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Fitness tube expander: tips and basic exercises

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Fitness tube expander: tips and basic exercises

The contents

  • The use of an expander in gym
  • The principle of operation of the fixture
  • Selection rules expander for fitness
  • Exercises with the tubular expander

For home fitness, you can use a variety of tools: barbells and dumbbells, weights and various exercise machines. One of the most compact, convenient and effective shells is a tubular expander, with which you can perform countless exercises for different muscle groups.

The use of an expander in gym

Training with tubular expanders suitable for people working in different types of sports, regardless of their age and professionalism. Often this shell uses the following categories of athletes:

  • Boxers, and all those who are involved in martial arts, because of this direction of activities is especially important to develop strength of the body.
  • People wishing to reduce weight but do not have the ability to walk regularly for fitness classes.
  • People who prefer to train at home and need a more qualitative study of the abdominal muscles, back and hands.
  • The powerlifters, who need to increase the resistance when performing various exercises with a barbell.
  • Bodybuilders who want to improve their results when performing the deadlift.
  • Representatives of any sport, which is important to strengthen and stretch the back muscles.
  • The principle of operation of the fixture

    The main difference between working with weights and chest expander is the variability of the load. In the course of fitness with dumbbells muscles generally work when lifting a projectile and are not getting the load when lowering. For fitness, with a large level of muscle tension is constant and depends on the resistance of the rubber, so as when it is compacted, and when stretching, the muscles receive the same load.

    Fitness with the projectile assumes the inclusion of stabilizing muscles, as well as the smallest and inactive muscles, which are usually little involved when using dumbbells.

    An additional advantage of classes with the projectile can be attributed to its compactness and low weight, i.e. easy to store at home and carry in any convenient place. With this small trainer you can work out many muscle groups of the body and to add variety to your workout with new exercises.

    Selection rules expander for fitness

    Deciding to engage with a pipe expander, you should carefully consider the choice of a suitable shell. Here are the key points that are important to consider when purchasing sports accessories:

    • The material of the expander.

    Depends on its quality, the wear rate the fitness of the projectile and your safety. It is best to give preference to models with nylon sheath. If not, you should stop your choice on the expander with a thick rubber. Before buying, preferably several times its maximum stretch, and the appearance of microcracks or defects to withdraw from the purchase of this particular model.

    • Arm.

    Select the expander should handle, made of durable non-slip material having a rough surface. This will help to make fitness safe, preventing slipping of the projectile from his hands.

    • The level of physical activity.

    This parameter is determined by the resistance of the rubber, while for convenience it is denoted by different colors depending on the level of exerted load. Absolute beginners, women and athletes recovering from injuries, suitable expander yellow color, providing the minimum resistance. Next are the shells green, red and blue (black) colors. On some models there are also the numbers one to three, where “1” indicates the weakest level of the load.

    • The length of the expander.

    This option completely depends on your own growth, it is very long you can be shortened by tying on rubber components.

    Exercises with the tubular expander

    A tubular expander with handles can use all who wish to tighten up your figure, strengthen your muscles and even slightly to increase them. Connecting your imagination and ingenuity, it is possible to perform exercises for almost all muscle groups of the body, especially the expander works for hands, backs and abdominals.

    Consider some exercises with the use of a shell:

  • Put the expander on the floor and stand on the rubber with both feet, placing them shoulder width apart. Join hands for the handle, located on the sides of the torso, and do lifts slightly bent arms at sides. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, arms and chest.
  • Take similar to the previous starting position, take the arm of the expander so that the palms were facing forward. Bend elbows, pulling hands to shoulders, and it can be done as two limbs simultaneously and alternately. This exercise promotes muscle development of the biceps and the entire torso.
  • Put the arm band work on the legs of the ankles. For balance, use a stable support and perform abduction of one leg to the side, then change legs. Therefore, you can work the muscles of the thighs and buttocks.
  • Sit on the floor, completely straight legs. Mesh shell foot can be slightly bent in the last lap, arms firmly hold in the hands. Perform flexion and extension of the body, rounding the back and training the abdominal muscles.
  • Stay in the original position of the previous exercise, straighten your back and keep blades. Holding the body still, slowly pull the handle of the expander to the zone of maximum winds the elbows back, and then fully straighten your arms forward, controlling every movement.
  • Attach the expander to steady the support, preferably at the height of your growth. If this is not possible at home no, I will even take the leg of the table, but the exercise should be performed in a sitting position. Stand with your back to the support, keeping both arms straight grip. Complete extension of the arms to the triceps, being careful not to dilute the elbows to the sides.
  • The rubber grip is very comfortable and multifunctional exercise equipment for home fitness workouts by which you can work out most muscles of the body. Because of his acquisition definitely will not be a waste of money.

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