, as the work with loops without preparation is particularly fraught with tension.

Beginners are recommended to follow the simplest set of exercises, exercising a maximum of twice a week. The growth of endurance and strength indicators you should increase the frequency of sessions up to 3 per week, and gradually add to the training a more complex exercise, given your level of training and individual characteristics.

Basic exercises with loops

TRX are a versatile equipment that can do a variety of exercises with emphasis on certain muscles. Many elements are in the slope.

  • Stand up straight, grasp the loop and step forward. Well resting his feet on the floor, tilt the torso back and pull up with your hands.
  • Press your straight arms into the loops, separate them to the sides, bending in the elbows.
  • Grab hold of the projectile, step forward, down the slope and spread limbs out to the sides, then raise them straight up. In exercise it is important to do everything gradually, so as not to injure the joints.
  • Holding onto the loop, step and lean back. Pulling the projectile and not lifting your heels off the floor, perform squats.
  • Grasp the handles of the shell, take a step forward, the case will reject back. Pull loops and turn palms up, and perform pull-UPS.
  • Take a position on straight arms and perform pushups, keeping your elbows near the torso.
  • The complex of exercises for beginners

    Fitness loops are available to almost everyone, regardless of fitness level. During the training there is an opportunity to choose the intensity and level of load, making the number of repetitions and sets, which is convenient for you.

    At its initial stage the training should last no longer than half an hour, then eventually it should make classes longer. Beginners can use such a set of exercises:

  • Grasp the handles, step back, and the body tilt forward. Keep your hands straight in front of you and do their breeding in the side.
  • Stand up straight, holding for a loop. Take a step forward and, pulling tires, squat, straightening and while raising one leg.
  • Stand up straight directly behind the projectile. Lift one leg back and put her foot in both loops. Perform squat on the supporting leg so that her knee formed a right angle.
  • With one hand grasp both handles of the projectile, stepping forward and pulling the rubber, and lean back. Do pull-UPS on one arm, bending it at the elbow.
  • Depending on what goal you are pursuing in the classroom, and different approaches to fitness training with loops. Total there are 3 areas of physical loads:

    • to increase muscle mass;
    • weight loss and reduction of excess fat;
    • on the development of strength, endurance and flexibility.

    Muscle classes are auxiliary loops, the basis of the training should include exercises with weights. With the TRX you can perform basic elements, and all sorts of twists and turns.

    For drying the body using intense half-hour workout, during which you need to do exercises for all muscles of the body in a circle without breaks. Such trainings a week should be 1-2, and one day between them need to leave on vacation.

    For weight loss also need to do one high intensity workout per week and one power. In addition to physical activity for weight loss it is important to observe proper diet and nutrition.

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